ZU Gods Among Us - Round 2


ZU Gods Among Us

art by BARABOY
Ever wondered what Exeggutor did to deserve a banishment to ZUBL on day 1? Or why Zangoose was quickbanned basically as soon as it dropped? Well, this is your chance to find out! In this SM ZeroUsed tour, every round 1 random ZUBL Pokemon will be allowed to be used!
The Pokemon that will be unbanned each round will be randomly selected from the current ZUBL, which can be seen in the hide tag below. It will only be allowed for that round, being replaced by a different 'god' in the next one.
Alolan Raticate, Exeggutor, Gorebyss, Jynx, Musharna, Throh, Turtonator, Ursaring, Victreebel, Zangoose

Tournament Rules:
  • This is an SM ZU tournament.
  • Each round, one Pokemon that currently resides in ZUBL will be randomly selected to be unbanned for that round only.
  • The tournament is best of 1 and single elimination.
  • All battles should take place in the [Gen 7] PU format.
  • All replays must be posted!
  • General tournament rules can be found here.
Check out the ZU resources down below:
ZeroUsed thread
Viability Rankings and Sample Sets
Sample Teams
Speed Tiers
Role Compendium
Good Cores
Pokemon Showdown Room


For round 2 games, Throh will be unbanned! As a reminder, play your games in [Gen 7] PU and post your replays!

Round 2
Funbot28 vs. Mr. Mendes
Jeffis vs. TJ
allstarapology vs. Elgino10
WMSlifer vs. Moron5
Calucha vs. Sieeeffmon
BARABOY vs. Sageau
Taskr vs. Sam I Yam
Quantum Tesseract vs. love chants
LightPinkYoshi vs. LordHelix
czim vs. 85percent
SergioRules vs. wmartinez101
ImKoolKidz vs. Jmash324

Deadline is Sunday November 11th 11:59 pm EST.
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Neither of you contacted appropriately by posting on each other’s VMs, the only reasonable action for me is to coinflip. If you want an act win feel free to PM me proof of solid contact on discord. Note that based on what you sent me you only contacted on Friday and are now claiming activity based on your opponent responding about 24 hours later, so unless you can show me that Funbot missed a scheduled time, the coinflip result will remain.

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