Tournament ZU Ladder Tournament -- Week 4 (Alt is ZULT4B)

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Welcome to our first ever ZU Ladder Tournament (ZULT)! This laddering tournament will ask participants to ladder as high as they can on the ZU Ladder each week. The four participants with the highest rating at the end of each week will be entered into the playoffs. The playoffs will be a seeded bracket of the top sixteen participants, and the winner of the playoffs will be crowned the winner of the ZU Ladder Tournament.

This tournament will consist of two stages. The first stage is the actual laddering portion of the tournament, which will last an entire month. The four participants with the highest ELO at the end of each week will be entered into the playoffs. If a player "won" for multiple weeks, the next highest ranked person will be admitted into the playoffs. Due to the possibility of needing substitutes for the second stage of the tournament, we'll take the 5th and 6th participants week and randomize them as subs if needed. If you qualify as #5 or #6, you are still able to participate in other cycles and try to qualify for the top four of a future cycle. A participant's rank on the ladder "resets" at the end of each cycle. You must ladder with a new alt each cycle and post it in this thread before you start laddering. There will be a specific tag for each week of laddering that will be posted prior to that qualification period starting.

At the end of the laddering stage, the second stage, our playoffs, will start with the top sixteen ladder players of the month. Pairings will be seeded based on the position players qualified and the week they qualified in, with the higher seed going to the player who qualified first. More information on format and rules are listed below. Since you are rewarded for placing higher on each ladder I assume there will be people who want to improve their seed by laddering again the next qualifying period, this is fine, I'll save the screenshots from each round and adjust it accordingly.

Before participating in this tournament, please take some time to familiarize yourself with Smogon's tournament rules as well as this specific sub-forums rules. If you need help finding either of those feel free to contact me.

Before laddering you must create a fresh alt. This is mandatory as it stops people from getting an early and unfair advantage. Each alt will be linked to the week provided, so this week's alt is ZULT4B [insert name]. Example, ZULT4B Aaronboyer. This also allows me to track everyone who has entered.

Ghosting is strictly prohibited! Anyone who joins is essentially in an ongoing tour. Anyone who is found ghosting will be disqualified from the tournament.
If I find out that you have played on an alt created earlier than the date the OP goes up for each week, I will disqualify you from that cycle and potentially the entire tournament.

Again, this week's ZULT tag is ZULT4B. You have until 9pm EST, Sunday May 5th to continue climbing up the ladder this week!


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First and foremost I want to state that ZULT so far has been a total success. We've accumulated over 5,000 more games in April than we saw in March, which was over a 25% increase in number of games. Kudos to all of you for participating and making the laddering portion of this tournament a huge success. With that out of the way let's see who qualified this week.




zugubu royale Ganso a fruitshop owner and UBERLandon21 have all qualified for ZULT Playoffs



Rav3ndan and Mirbro have qualified as this week's subs.



Ho3n has surpassed his ELO from Week 2 here in Week 4 and has extended his seeding placement in doing so. 1551 will now be the ELO used to determine his seeding in the ZULT Playoffs.

Posting Bracket Round 1 soon.
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