Tournament ZU Olympiad I - Players sign up

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PS! Username: Cynthia Blueheart
Timezone: PST
Tiers played: Most tiers in gen 8, Gen 9 and Nat dex and I’ve played every gens OU
Significant time missed: Don’t have any
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Art from skrimps <3

Welcome to our first iteration of ZU Olympiad! If you want to play, please signup here! For those unfamiliar with the tournament format, players that have signed up will be put into a pool of players and will be drafted by managers in a live auction (date TBD). Then, each team will be pit against each other in a round robin format to see who makes it to playoffs. Please check out the Announcements and Administrative Decisions thread, and feel free to discuss in the Commencement thread or in the ZU Discord!

To sign up, please use this format:
PS! Username:
Tiers played:
Significant time missed:
PS! Username: Corthius
Timezone: GMT+1
Tiers played: SS ZU, SM ZU
Significant time missed: none!

The tiers that will be present in the first iteration of ZU Olympiad are SS ZU - SM ZU* - ORAS ZU - BW ZU - DPP ZU - ADV ZU - GSC ZU.
* As discussed in this post, Throh and Type: Null will be unbanned in SM ZU during this tournament!

The following are the chosen teams and managers for ZU Olympiad (tryout discords will also be linked, if present):
  • TBD
Signups will be closed roughly 24 hours before the auction date (TBD), so you better not forget to sign up in time!

The deadline is Friday, Januray 13th @ Midnight EST!

As always, good luck to all the players, and may the best team win!
PS! Username: Yombotron
Timezone: UTC-5
Tiers played: SM ZU
Significant time missed: none!
PS! Username: Hhsdhh
Timezone: GMT-5
Tiers played:
Significant time missed: can play after school around 4:00 can play late on Saturdays after sunset, on Sunday probably won't be able to play
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