Tournament ZUPL III - Week 5


I always thought there was a spark between us!
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Week 5

:ss/butterfree: vs :ss/hakamo-o:
To Pimp A Butterfree vs. Humilau Hakamo-os (4)
SS: Drud vs. Tuthur
SS: Greybaum vs. Louna
SS: Daruma vs. pokemonisfun
SS: tlenit vs. crying
SM: Beksel vs. Pujo
ORAS: zS vs. Apagogie
BW: DnB vs. Tack
DPP: SpacialRendevous vs. The Strap

:ss/persian: vs :ss/stunky:
Pay Day Persians vs. Lucky Stunkys (3)
SS: Hitmonstars vs. yovan33321
SS: Landon vs. TJ
SS: 5Dots vs. Luck O' the Irish
SS: OranBerryBlissey10 vs. DugZa
SM: LPY vs. Chokepic
ORAS: 5gen vs. S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
BW: SBPC vs. JonAmon 25
DPP: beauts vs. RawMelon

:ss/oricorio: vs :ss/morpeko:
(3) Fiery Flamencos vs. Morpeek-A-Boos (5)
SS: Procrastinasian vs. czim
SS: roxiee vs. TheFranklin
SS: daniYSB vs. EviGaro
SS: avarice vs. Jett
SM: Mirbro vs. a fruitshop owner
ORAS: TWiTT vs. Toto
BW: watashi vs. BloodAce
DPP: Heysup vs. neomon

For matchups in ORAS, BW, and DPP: Please challenge in ORAS PU, BW PU, and DPP PU, respectively! Please keep illegalities in mind. If a banned mon is brought into these battles, it's an automatic loss. No excuses!

Deadline for this week is Sunday, September 26th at 11:59 pm GMT-4

Good luck and have fun to all!
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To Pimp A Butterfree vs. Humilau Hakamo-os
SS: Drud vs. Tuthur (30/70)
Fun mu, both great players who have done well so far. Leaning Tuthur because of his creativity in the builder.
SS: Greybaum vs. Louna (60/40)
Louna has done well for a newcomer(ig? Idk feels like they’ve been here awhile w their play tho) and Grey has not touched ss as of recently. Because of that fact I’m going to go w Louna but this one is up in the air as uhu is a tough competitor and definitely able to cook up something good for the standard balances Louna tends to bring.
SS: Daruma vs. pif (20/80)
Idk who daruma is.
SS: tlenit vs. crying (70/30)
Fun mu, had the pleasure if playing crying back when they were iNoLife for zu ssnl quarters I think and they did not disappoint. Was a great series. Also had the pleasure of facing tlenit multiple times in the finals of that tour. From what I’ve seen it seemed back then that tlenit was much more in tune w the meta. But rn tlenit has not been focusing at all on this tour. Nonetheless I’m going to go w him because of precedent.
SM: Beksel vs. Pujo (70/30)
Beksel had a weird game last week but seems solid in this tier. Pujo is a name I recognize but don’t remember so they must’ve been either extremely under the radar or unremarkable this zupl.
ORAS: zS vs. Apagogie (60/40)
another fun mu, going to go w zS bc he swept w magcargo.
BW: DnB vs. Tack (55/45)
HL match in bw zu, DnB is on fire but Tack is also really competent in all things bw. DnB is favored only because of recent success but watch out for this game.
DPP: spacial vs. The Strap (60/40)
Haven’t followed this pool that closely besides heysup being a god here. Spacial bc he best me one time but ik THE STRAP is not to be messed w.

Pay Day Persians vs. Lucky Stunkys
SS: Hitmonstars vs. yovan33321 (99/1)
This is hitmon’s world we’re just living in it
SS: Landon vs. TJ (60/40
HL ss mu, very excited to watch this. TJ just got cheesed last week, but he’s obviously no slouch. Landon is also doing very well this tour after losing w1 I believe he’s undefeated. I think Landon might be able to win in the builder, but with Ho3n and whoever else is building ss for tj he might be in for s challenge. Going with the upset here(don’t know if it is an upset but yk) and voting Landon. He’s been rlly solid and tj’s teams have seen pretty linear and easy to prep for these past few weeks. Not much variety in the team styles. This one comes down to builder as both are optimal players.
I love both these guys but irish is my Pokémon mentor so u better win this.
SS: OBB vs. DugZa (80/20)
OBB has been playing rlly well. He’s been doing great in builder and just seems to outclass Maple in most aspects of the game. Ive seen DugZa whoop ass in other tiers, but he’s had a lot of struggles this zupl. Think OBB has this in the bag if they prep well and play like he did last week.
SM: LPY vs. Chokepic
LPY has been good this zupl. Chokepic made some odd plays last week but otherwise a fun mu. LPY though bc of the leafeon.
ORAS: 5gen vs. Ho3n (60/40)
HL ORAS mu. 5gen is in form man. He’s consistently bringing in wins for the Persians and I think he takes this. Ho3n is ofc very good though do it won’t be easy.
BW: SBPC vs. JonAmon (70/30)
SBPC has been better. Idk what Jon’s record is but ik it’s been tough this zupl for them.
DPP: beauts vs. Cigtar
have no knowledge ab this game or it’s players besides the fact that beauts is a g.

Flamencos>the world
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:thwackey: Hey Guys, Welcome to the ZUPL III Final Week Playoff Scenarios! In this post, I will be detailing what can happen to every team come the end of the week and into playoffs round 1! Here are the scenarios that will tell you what to expect and, most importantly, who to root for if you still want your team to make the playoffs: :thwackey:

:oricorio: Fiery Flamencos:
The current number one seed and preseason favorite can mostly rest easy, with a two point lead over the entire field, and a 8 BD differential between the only team that can overtake it. A win or tie secures first seed, and even a loss would require a blowout loss to the :morpeko: and a fairly large victory by the :persian:.

:persian: Pay Day Persians:
In an insane twist of fate, the Persians, who were ranked dead last in the preseason power rankings, find themselves in the second seed by some inspiring play in the last few weeks. They are the only other contenders left for the first round bye, needing a win and a :oricorio: loss, but even more importantly, they would like a win to be able to control their own playoff destiny. A win secures at least the second seed, and a loss or tie still favors them to make the playoffs, but if both the :hakamo-o: and :morpeko: win, then they would find themselves on the outside looking in.

:hakamo-o: Humilau Hakamo-os:
Coming into week 3, the Hakas were at the top of the standings, but 2-week losing streak has made things more dire than they had expected. Still projected to make playoffs before this final week of matches by a 4 BD margin, the Hakas know that a loss would be devastating to their chances, as any team below them can still make the playoffs with a Haka loss and a very strong week. A tie would be enough to secure playoffs as long as the :morpeko: tie or lose, but even a win requires at least a 7-1 (6-2 to tie 8-0 :morpeko:) to guarantee playoffs if the :persian: and :morpeko: both win.

:morpeko: Morpeek-A-Boos:
With a tie last week, the Morpekos find themselves still out of the playoff picture, albeit only by BD. However, this tiebreaker is massive. A loss means that they are out. A tie requires a :hakamo-o: loss, or a :persian: loss of at least 2-6 for a tiebreaker. A win, requires two more won games than the :hakamo-o: to tie on BD (if :hakamo-o: win), or a :persian: loss that overcomes 6 BD. Straits are dire here, but a win would be huge, making it a BD battle for the final playoff spot at worst, or instant playoff qualification if :persian: lose and :hakamo-o: win.

:stunky: Lucky Stunkys:
The Lucky Stunkys are not feeling lucky right now. In fact, they will need the second coming of Jesus to rescue them from missing the playoffs. That or both :hakamo-o: and :morpeko: losing, and they win. If they go 5-3, and the :hakamo-o: go 3-5, then a tiebreaker will ensue. Otherwise, this is the only situation they can qualify on (given the :butterfree: miracle does not occur).

:butterfree: To Pimp A Butterfree:
Unfortunately for the Butterfrees, they're fucked. in an even worse spot than the :stunky:. Similarly to the :stunky:, hey need to beat the :hakamo-o: (but by at least 6-2), and the :morpeko: need to lose as well. Then, they need to outpace the :stunky: by 4 BD if they win too, meaning that if the :stunky: go 5-3, they would need to win 7-1 to hit a tiebreaker. To sum it up, the Butterfrees have to win 6-2 to even have a chance.

Hope everyone knows what to aim for now, and good luck to everyone except the Morpekos and Persians!

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