Tournament ZUPL III - Won by the Fiery Flamencos


"Wait!" he says, do I look like a waiter?
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:ss/oricorio: vs :ss/persian:
(5) Fiery Flamencos vs. Pay Day Persians (1)
SS: watashi vs. Landon
SS: daniYSB vs. PrinceOfAllTacos
SS: avarice vs. OranBerryBlissey10
SS: kay vs. 5Dots
SM: Rav3 vs. LPY
ORAS: TWiTT vs. 5gen
BW: roxiee vs. SBPC
DPP: Heysup vs. beauts

Deadline for Finals is Sunday, October 10th at 11:59pm GMT-4

If it wasn't clear before I'll reiterate, Finals are tier locked! Meaning, all SS matchups are pre-shifts and games will need to be played in SS PU format to use the mons that rose to PU.

Good luck to all and congrats for making it here!​
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predicts courtesy of the quarter in my hand.

Flamencos (heads) vs Persians (tails)
SS (2-2):
watashi vs Landon
daniYSB vs poat
vs OBB
kay vs Hitmonstars

Old Gens (1-3):
Rav3 vs LPY
vs 5gen
roxiee vs SBPC
Heysup vs beauts

3-5 Persians

And there you have it. Heysup will have to defy fate to retain his undefeated streak, Hitmonstars will continue to put people 6 ft under, and watashi, whose been the Flamenco's ORAS player, will best landon in Sword and Shield. ngl hyped to see the old gens games, all the MUs look fun.

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