Tournament ZUPL V - Player Signups (Custom Avatar Prize!) [Auction 9th July @ 8PM GMT+2]

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Welcome to our fifth iteration of the ZUPL! This is the thread for the player signups, meaning you must post here if you want to have a chance to play! For those who don't know how the Premier League format works, players that have signed up will be put into one big pool and will be drafted by the team managers in a live auction (date Sunday, July 9th at 8PM GMT+2). Then, each team will be pit against each other in a round robin format to see who makes it to playoffs!

To sign up, please use this format:
Tiers played:
Significant time missed:
The format for ZUPL V will be:
  • SV ZU
  • SV ZU
  • SV ZU
  • SS ZU
  • SM ZU
  • BW ZU
  • DPP ZU
Managers and teams for this edition of ZUPL are:
Signups will be closed roughly 24 hours before the auction date, so they'll close on Saturday, July 8th at 8PM GMT+2, so you better not forget to sign up in time!

As always, good luck to all the players, and may the best team win!
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