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It looks like we have to battle for tiebreaker for UU Majors. GMT+9 and would like to play on a weekday 10pm~1am my time
omwc i am +3 and free almost any time after 2 pm but i can do earlier in the weekend but would prefer not to
Some time in the afternoon/evening at the weekend will be great for me too, I'm GMT+1
Do you wanna bo3?
Sorry for the majors tag, I miscounted and agenS is 4-1 and not tied with you at 3-2. Gl in your other tours!
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hi! i'm very excited to be matched with you for snake. i'm a bit busy this weekend with a trip, so i wanted to get scheduling (and hopefully the game) out of the way quickly

my availability (gmt -4):
Monday-Thursday: 2-5pm, 7-9pm
Friday 8:30pm - 1 am
Saturday / Sunday: 9 pm - 1 am

let me know when works best for you, xoxo