#smogon Challenges

Welcome to #smogon! As a channel dedicated to discussing current metagame trends and gathering the best battlers to discuss policy, we at #smogon are proud to host our own unique set of challenges – #smogon challenges. These challenges are ladder trials hosted by mostwanted and McMeghan that force players to use their own ingenuity to overcome certain limitations placed on their teams. While most challenges are centered around the standard OU ladder, some challenges promote activity in lesser played tiers, such as VGC, UU, and Ubers.

Most winners of #smogon challenges are usually rewarded with an increase in channel status. To receive AOPs in #smogon, however, winning #smogon challenges aren't enough. As always, consistent activity and discussion in the channel are needed. However, winning #smogon challenges do help your overall chances of receiving this prestigious promotion, so it would certainly benefit you to try your hardest in these challenges. In addition to status on #smogon, winners also receive a spot in the #smogon Hall of Fame!