#OrangeIslands Movie Nights

#OrangeIslands Movie Night is a weekly gathering on #OrangeIslands on SynIRC to watch Pokemon movies and anime episodes. Usually, they are hosted on Thursday nights at 10 PM EST. You can learn more about them here. If you're unsure how to use SynIRC, you can find out about it here.

Below is the 2013 Movie Night schedule. US movie nights are generally every Thursday at 10 PM EST, and EU movie nights are every Saturdays at 8 BST.

US Date EU Date Movie/Episodes
May 23rd May 25th Battle Frontier Arc Episodes 437-440: Harley Rides Again, Odd Pokemon Out, Spotaneous Combuskin, Cutting the Ties that Bind
May 30th June 1st Battle Frontier Arc Episodes 441-444: Ka Boom with a View, King and Queen for a Day!, Curbingthe Crimson Tide!, What I Did for Love!
June 6th June 8th Battle Frontier Arc Episodes 445-448: Three Jynx and a Baby!, Talking a Good Game!, Second Time's the Charm!, Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!!
June 13th June 15th Battle Frontier Arc Episodes 449-452: All that Glitters is not Golden!, New Plot Odd Lot!, Going for Choke!, The Ole' Berate and Switch!