OM Grand Slam VI

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Scoring System

Single Elimination
Single Elimination tours use Smogon's Grand Slam scoring format. Players are awarded 1 point for each win in rounds 1-3 then 2 points for wins in subsequent rounds. The winner of a round robin final (3 participants, opposed to 2) is awarded an extra point.

Double Elimination
Players are awarded 2 points for each winner's bracket win, 1 point for each loser's bracket win, and 1 point for winning in the first round of the tour.

Activity Decisions
A player must play their battles (not win via activity/coin flip) to be awarded their points. If they win in a round after an activity decision, the points from the round where they received the activity win will be added to their score.

Interacting with the Leaderboard

Sort the table by a particular column by clicking the header cell. This makes it easy to examine the progress of a particular seasonal.

Score Details
Hover over a player's score from a particular Seasonal to view their tournament run. A "--" in the chart indicates the player did not play in that particular Seasonal, while "0" indicates that they did play, but scored 0 points.

w = Win
- = Loser's only round and player was in winner's bracket
l = Loss
a = Activity decision and player didn't win later in tour (no points awarded for result)
aw = Activity decision that awards points
u = Unknown result, likely from not playing the match yet. If not, pm the tour host to fix this error.

If you find an error in the scoring system, please let scpinion know.