Other Sets

In this page, you will find the sets that are not good enough to be on-site, due to various reasons, such as massive team support requirements or being a bit outclassed, but still are somewhat viable in Ubers.


What does it do? What makes Drifblim a threat in Ubers is the fact that Evasion Clause was lifted from Ubers. As a result, Drifblim can become a fearsome Baton Pass user, with access to Minimize, Substitute, Disable, Will-O-Wisp, and many more. Disable is what makes Drifblim fearsome, as it allows it to render opponent Thunders useless, and setup on Pokemon such as Darkrai and Arceus.

Where did it go wrong? Thing is, Drifblim needs a massive team support to function well. It needs a Speed boost to outspeed the threats it can setup on, in order to Disable their effective moves without the need for prediction. Minimizing last on a frail as paper Pokemon won't get you anywhere; gotta Speed it up! Moreover, Drifblim is no standalone Pokemon, it can only work on Baton Pass chains, be it full teams or a combination, thus limiting your teambuilding options drastically. If you fail to grant Drifblim its precious Speed boosts, Drifblim is a dead-weight and you're practically playing the match with a loss of an additional Pokemon.


What does it do? Dugtrio has been blessed with an ability not many Pokemon have: the ability to trap the opponent. This makes Dugtrio somewhat of a more "offensive Wobbuffet": it can switch into choiced Thunders, set up a Substitute and start stacking Hone Claws boosts. Once Dugtrio's attack is maxed, it can utilize the famous EdgeQuake coverage to hit a variety of threats in Ubers.

Where did it go wrong? However, Dugtrio is just not strong enough to get past Ubers' defensive titans. +6 Earthquake fails to OHKO Support Groudon and physically defensive Giratina. Any Pokemon immune to Dugtrio's Ground STAB makes a great check, and those are common in Ubers, like Giratina-O, Gliscor, and Skarmory. Really cool gimmick Pokemon though!


What does it do? Gengar only has one set viable in Ubers. Seeing as Ghost Arceus is by far the superior attacker, Life Orb Gengar doesn't even put a competition: slower, frailer, weaker. However, Ghost Arceus cannot use any other item bar Spooky Plate. Thus, Gengar can run a set that can't be outclassed: Choice Scarf, making it the fastest Ghost-type Pokemon (well, tying with Froslass, but Froslass with a Choice Scarf in Ubers is seen once in a blue Lunatone). Using Choice Scarf on Gengar allows it to outspeed many common threats such as Arceus, Rayquaza, Mewtwo, and Darkrai, giving it a small niche in Ubers.

Where did it go wrong? Thing is, Gengar is just too weak by Ubers standards. It can't OHKO unboosted Mewtwo, only topping at 95.48%. Would you like your Mewtwo check to lose versus Mewtwo? I didn't think so. Most Extreme Killer Arceus invest many EVs in HP, allowing it to tank Focus Blast pretty well. Yet, Focus Blast can miss, so why won't I just go for the Destiny Bond and take Arceus down with me as it OHKOes me with Shadow Claw? Well, it's simple: you're a huge setup bait after that. Arceus or any other setup Pokemon can repeatedly setup until you run out of Destiny Bond PP and OHKO you then.


What does it do? Lucario hasn't changed much from DPP. It's still the humanlike dog creature we knew and loved. 4x resistance to Stealth Rocks and a helpful Steel-type aid Lucario get up a Swords Dance boost under its belt, and with priority ExtremeSpeed and STAB Close Combat, it surely will do damage. Groudon will only have 6.25% chance to survive a +2 max Attack Close Combat from Lucario after 3 layers of Spikes and Stealth Rock, just to demonstrate its power. You can also possibly opt a Nasty Plot set, but +2 Close Combat does more damage than a +2 Aura Sphere.

Where did it go wrong? Lackluster Speed and bulk hold Lucario back from being a threat in today's Ubers. Moreover, many newcomers of the fifth generation hold an ExtremeSpeed resistance under their belt, namely Terrakion abd Genesect. Speaking of Terrakion, this mountain goat is like the mean boss in the office telling the employees they're fired. Terrakion is almost better at everything Lucario can do in Ubers; only things Lucario has over Terrakion are a bit higher Attack and ExtremeSpeed. Being part Steel-type isn't as useful if you're not bulky enough. Moreover, the possibility of fully EV training Arceus wrecked Lucario, as Arceus nowadays are bulkier than DPP's, where they were limited to 100 EVs per 5 stats.