CAP Articles

Guides and Reference

Welcome to Create-A-Pokémon: A Guide for Newcomers
An introductory guide intended to help readers transition into becoming valuable contributors to CAP discussions. Written by DougJustDoug.
Topic Leader Guide
A comprehensive guide explaining the duties of the Topic Leader. Written by darkie, DougJustDoug, Magmortified, and tennisace.

Featured in The Smog

Introduction to CAP Playtesting
From the second issue of The Smog, Stellar, Plus, and tennisace take a look at the playtesting of Kitsunoh and Cyclohm.
Past CAP Playtesting
Plus, Beej, and Stellar examine the playtesting of the earliest six CAP project Pokemon. Published in issue 3.
Interview with DougJustDoug
Also from issue 3, Jimbo, Sarenji, and tennisace have a chat with the head of the CAP project.
Op-Ed: CAP, Pirates, Playtesting, and Policy Review
Deck Knight muses on various topics in issue 4.
CAP 9: Questions and Misconceptions
Plus reflects on CAP 9 in this article from issue 5.
Clearing the Air: CAP's Biggest Questions
Originally published in issue 6, Plus addresses some common delusions in this editorial.
The CAP Revision Project
Umbreon Dan rambles in issue 7.
Frequently asked questions about the CAP metagame, by Fuzznip and Umbreon Dan. Published in issue 8.
Traces of Magic: CAP 10 Update
Another one from issue 8, Deck Knight gives his opinion on CAP 10.
Bad Taste: When CAP Flavor Goes Wrong
Umbreon Dan and Fuzznip make fun of CAP movepools in this humour piece from issue 9.
The Krilowatt Playtest
Still in issue 9, a serious look at the CAP 10 playtest, by Fuzznip and Umbreon Dan.
OU vs. CAP Vol. 1: Play Styles
Rising_Dusk and Zystral review the CAP metagame. Published in issue 11.
CAP11 Report: Where the Voodoom Roam
Rising_Dusk covers everything surrounding CAP 11 in this editorial from issue 12.
OU vs. CAP Vol. 2: Effects on Teambuilding
The follow up to their last article, Rising_Dusk and Zystral talk about teambuilding for the CAP metagame. Originally published in issue 12 of The Smog.
CAP1 Report: Tomohawks Take Flight
Full analysis of everything related to CAP 1, written by Rising_Dusk. Published in issue 16.
CAP2 Report: The Essence of Necturna
Published in issue 19, Birkal highlights some of the key aspects of CAP 2.
CAP3 Report: Mulling over Mollux
Published in issue 21, capefeather reviews the process and prowess of CAP 3.
CAP4 Report: Aurumoth
capefeather looks back on the rocky process that was CAP 4 in this piece from issue 23.
CAP Policy Review: Getting the Bugs Out of Our System
Deck Knight gives us a detailed analysis of the policy review cycle that followed CAP 4. Published in issue 24.


DP Competitive Moves
A list of all competitive moves for use in the construction of movepools in Diamond and Pearl. Replaced by the VGM Lists. Compiled by gorm, Deck Knight, and RBG, revised by tennisace.
DP Stat Ratings
A reference on the original formulae for the calculation of stat ratings in Diamond and Pearl. Written by X-Act, revised by tennisace.
DPP Threat Descriptions
A listing of all the major threats in the DPPHGSS CAP Metagame and how the CAP Pokemon interact with them. Written by many community members, compiled and revised by Fuzznip and Umbreon Dan.
Guide to Creating a CAP Movepool in DPP
A comprehensive guide on how to create a final movepool for the DPP generation. Written by Rising_Dusk, with research by X-Act.
Historical Guide to the CAP Metagame
A snapshot of the CAP metagame as it was in January of 2009, and a guide about how the first five CAPs fit into it. The most recent CAP at this time was Stratagem, and some of the recent revisions had not yet taken place. Written by sbc and others.