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Aug 1, 2009
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What am I licking?
    1. Flora
      At the 2v2 doubles subway, you also need an extra 2 Pokemon to use (in case you get to the subway boss).
    2. deadfox081
      Yeah, why not.

      Send me the mons please!
    3. dragonboy52
    4. Destiny Warrior
      Destiny Warrior
      Good games, you've lost :(
    5. Destiny Warrior
      Destiny Warrior
      Apologies for the delay, I've edited in actions.
    6. Metal Bagon
    7. Flora
      I didn't. I just don't feel like reffing today.
    8. Son_of_Shadoo
      Logical enough.
    9. Son_of_Shadoo
      Also, why did you just refer to yourself in the third person <.<
    10. Son_of_Shadoo
      No, the beginner battle posted by C$FP. Though, actually, yeah, I'll ref yours.
    11. TEA_DEMON
      ok i'll post it now then.
    12. TEA_DEMON
      i know, i'm just waiting on my ref tutor to send back the round after checking it. it'll probably be a couple of hours at least.
    13. Venser
      Refs typically have a longer-than-stated DQ time. This is implied and is common courtesy. Chill out regarding p3, you're lucky enough to have a ref as it is :P
    14. Flora
      Ah, I forgot another move. It's in my edit last VM.
    15. Flora
      Hi, just letting you know that you can have Elekid start off with ThunderPunch since it learns it at level 9 in the past generations.

      Light Screen too.
    16. Banryu
      LOL you know the pants-removal thing was just a play on Shed Skin, right? Also, you can't use Dig to avoid AND attack at the same time. :0 You either get to attack with it right away, or you don't get to avoid damage. Just be warned that I'll be reffing it one of those two ways, so take that into account.
    17. Banryu

      ....uhhh... It's a surprise.
      (reffing that right now BTW)
    18. Banryu
      @______e Oh man. Do you think it could wait until tomorrow? I've just done more reffing in one day than I've ever done in my entire ASB career combined before now and I'm pretty burnt out LOL.

      Anyway in the meantime let's at least see how the match is progressing.... *goes to look*
    19. Banryu
      Haha, thanks. :D' That makes me feel better about it. =w='
      Well, I'll finish it up tomorrow morning. In the meantime... uh...

      *distracts you with this while fleeing to bed*
    20. Banryu
      Yeah, I'm getting to it... probably will need to finish up in the morning since it's pretty late for me here. I just finished reffing Crux and Pikapwned twice in a row because my @#$^ing computer ate everything I wrote. x___@ So sorry for the delay but I will definitely get to it sometime early tomorrow.

      Incidentally, that was some pretty brutal stuff you're throwing down on Mewtwo. Yikes.
    21. Banryu
      Hey, just wanted to let you know that I saw your posts and will be getting to your battle today just as soon as I can.
    22. Banryu
      Your battle is up, get to it. G'luck, boys~
    23. Deck Knight
      Deck Knight
      You need to be approved by an approver before you can issue any challenges, and you will have to update your profile each time you get a new mon/attack.
    24. DarkSlay
      Hi there! Yes, I will make sure it gets approved by either myself or another approver quite soon. Don't worry, we're on it!

      - DarkSlay
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