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Oct 18, 2017 at 11:47 PM
Feb 11, 2010
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Oct 18, 2017 at 11:47 PM
    1. Charboy
      hello i was the last person to post before giveaway was closed i was wondering if i can get all the of the legendary trio? thanks in advance
      Black FC: 5372 0309 8639
    2. Ames
      Hey there, was just wondering if I can still get a copy of the three trio memebers from the giveaway; I posted a while ago but had no luck. I can come online right now if you are able to? White FC: 3954 6567 0939
    3. tomtom5858
      You couldn't just put the individual Pokémon up on Mediafire, please?
    4. tomtom5858
      No. I can't. I have a MAC, if you were paying attention when you read what I said. I can unpack .zips and works with .pkms, but .rar isn't possible.
    5. tomtom5858
      I meant as .pkm files or as a .zip. Did you even read what I said when I asked you originally?
    6. tomtom5858
      Really? Thanks ^^
    7. tomtom5858
    8. tomtom5858
      Any chance I can get the Trio in a .zip file or individually as .pkm files? I have a Mac :P (Yes, I know I got them already, but I want a couple more copies :P)
    9. iDemon
      I'd like all three of the trio, please. My FC is 4813 7178 8871.
    10. Mr_br_kill
      I'd like all 3 if possible and thanks a million.
      My fc is 3782 9616 0417.
      For the record I posted on your theard before you closed
    11. shin-eh MEW
      shin-eh MEW
      hello i would really like all 3 please i have yet to get any 5th gen pokemon yet they would be a great start. FC: 0690 5835 9386 for pokemon white. i see you have alot of people to get too so anytime your free we can trade thank you. :)
    12. Virizion
      I'd like the Cobalion if possible, though it's fine if you're too busy. My FC is 2150 7614 6512.
    13. Quasmo
      I'm not sure if I posted early enough to get the shiny trio, but if I did, my friend code is:
      3696 9516 9819 (name: Sputnik)

      In either case, thanks for the cool giveaway, and good luck with your future endeavors!
    14. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      Whoops, should have been clearer, earliest i can be on is tomorrow night EST if you're willing.
    15. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      Reesponding to Giveaway.
      I would like all three if possible, otherwises Terakion and/or Virizion.
      Black Trainer Name and FC: Jake, 0776 4236 4294
      Feel free to export me to a distributor and i thank you for your generosity.
    16. DankDawson
      Hey, this is a response to your giveaway.
      I'd like all three if possible, if I can't have all three could I get a Terrakion please?
      Platinum FC: 2236 7829 0980
      Black FC: 2966 8134 2801
      Thank you
    17. sVx Shadow
      sVx Shadow
      Would you be able to give me Terrakion and Cobalion from the givewawy? FC 4083 5724 6607
    18. jirachii
      Hello do you have dw corphish with dragon dance And superpower in return I ev train your pokemon.. thanks
    19. bloomcool13
      Hi, sorry to bother you, but do you have time to send me your pokemon from your GA please? I'd really appreciate it. The distributors don't respond/are not online. And you distribute too don't you?
    20. Daena
      Thanks for having this Giveaway! Have a great night :)
    21. Delagacii
      there,edited the post.
      copy that into OP.it should be perfect.Direct any questions to me :)
    22. pokemonrocks777
      thanks so much
    23. Delagacii
      if they reenter,they'll get another.
    24. Delagacii

      .on your DS system,go to your system configure settings.
      .Select your connection.
      .Scroll down until you see "Auto Obtain DNS Yes/No"
      .Select No.
      .Input DNS ^ into both primary and secondary DNS.
      .Save your settings.
      .Go into the ingame's GTS to receives one of Exploit's Shiny Musketeers
      .Reenter for another go at the Shinies
      .Make Sure you have full party.
      .This GTS starts at 5/9/11 @ 2:30 PM +5.
      .Ends in 5/10/11 @ 2:30 AM
      .Which is from now until for the next 12 hours :P
    25. pokemonrocks777
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