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Last Activity:
May 28, 2016 at 1:24 AM
Jan 22, 2009
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from Canadaland

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Iconic was last seen:
May 28, 2016 at 1:24 AM
    1. jumpluff
      mew i have a tail ::chases own tail:: fuck i can't catch it
    2. snowcone
      Well thank you.
    3. RODAN
      !!! i love you we need to chat i hate you !!!
    4. snowcone
      Am I really you're favourite user? It just seems unlikely...
    5. jumpluff
      o u so kyoot.. i wanna hug u to bits iconic!! omfg u so much cuter than folgoriNOOB!!
    6. jumpluff
      i wuvs you yes i do!! :luvdisc:
    7. DJXO9
      i won't deny that, seeing as we'll probably never find out if i will or not
    8. DJXO9
      idk happens whenever i look at your page...
    9. DJXO9
    10. uragg
      stfu iconig. but i liek yo avatar it's pretty cool dawg (cat?)
    11. Folgorio
      LoL homo avatar
    12. tobi10
      I am ready now! Get on teamuber no luck :P
    13. jumpluff
    14. Lady Bug
      Lady Bug
      OK -- I am now going to FUCK YOU UP miserably, and I will not be apoplectic about your anathemas face -- as I do not care of what happens to you -- I am now going to Canada -- I WILL have a sexual contact with Canadian girls and I WILL acrimony make you watch it and suffer apostasy.
    15. Lady Bug
      Lady Bug
      I am too d*mn wheedle right now to deal with zeitgeist like you, you big zeitgeist. I -- am now going to ask you nicely and propinquity to stop this, please -- do not ever think of replying to this message, because I am too phlegmatic right now -- and I WILL FUCK YOU UP IF YOU DO.
    16. Lady Bug
      Lady Bug
      What is this? I clearly told you to stop this in our HUGE discussion yesterday. as I asked you quite parsimony. I believe that you are just being a huge putative right now -- you also won't stop talking to me in a paroxysm mean way. I -- by all means -- can not take this timorous insulting anymore, you also went and teleology sigged me talking to you -- with all due respect -- but now I believe that you are no longer scatological personally. I -- honestly, believe you should stop being a fu*king phlegmatic for once in your life -- I am too redoubtable about how you propinquity talk. With you consistently insulting -- I beg to deffer to paroxysm with your pejorative face ever again in my parlance life -- as I do not propitiate you back.
    17. symphonyx64
      hmm, I like this avatar much better than your previous one. dont change it!!
    18. Delta 2777
      Delta 2777
      salamence is kinda like rayquaza
    19. Aerrow
      In the times I've played uber battles in gen 4 I've always used rayquaza in my teams as well as including it in most of my teams on PO Gen 5 lol, and I have this desire to write its analysis since well, (in a non-competitive perspective), its my favorite Pokemon.
    20. Aerrow
      Iconic, i thought I should let you know: I asked Fireburn about Rayquaza and he said I could write it up.
    21. Erebyssial
      wait, didn't you say you're GMT-5? That should mean it's 10pm for you when it's 2pm for me (it's 2:30pm here while I'm posting this). Either way we can play now if you can while we're both on.
    22. Erebyssial
      alright, I should be on and able to play from around 2pm my time on both saturday and sunday
    23. alive
      Double cream???
    24. Erebyssial
      got time to play now?
    25. Erebyssial
      sorry I got sick so I've been unable to play the last few days :/ anyway I'm GMT+11 and usually get on at around 1pm
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    im me, i do me, and i chill


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    Ron Burgundy
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    My Characteristic:
    Sturdy body
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