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Mar 29, 2015 at 11:30 PM
Nov 2, 2012
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Apr 15, 1998 (Age: 16)
Toledo, OH


16, from Toledo, OH

Persimmons tho Jul 8, 2014

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Mar 29, 2015 at 11:30 PM
    1. Snaquaza
      doesn't matter, btw poygon is overreacting it a bit
    2. Snaquaza
      btw, about the group sadold is telling you about, your friend (he said so) TheBurgerKing and the Reptile are in it as well and I guess TheBurgerKing liking it
    3. sadoldpoygon22

      You have not met the requirements to stay in the group called Lets make a game together (posting AT THE LEAST 5 ideas or posts).
      If you get your total posts to 5 in the next week, you will be taken out from the Inactive List. After 1 week of no compliance, you WILL be kicked from the group.
      This message is only sent to any inactive members.
    4. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      Hi, Leaf. Yeah, I thought I'd go for a different name on Smogon. And earlier that day I'd discussed how "Steve" isn't as much of a Champion-y name as "Steven". You respect someone called Steven. You might go out for drinks with a Steve.
      ...Though you'd make sure not to lend them any money while you're drunk.
    5. Leafshield
      It's definitely cool. I finally finished what's translated of the manga atm, and I can't wait to see what happens next.
    6. bobbyvaporeon
      Im a huge Soul Eater fan, so I thought it would be cool
    7. Governess
      #neverused can be active, but usually , someone has to start a convo first. There are other channels, but #neverused is the only main one for the NU tier. Just try to jump in, and start a convo,; sometimes they are busy.
    8. WePWNPokemon
      aha, Thanks man appreciate it :]
    9. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      No problem! It's an amazing anime! I'm glad you're going to watch it!
    10. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      I reccomend watching the anime again, because it's very good. The battle scenes are amazing, and as I said earlier, the story and characters are also amazing. There is so much that goes on, that you're just dying to see what comes next.

      I, too, stopped watching it for a bit, but then, I decided to get back into it again. And I never looked back. It took a while to catch up, but I enjoyed every bit of it. The story is just so engaging and exciting. You really see Naruto and friends develop, and it's an amazing experience, witnessing it all. And this is all wonderfully executed in the anime. The stunning fight scenes and the awesome music (which is very fitting, makes battle scenes more intense, and sad scenes more touching) make it worth watching rather than reading. You just... feel so much more when watching it...

      Anyways, I reccomend getting back into the anime. Trust me, you won't regret it.

    11. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      How far are you in the Naruto anime?
    12. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      Yes, very true. Every character has so much detail and so much personality, and you really get attatched to the characters. I think Naruto has the saddest scenes due to the depth of the characters.
    13. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      No problem! It's an amazing anime. The story and the characters are just so amazing.
    14. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      ha ha thanks

      I couldn't fit the whole quote, so I had to put just the first sentence. The rest is really touching though... <3
    15. Nollan
      Well, my server is up now, so I guess great! Here is the link: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/~~
      If you can't connect during school hours or late at night it is probably bcuz I have turned it off. Currently, it has several OMs, including Haxmons, BH Doubles, NPM OU, and Six Moves OU :>
    16. Nollan
      oh, you do? lol :]
    17. Nollan
    18. Snaquaza
      Hi, nice you became member of our group, please introduce yourself and help us out with making the game
    19. Nollan
      Well Skarmory has Brave Bird, Rock Slide, and Swords Dance, which is a decent movepool. The goal isn't to be a straight up sweeper but more of a lure, luring in stallbreakers like Crobat and taking them down for ur stall team.
    20. Nollan
      Yeah I was planning to give it to Skarmory so it could be offensive and Rotom-Fan since it has no use of Levitate
    21. SuperJOCKE
      Yeah. Not the biggest fan of playing the game though. It's more fun to watch.
    22. Leafshield
      Ah. That sounds cool. I assume you're going to give each of said abilities to underused mons, since, while it would be flavorful, giving Tornadus auto-Tailwind would be a little broken :>
    23. Nollan
      Well, originally, I made abilities that summoned all pseudo-weathers temporarily (5 turns for TR, Gravity, 4 turns for Tailwind). I'm coding slower now so I can catch mistakes easier, but I plan to bring those back at some point.
    24. Nollan
      Yeah, I can see the thinking behind that, but Swift Swim bear is more or less Beartic's niche. I'll probably keep Ursaring as it is, as it will likely become viable simply because Auto-Tailwind will have a good presence once I get it working.
    25. JoshuaMunoz
      Yeah, too bad i dont ladder that much though, but im glad that you joined the smogon forums :D
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    Apr 15, 1998 (Age: 16)
    Toledo, OH
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    Thoroughly cunning
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