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Jun 22, 2016
Nov 2, 2012
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Apr 15, 1998 (Age: 19)
Toledo, OH


19, from Toledo, OH

Persimmons tho Jul 8, 2014

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Jun 22, 2016
    1. Molk
    2. Molk
      hmmmmm escavalier does look slightly problematic, but i dont think using Hidden Power Fire on galvy is needed in this situation, especially if you try Emboar who 4x resists Megahorn. Thunder will hit it pretty hard regardless

      As for physical attackers to try over Lickilicky, Gallade could work out pretty well in theory. Lum SD is the bane of Stall teams once you eliminate Spiritomb, who the rest of your team can handle effectively regardless, and its pretty good at cleaning up with hazards up.
    3. Molk
      hmmmm theres nothing thats really outright better than lickilicky at that role, it just seems a bit unusual to me on this particular team.

      as for the rest of the team, here are some more suggestions.

      i'd probably move all the hp evs on crustle to attack tbh. When using Crustle over say Smeargle i always do it for extra offensive presence, and the lack of investment kinda hampers that, even with offensive moves. You have sturdy to make sure crustle can take a hit regardless, so theres no huge downside to investing in Attack imo.

      I usually use an ev spread of 248 hp/144 defense/116 special defense with a calm nature on Slowking to take Entei on a bit better, but if you think you need you need the extra special defense for something specific feel free to keep the specially defensive investment.

      I also usually run Toxic on Slowking instead of Thunder Wave because i can't stand playing last mon Slowking vs Slowking stalemates and occasionally Fire Blast over Psyshock for Escavalier and Ferroseed, plus the harder hit on Tangrowth. But once again thats personal preference.

      As for tangrowth, i usually prefer running Sleep Powder/Power Whip/Hidden Power Fire/Earthquake on it with a relaxed nature. This lets you hit pretty hard without Leaf Storm's drawback while still having enough special attack to dent Escavalier with Hidden Power Fire on the switch. Earthquake helps out a lot with wearing down Entei and Emboar, too. Although once again this is personal preference. Another option is to run a more offensive tangrowth, although this cuts into its bulk a bit.
    4. Molk
      hmmmmm, the lickilicky seems a bit strange, any particular reason why you decided to use it?

      Also, looking over the team quickly Choice Scarf Entei kinda stood out to me. Imo, if you want to use Entei you should either be using a Choice Band or something like Life Orb or Flame Plate. or if you need the extra speed to hit a target you can't rely on ExtremeSpeed for, Emboar is usually the better option over Entei for a Choice Scarf imo because of its superior coverage and a lack of a Stealth Rock weakness

      i'll take a closer look at the team in a bit
    5. Molk
      sure, feel free to send me the import :) I'll take a look at it next time i'm online
    6. Nollan
    7. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      So, how's the work on the Crime-Fighting Novella (more like a Novella-ette, I guess) going?
    8. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      Ah, well, although he is much bigger than Samus he's not like some big slow behemoth that you run around plinking shots off to find his weakpoint. Most Ridley fights are really like duels.
      As a side note: I wonder I should create a group for Wii Fit Trainer fans.
    9. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      Hahahaha! But surely the Holy Ground thirsts for the blood of the unworthy?
      But yeah, some of those comments in there are pretty dumb.

      ...I like Ridley.
    10. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      "just Smash Bros"

      ...you are now dead to me.
    11. Leafshield
      Yeah, you're probably right, but I'm p sure Simipour is like the only Water-Type in PU with access to Acrobatics, as well as one of the faster Water-Types. It's STAB is strong as well, so idk if its outclassed or not, I found it to be effective.

      I'm on the fence with Munchlax. While it's special bulk is swell, I could still see Audino seeing plenty of usage over it due to its ability to pass Wishes to teammates, something that's really nice to have in this meta.
    12. Edricky
      honestly idk if a physical set would be that good for any of them. I mean, plenty other attackers in the tier are just as capable, although a direct comparison is kinda odd the multitude of other attackers might be a better chance. The only time I think physical would be OK is a mixed set, maybe to monopolize on it's coverage and STAB for each simi.(Work Up would be prob good for that set, sacrifice power for breaking checks and giving your opponent a bad day seems like a good idea.) I'm pretty sure you don't even have to invest in SpAtk to OHKO Eviolite Lairon with Focus Blast, but using a neutral nature does that - then, it's only a coverage option but boosting it means you got stronger but less reliable fighting coverage which might be kinda meh.

      On other subjects (Cause I left yesterday and bringing the same topic up again is meh), I'm really looking forward to Munchlax. Like seriously. It would largely outclass Audino imo, as a special wall, and prob lickitung too, but it's the best of both worlds and then some lol. I'd prob like a Restalk Curse Body Slam set, though, cause Camerupt handles special tanking well enough already. Beyond that, I think Lax would prob be a good check to Rotom-F, not caring much about Blizz, and Volt Switch hitting it for only OK damage, then you go around and maybe paralyze it with Body Slam so I mean, yeah. Might be scared of HP Fight though.
    13. Edricky
      Oh ok, well first off Protect is imo better on Ursaring anyway, secondly, I forgot Simisage had Acrobatics lol so it seems much more logical now (Flying Gem, correct?) so I see why you would want to use that, but isn't the NP set a good bit more powerful? I know for certain it becomes alot more threatening, and I've seen a SubSalac NP Giga Drain/HPRock set that can wreck just about any team (Though the Salac in that was really useless I think; I've never used that set in particular), but it's immediate power might be more along the lines you're looking for. Would it OHKO Physically defensive Leafeon or no? At +2 I bet it would, but I don't know about any less. I know I've had one survive a Golbat's Gem'd Acro, idk if it invested in attack, but still pretty ridiculous.

      And lol I've never used Rotom-F. I always preferred Zweilous or Sneasel for a Revenge killer or a cleaner, they're both good (Especially in conjunction, lol)
    14. Edricky
      My Leafeon didn't boost, it had Synthesis/Baton Pass/Roar/Leaf Blade (Sometimes I switched Pass for Cleric move, idk which I prefer), but passing to either of those seems kinda stange to me? Ursaring is El Grande in the Strong-o department but I think it would be worn down too easily and Simisage I would think uses NP more often than not; but was your team specifically built aroun Passing? (Not meant to be rude here I'm just inquiring)

      PoisonElectricGround coverage is kind of strange, but I guess what works certainly worked lol. I've actually not had a lot of problems with the platyduck, a scarfer would likely be capable of picking it off. Plus, you would only really have to use Rotom-F, which would not really be a problem with its ridiculous goodness lol. Speaking of which, R-F was 38 percent in the 1850 stats, please tell me I didn't imagine that lol?
    15. Edricky
      The one I ran into, iirc, ran Scald/Earth Power/Some Recovery and some support move, but it was really disruptive. It does have nice niche options, like Sludge Wave, so it was prob built to beat Leafeon trying to setup on it. BTW, what Leafeon did you run? I like to run Physically defensive, so I can sponge a +1 Fraxure outrage and roar it out, but I know alot of people use SpDef or Offensive, and idk if they're any more useful.
    16. Edricky
      I'm not sure if Trace has been as good as your examples said for me, I didn't run into mons of those sorts when I was using it (Also, I stopped myself from rambling because I could have put a wall of text lol, I was just sad I couldn't use Munchlax 'cause it would prob be pretty good in PU lol, in short)

      I've never used sunflora myself, but I know it does have some ridiculous power hidden within that maniacal smile lol. 105 SpAtk is much better with a 50% boost, and idk if you ran bulky specs or bulky setup or what but I know it would cause alot of hurt lol. I know something else though, I've seen stunfisk on the ladder, and it's ridiculous lol. Bulky bulky bulky, strong strong strong and you can only hope your check won't get paralyzed when it attacks lol. There was one team I ran, where I had CB Sneasel and CS Zweilous, and the both got paralyzed and KO'd right after the other. Then he sent in Simisage and cleaned up. Lol it was terrifying.
    17. Edricky
      I think I just think I know more than I do. Lol.

      Yeah, Porygon is actually a really good mon if used right, though my set had disharge instead of T-Wave (I'll have to try t-wave though, alot of stuff likes to set up on it.) I havn't used it since then (I'm actually stuck on a slow computer for a while, I can't use PS that much right now at all lol) but it's certainly capable. My personal preferance Ability-wise is trace, but so far, I havn't found alot that it's more useful for (Luxray hate's it though, lol) I used Download first but the greater number of switch-in opportunities really help it. I actually wanted to (Before I got stuck on this computer) use a Porygon-Munchlax core (callmecrazy) but Munchlax was banned, so I mean...

      ...I'm rambliing lol
    18. Edricky
      Great and thanks. I'm (or was) concerned because I'm pretty sure I take an approach like I know what I'm doing when I obviously don't, in some things, lol.
    19. Edricky
      Hi, pretty good, not sure I'm as dumb sounding as I think I do, stuff like that. Lol.
    20. Snaquaza
      doesn't matter, btw poygon is overreacting it a bit
    21. Snaquaza
      btw, about the group sadold is telling you about, your friend (he said so) TheBurgerKing and the Reptile are in it as well and I guess TheBurgerKing liking it
    22. sadoldpoygon22

      You have not met the requirements to stay in the group called Lets make a game together (posting AT THE LEAST 5 ideas or posts).
      If you get your total posts to 5 in the next week, you will be taken out from the Inactive List. After 1 week of no compliance, you WILL be kicked from the group.
      This message is only sent to any inactive members.
    23. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      Hi, Leaf. Yeah, I thought I'd go for a different name on Smogon. And earlier that day I'd discussed how "Steve" isn't as much of a Champion-y name as "Steven". You respect someone called Steven. You might go out for drinks with a Steve.
      ...Though you'd make sure not to lend them any money while you're drunk.
    24. Leafshield
      It's definitely cool. I finally finished what's translated of the manga atm, and I can't wait to see what happens next.
    25. bobbyvaporeon
      Im a huge Soul Eater fan, so I thought it would be cool
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