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Level 51
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Jun 28, 2016 at 8:50 AM
Dec 16, 2011
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June 9
Location: Singapore ^.^
part-time sane person

Level 51

google sheets is my spirit animal, from Location: Singapore ^.^

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Level 51 was last seen:
Jun 28, 2016 at 8:50 AM
    1. Jirachee
      I have no classes this week so I can stay up pretty late, we can probably find some time during the week!
    2. Jirachee
    3. michael
    4. Jayde
      This is really early for me, in school on phone now and might be asleep tomorrow

      Wutevz, I guess we'll just see
    5. trickroom
    6. trickroom
    7. trickroom
      oh I am girl looking for new friends :)
    8. Shame That
      Shame That
      where have you been

    9. shnen
      I've been on whenever I could in those times but you weren't on, so can you play on any other days
    10. Shining_Latios
      Want to play now for RU mini tour?
    11. sandshrewz
      Don't forget about this!
    12. shnen
      saturday works, as does today if you're going to be coming n later today
    13. Jayde
      Might be able to get you on Friday after 6ish EST, out for sat tho
    14. shnen
      when do you want to battle :O
    15. sandshrewz
      hmmm k. Do get the thread up and ask if Zystral has the answers for it~ Just don't overkill it with 50+ answers for a question again haha :p

      Flavor it with Zystral kidnapped again or w/e as you wish~
    16. Chieliee
      i was about to give you the win honestly.... I'm on the pc now but i'm going in a few, so battling now isn't an option either, especially since i haven't built my team yet

      take the win (it's a command :O )
    17. Chieliee
      Ugh, i just remembered that we're going to a birthday party saturday afternoon, sorry. (i actually remembered it earlier but i was on school with no internet)

      I can be home quite early on Monday, perhaps then?

      sorry for this, i completely forgot 9.9
    18. Chieliee
      Yeah that's possible, although it brings some time management issues along, but w/e i'm gonna have to deal with that i guess. What time works best for you (my times are 4-5PM, 7-10PM) The gap between 5 and 7 is for dinner which usually only takes 20-30 minutes but idk exactly at what time we'll eat.
    19. Chieliee
      ah yeah i just checked the deadline, we have to do this in 5 days. I'm a bit busy but i'm sure i can play on sunday evening (8-10PM my time, 11AM-1PM your time) I can't go any later than that.
    20. Chieliee
      Hey, we have to battle for round 1 of the nu mini-tournament. I still gotta build my team. I prefer to play in weekends

      GMT +1
    21. DittoCrow
      I will be online Friday and most of the day Saturday. Meet me on #rarelyused!
    22. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      So when can you play?
    23. scorpdestroyer
      I found it very trollish. So I put it as my sig.
    24. sandshrewz
      why lucky :O!

      LOL what tour was that for!! haha.
    25. sandshrewz
      PSH how did you lose to FLCL?? lol. Seaking :O!

      Also, went to play Laser Quest with classmates yesterday. P fun!! !_! I used sandshrewz as name ofc lol!! It just happened to fit the name slot :o
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    silvershadow234: level why are your teams always so gay
    [11:41:52] %n10siT ♥: [22:24:59] +KyleCole: fuck dawg
    [11:42:11] %n10siT ♥: he's into bestiality too
    [11:44:44] @KyleCole: ive been havin fun w it


    June 9
    Location: Singapore ^.^
    part-time sane person
    My Characteristic:
    Often lost in thought
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    n_n! ?__? >_>!
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    :O!! .__. u_u!
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    2151 0101 3756
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    3268 2938 1935
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    4441 9488 3570
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