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Level 51
Last Activity:
May 31, 2016 at 9:27 AM
Dec 16, 2011
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June 9
Location: Singapore ^.^
part-time sane person

Level 51

I'll make your last living moments... ABSOLUTELY beautiful!, from Location: Singapore ^.^

is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a Tiering Contributoris a Smogon Media Contributoris a Battle Server Moderator
Level 51 was last seen:
May 31, 2016 at 9:27 AM
    1. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      So when can you play?
    2. scorpdestroyer
      I found it very trollish. So I put it as my sig.
    3. sandshrewz
      why lucky :O!

      LOL what tour was that for!! haha.
    4. sandshrewz
      PSH how did you lose to FLCL?? lol. Seaking :O!

      Also, went to play Laser Quest with classmates yesterday. P fun!! !_! I used sandshrewz as name ofc lol!! It just happened to fit the name slot :o
    5. Shame That
    6. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      I'm GMT-6, so that's 3-5 AM for me, and I can't really make that. My largest window of availability is from 3 PM to 12 AM. Also, I'm going to be really busy this week + weekend, so I'd prefer scheduling for the week after that.
    7. Arcticblast
      I may use Trick Room in doubles, but at least it's Sand TR with Sand Force Gigalith so it's cool... right?
    8. FLCL
      sure i guess
    9. Pocket
      It's Prankster Assist shenanigans pulled by Liepard @ Lagging Tail so it would +1 priority Dive before the opponent can hit, but then attacks second. The opponent therefore can't touch it. Idk why it's plural, though - you might want to ask Pwnemon / PenguinX / etc who knows more about this
    10. FLCL
      i'm free all day on monday. my timezone is gmt-8 and i'm usually on ps as watashi or on irc as flcl.
    11. Jelandee
      Thanks, man :D
    12. dragonuser
      yea I am free from 5pm-10pm EST on weekdays and for most of weekends

      It would be best to work over IRC but I can do other mediums if you prefer them
    13. RitterCat
    14. Pocket
      sorry i've been busy with work - hven't really been on irc other than for spl

      i'll sign on when i find some spare time!
    15. sandshrewz
      you're drunk
    16. reachzero
      Which day would you like to play?
    17. scorpdestroyer
      Heh mine is northeast-ish
    18. scorpdestroyer
      Greetings, which part of Singapore do you live in? (No need to get too detailed, I don't wanna be banned for soliciting personal info, lol)
    19. nyttyn
      Alright lgio
    20. Alf'
      Hi, wanna play in 15 minutes on pokemon showdown ?
    21. Alf'
      I don't have team atm but I'll try to build something for Sunday. I'm GMT+1
    22. reachzero
      Hmm, I'm GMT-5, which means that's 5-7 PM your time is 4-6 AM my time, lol....I don't think that's quite going to work. If you could do 9 PM your time (8 AM my time), that would work practically any day of the week other than Friday. By the way, 你会说中文吗?
    23. Espeon65
      "whoa you're gonna send out 64 PMs in the first round? sounds like an admin nightmare.
      also sorry for holding you up with my tourney :/"

      Yes, it will be a nightmare. Especially if the tournament ends up being any bigger than 64. But, oh well. And its not your fault you held me up, it's Husky's. Dont feel bad, its fine.
    24. sandshrewz
      Lol it's still underweightexcept not severely
    25. sandshrewz
      I'm underweight -.-
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    silvershadow234: level why are your teams always so gay
    [11:41:52] %n10siT ♥: [22:24:59] +KyleCole: fuck dawg
    [11:42:11] %n10siT ♥: he's into bestiality too
    [11:44:44] @KyleCole: ive been havin fun w it


    June 9
    Location: Singapore ^.^
    part-time sane person
    My Characteristic:
    Often lost in thought
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    n_n! ?__? >_>!
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    :O!! .__. u_u!
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    2151 0101 3756
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    3268 2938 1935
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    4441 9488 3570
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