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Level 51
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Mar 5, 2015 at 9:12 AM
Dec 16, 2011
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June 9
Location: Singapore ^.^
part-time sane person

Level 51

a very bouncy user, from Location: Singapore ^.^

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Level 51 was last seen:
Mar 5, 2015 at 9:12 AM
    1. shartruce2
      nope, do we need to redo it?
    2. SilentRevolver
      Hey man, sorry if I confused you by responding so quick. I was taking off to class and saw you had messaged me so I responded quick and took off.
    3. Lemonade.
      Sure thing. If I dont respond to your VM just PM Lemonade or Lem on PS
    4. Lemonade.
      can't I have class, what about like 10 pm tomorrow (10 am you time i think?)
    5. SilentRevolver
      You sir are quite kind, thank you. Next time you can have the win. :P
    6. Lemonade.
      alright same i'll vm you soon
    7. Lemonade.
      Hi we're paired for the BW2 Walkthrough tourney, wanna play near the end of this week? I'm on the east coast
    8. SilentRevolver
      Due to the hurricane on the East Coast of the US, I am going to extend the round to Thursday, November 1st at 10 pm EDT.

      This was posted on the tourney page, so we have until Thursday! I can be available tomorrow anytime between 11:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m. I can do the same thing Thursday. I can also be available Wedensday from 12:30 p.m to 2:30 p.m. All Central Standard Time. haha, idk how well this coordinates with your schedule and such, so let me know!
    9. SilentRevolver
      hey we are supposed to play for the liar's rule tourney! and the deadline is tomorrow at 10PM EST....I am CST so whenever you're available in the next day or so let me know!
    10. rlyn99
      Sup jorm
    11. Living Things
      Living Things
      Hey we have to play for the 3 mon tournament. When are you able to play? My timezone is GMT+1.
    12. Cradily
      I was just curious if you had any other info since the day of the info post. I don't think we will bother adding in specifics about BW2. We need to finish this article. This might change depending on how long it takes to GP check the article. Perhaps we could edit it in after its done or whatever.

      We have no claims/intent to pursue a second Bsubs BW2 article or PWT article. If you want to do one then go for it!We've had our fun with the BW Bsubs article
    13. Cradily
      Agreed, I don't see a massive need to expand on this, do you have any more info regarding IVs for BW2 subway.

      Yes, I was very pleased to see that.

      True, it's a more solid section of the article now
    14. Cradily
      Ok so what's the chance of battle 1 or 2 for non super lines to have an IV of anything but 03? The data seems to go up and down for this (for example, regular single line has an iv of 03 for battle 2, a 06 iv for battle 7 and then a 03 iv for battle 11 and 13.)

      I do not see enough data to warrant an inclusion a solid pattern of IVs pre battle 21 for the article. I'm thinking it would be safe to say in the article that the IVs fluctuate from 03 to 12 for regular lines and 15 to 21 for super lines (pre battle 21) depending on the battle. When it comes right down to it most people end up past battle 21 anyway and all ivs are 31 after that. I really appreciate your research on this.
    15. Redew
      Age: 14.367123287 (as of day of post)

      hahahaha Level 51 you are great
    16. Cradily
      Ah, im a little confused with your data, one of your first lines say "Confirmed: Battles 1, 2, 4, 6, 11 = IV03" what do you mean with IV03? I thought according to you the IVS could only be 15, 18, or 21?
    17. V17
      Ok but in the description it says no status moves, which refers to all non-attacking moves yes? Or was it only hazards and thunder wave that aren't allowed?
    18. Arcticblast
      For the OffStat tournament... Blissey is a broken little shit. Seriously, in a tier where the strongest physical attacker is Porygon-Z (or SD Keldeo), that's pretty much the definition of centralizing.
    19. cbt
      Great tournament idea.
    20. Cradily
      Noted, is there anyway to support this? We were told by R Inanimate that he thought it went that way but wasn't 100%.

      Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.
    21. sandshrewz
      Weekend I guess~~~ :P
    22. Its_A_Random
      "Who is this Level-51 you speak of? I know no one with any hyphens in their names."

      The same noob who frequents IRC under that very name. ;)
    23. Jellicent
    24. sandshrewz
      Nope. I don't even have a DS :/
    25. Treadshot A1
      Treadshot A1
      Nope. I quoted your post. A little birdy told me you might try to change your post. Too late bro. Deal with it. :)
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    June 9
    Location: Singapore ^.^
    part-time sane person
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    Often lost in thought
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