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Feb 7, 2013
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Under TROP's Bed


Male, from Under TROP's Bed

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Going to Europe tomorrow! Jul 15, 2015

    1. Worldtour
      Dusclops by far, although I personally think Claydol is the worst Pokemon in UU.

      I've always liked Milotic for some reason.
    2. Don Honchkrorleone
      Don Honchkrorleone
      My eye hurts a bit. I'll try to be there in an hour as Lampião.
    3. Molk
      Hmmmm, i always up run an ev spread of 40 Hp / 252 Atk / 216 Speed with a jolly nature on offensive Sap Sipper Miltank, it maximizes your attack power, lets you outpace max speed base 95's such as Drapion and Jynx, and gives you some extra bulk.

      As for teammates, the first two things that come to mind are Pokemon that would lure in Grass-type moves, and Pokemon that can take on the Fighting-types that trouble miltank. For example, qwilfish could make a good teammate, it lures in things such as Lilligant reliably, can take on Fighting-types for miltank, and can set up spikes to help miltank score some KOs.
    4. JoshuaMunoz
      w00t! :)

      ... still waiting for yours though D:
    5. Halcyon.
      Well, good luck with it! I hope you do well.
    6. Halcyon.
      Oh, well yeah, I would advise using a spinner. Stealth Rock and Spikes suck for Ninetales, since you need to keep it alive. Also, I would be wary of using Exeggutor as a Chlorophyll sweeper. Even with the boot to its speed and a Timid nature, it's still out-sped by even stuff like Choice Scarf Darmanitan and Kyurem-B. Not a good quality of what is supposed to be a slot dedicated to something faster than everything. What about Victreebel? It's actually more powerful than Venusaur, and only slightly slower. However, though I say "slightly" it is always out-sped by Scarf Latios, which is absolutely terrible, since Lati@s can be hard for sun teams to take down.
    7. Halcyon.
      Thanks man! Also, I just noticed I never responded to your sun team question. I've seen a lot of people use Lilligant to some success. Same with Victini. and if you're feeling stallish, Cresselia can be great. I always liked using Sawsbuck in BW1, not really sure how good it is in BW2. I think it really depends on what moveset you choose. Horn Leech | Nature Power | Return / Jump Kick | Swords Dance is the preferred set, I think, but it either loses to Skarmory or loses out on a seriously powerful STAB Return, so it's up to you. Any of those should be good to build a team around.
    8. Worldtour
      no problem :)
    9. Worldtour
      I'm not especially knowledgeable on Hariyama, but my guess is it suffers from a similar case as Hitmonchan - competition. Hariyama is a threatening Guts sweeper, but at the same time, Medicham hits plenty hard already even without a boost almost as if it actually had a Guts boost, Emboar gets that excellent alternative STAB in Fire to threaten more, and Gallade gets Swords Dance to be a harder hitter and/or have Drain Punch to keep itself alive. Its good bulk is also mitigated by the status orb it is using due to the recoil and its the slowest Fighting-type in the tier. The defensive set's main problem is similar - competition from Poliwrath, mainly due to the additional Water-typing giving it the same resistances as Thick Fat Hariyama and more and Circle Throw being a two-in-one deal.

      Hariyama isn't bad though. It is extremely hard to switch into because it can be a massive threat pretty quickly because it doesn't need to set up like Gallade due to Guts never going away and it is much bulkier than the likes of Medicham, meaning it can take a hit if it needs to. Whirlwind also comes in handy against Hail Pokemon, especially Walrein, and not being weak to Thunderbolt and Grass moves helps against a myraid of special attackers, notably Magmortar and also random stuff like Manectric and some Sceptile when compared to Poliwrath. The advantages are what make it worth using, but the disadvantages make it come across as somewhat inferior to other Fighting-types, although it is still threatening.

      Perhaps the biggest reason gets a bad reputation due to inexperienced people using Fake Out mindlessly on the Guts set, which provides safe switch-ins a lot for the opponent. Fake Out is useful, but it isn't a get-out-of-jail free card. Granted, this is much more common in ladder play than in a tournament environment.

      I hope that makes sense :/
    10. Worldtour
      Actually, out of all the Electric-types in RU, Electivire stood the best chance against Nidoqueen as it does a sizeable amount of damage to it with Earthquake - not a OHKO, but it did like ~90% or so iirc, which was good for an Electric-type.

      Also, the two were really different kinds of wallbreakers, with Electivire having an edge on speed (getting stuff like Moltres) and being able to bruise Slowking, while Nidoqueen had a better bulk, movepool, and power (so it could actually OHKO stuff) Sure, Nidoqueen was a wallbreaker just like Electivire and was a lot more useful, but they beat up stuff differently if that makes any sense. Combined, this caused not much improvement in a NidoLess RU.
    11. Worldtour
      Electivire has always been a somewhat below-average Pokemon in RU and really hasn't gotten much better, although it hasn't gotten worse. It's much better than when Cresselia was in the tier, but ever since then not much has happened other than Nidoqueen rising up, which caused Electric-type moves to become slightly more common. Otherwise, its always been a kinda average wallbreaker/wear down-er.

      And you weren't bothering me no worries :)
    12. morningsun
      I have been there all night. If you can't find someone at all for some reason, type /user "Morningsun" (for example) into the main lobby chat.
      What's your username, btw?
    13. morningsun
      Back, on PS, and ready to battle. Challenge me if/when you can. I should be on until 9ish.
    14. morningsun
      Morningsun and, sorry again, but I'll be back b/w 7 and 7:15. I have to go eat dinner :(
    15. morningsun
      OK. I'm on PS.
    16. Punchshroom
      I was talking about the difference between Standard and 1850 stats, but good to see it hasn't fallen off the map. God SubSeed Eggy :P
    17. Raseri
      i think Drifblim fits in B-rank quite well. If you want to discuss moving it to A-rank, post in the thread!
    18. morningsun
      I won't be in just a few mins, sorry.
    19. morningsun
      Sure ^^ how does tomorrow at 8 PM EST sound?
    20. blitzlefan
      oh well GP asked me to post a link to his site via PM (Sheer Cold)
      and i did --> infracted for advertising 2+2=4 --> banned
      the mods really only found out because BattleStar was spamming links to the site on IRC and being a shit, but i guess it doesn't matter anymore (im back!) :)
    21. ScraftyIsTheBest
      RU's worst Pokemon are probably:

      7) Quagsire
      6) Mandibuzz
      5) Drapion
      4) Electivire
      3) Whimsicott
      2) Dusknoir
      1) Sandslash

      To be honest, there aren't too many crutches in RU, so that's pretty much it.

      As for UU:

      10) Krookodile
      9) Mismagius
      8) Houndoom
      7) Registeel
      6) Milotic
      5) Gligar
      4) Hitmontop
      3) Dusclops
      2) Claydol
      1) Ambipom

      Krookodile, Mismagius, and Houndoom (and Registeel for that matter) are not all that bad but struggle to find a niche, Milotic can't do well because it kills momentum, Gligar doesn't counter too many UU threats, Hitmontop is outclassed. Dusclops is generally outclassed, while Claydol is weak to most of the metagame.

      Ambipom is complete shit and is used only by scrubs. It is completely useless and its appearance in Team Preview is a sign that the opponent isn't going to be very good.

      I haven't played OU in ages and NU doesn't have any poor Pokemon aside from unused joke Pokemon.
    22. ScraftyIsTheBest
      I'll be honest, I always found Dusclops to be alright when I use it. It's literally impossible to OHKO and Pressure stalling is pretty nice, while its typing is pretty useful. The only justification to the hate is "Cofagrigus is better", which is true, but I always found Dusclops to be alright.

      I agree it's better than Ambipom though, all Ambipom does is invite dangerous Pokemon in for free and fire weak attacks.
    23. blitzlefan
      :) hey thanks!
      how's it going?
    24. ScraftyIsTheBest
      lol yes Metang is god of RU
    25. ScraftyIsTheBest
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