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Jan 9, 2017
Oct 22, 2011
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Normal, Illinois


from Normal, Illinois

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Jan 9, 2017
    1. Finchinator
      Not even close, youre definetly not responsible...
      it was just better on po
      i beat the wifi ou gym their, ifm
      won some tournys
      got high on the ladder,
      didn't do any of that on smogon
      but on poshowdown it is nice so i go on their occasionally

      hows vaca?
      1. Posho
        poshowdown? how.
        Nov 23, 2016
    2. TGMD
      Yeah alot of the best players dont ladder and just do tourneys, Earthworm and Heist are probably the best players atm.
    3. Finchinator
      ℓ☺ℓ hold up, when finch told me someone stole my team I got mad and wrote a reply on his wall without actually checking the link(internet is so slow here, don't wanna waste time and all),anyways I assumed someone stole it and just rmt'd my work.later when I did click the link I saw what happened and even posted a rate, and forgot about my earlier rant.sorry bout that bro
      ^^ what u said to gamester

      the teams where very similar js
      and me and gamester are cool now
      wow im kinda late on this
      i quit smogon a while back but now im on showdown occasionally
      tell me when you comeback
    4. TGMD
      Rofl this post is to long I have to split it into 2 parts.
      Yeah Wcop is going great, I'll give you a detailed insight to what's been going on with wcop: Basically we started round 1 and I lost my first game and before I knew it Oceania was 0-7, I then proceeded to win the next 2 games (I can pm logs if you want) and then the whole team go their shit together and out of the next 17 games we won 15 and only lost 2. We ended round 1 with a record of 15-9 and sitting at 4th place. Round 2 just started and we're in to the knockout stages and up against us east if we win 5 matches out of 8 (or 4 out of 8 then win the tiebreaker) we proceed to the semi finals. Oristeros and his team, US West are also into round 2 and finished round 1 in 6th place, I think moet is being put in as a sub because one of the subs on US West is inactive.
    5. TGMD
      Anyway the wcop is really awesome and I get a chance to practise with some of the worlds greatest players (In fact 2 of my team members are considered to be the 2 best in the world) every battle is intense and it's the most fun I've ever had since I started playing pokemon. Anyway you come back in a month right? August 5th? I guess I'll cya then :)
    6. Oristeros
      I've laddered a bit BW2 on PS, but I've stopped after a while cuz the ranking system is messed up (sometimes you lose points for winning). I'm still doing BW tho cuz of wcop.
    7. Bryce
      I don't know know about solar.I saw him online on smogon server a few weeks ago.He had reached #2 but I don't think he has logged in after that.His rating stayed the same and then decayed.He might be on PS now.....but I cant know coz he uses different alt each time
    8. Bryce
      Looking at your VMs,did you decide to come back some time?:D
    9. TGMD
      Hey Rip, smogon has moved to Pokemon Showdown which is a browser based pokemon simulator all you have to do is follow this link: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/lobby Also pokemon online has been upgraded to pokemon online v2.0.05 which is not just an update, you wont be able to interact with people with a different version to yours and everyone is upgrading to v2 so... you'll want to dl it to talk to finch and stuff, you can dl it here: http://pokemon-online.eu/download when you get back I'll be hanging around po v2 and pokemon showdown under either The Gr8 Mighty Doom or Okami no Amaterasu. Cya when you're back man :)
    10. Finchinator
      Here's a tip: Kingdra, beats rain!!!!!!!
      you'll thank me when you come back man! XD
    11. TGMD
      Yo Rip I just came to warn you that the new landorus looks like a dog and it wants to eat you ;) All fail jokes and pure retardation aside, how are you doing? Meet any french chicks? ;)
    12. Bryce
      Hey Rips,How are you doing?
    13. Oristeros
      Ye ofc i am
    14. Lord Moet
      Lord Moet
      Its a great specs user and I've seen a couple ppl with a working cm set. But its nothing too special imo. The new thundurus lando and tornadus forms on the other hand are pretty great.
    15. Lord Moet
      Lord Moet
      5 daya ago :o. New forms new moves and rain spam. But im glad you're having fun.
    16. Dracule Mihawk
      Dracule Mihawk
      O used to be Makaveli lol.
    17. Dracule Mihawk
      Dracule Mihawk
      Good you're still alive. How you been?
    18. Lord Moet
      Lord Moet
      Im good. Fell out of ou kinda ever since the best player left the game ;). What about you?
    19. Funkasaurus
    20. Funkasaurus
      Hello there.
    21. tml
      Hey man, just wondering how you doing?
    22. Lord Moet
      Lord Moet
      rip i thought you died :'(
    23. Gamester
      ℓ☺ℓ I love your lol's and it's understandable. Me and finch were on bad terms initially but we're all friends now ^_^ I hope you're enjoying your vacation :o
    24. Gamester
      Hi Ripa. I had the team before I ever met you. How is dual sand the same e.e? Devin wasn't banned at all and didn't boost lmfao. And uh :| 40 specs? ._...
    25. Jets
      you still have to teach me your tricks .____.
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