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Jan 9, 2017
Oct 22, 2011
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Normal, Illinois


from Normal, Illinois

Ripamon was last seen:
Jan 9, 2017
    1. Jets
      you liveeee
    2. Finchinator
    3. Finchinator
      Rip, few things A) how dat vacation going
      B) got back to 1600 in oui after maxx hax and top page in uu and top page on smogon but that's not the point, yunno how i think yache > ebelt on landorus, it also works on flygon in uu, the point is
      berry > ebelt
      bluffing choice items can actually be usefull, i think i can revolutionize the meta with this
    4. Jets
      Where have you been :/
    5. |DarkSector|
      ye i got bored
    6. Finchinator
      I just got swept by a fucken rain vocarona....now i no how it feels XD
    7. Finchinator
      A) THe rotom-w set is confidential
      B) i saw somebody using a rotom-w name the jester on smogon (prob the same guy dough boy did) it was choiced i think tho, standard as fuck.....
      C) the gliscor set, you know that solar used it, and quiet some others know of it as well, but i onlyused it once...never fit in
    8. doughboy
      Well I recognized the Rotom-W's name: Jester. That team you gave me awhile back had a Rotom-W of that same name. It was a PO battle so I thought about and I was like could that be Ripamon? It was on the smogon server so it could have been you. I was hoping for you to watch be able to watch the video to see if you could recognize it, but in that case I will give you the team to see if you can see if it is your own.

      Rotom-W, scizor, azelf, gliscor, mew, and Heatran
    9. Finchinator
      a) dude, seriously? lol chill about the set
      b) i will pm you the team
      c) why am i listing by letters?
      d) i am now 1577, thank you choice banded terrakion stone edge crit and rotom hydro miss
    10. doughboy
    11. Finchinator
      .I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later during your vacation, sigh, I am #18 on the PO server but smogon is a mess now and im like #100, im in the 1600 club tho, PO. My rain team has became outdated even though my volt-turn is now elite....gimme a private message or somethen
    12. Finchinator
      im unabnned now
    13. APimpNamedSlickback
    14. Celsius
      Hey can you be online during all this weekend smogon tours ? We will play around the smogon tour time
    15. Celsius
      Ok the Ghost Tournament R1's up . We must find a time to play our game with the opposing team. Just VM me .
    16. HBK
      Would you mind rating my team bro :)
      The name's Sweet Chin Music,check it out in the OU teams section.
    17. Red Machine
      Red Machine
      wow! I really need to try and get into the next round of tutoring for OU ^^"
    18. TGMD
    19. Red Machine
      Red Machine
      hey I saw your sig while looking at RMT (Doom's) and wanted to say congrats on #2 haha, thats real good. I cant get anywhere near that
    20. Nelson
      Hi Slave Ripa, unfortunately, i'm banned from smogon server for a couple ou months so no more umberto trolling :(
    21. TGMD
      IKR. that was the stupidest ban i've ever seen
    22. Ripamon
      thats unbelievable... apparently posting a log of him agreeing to rematch is team revealing.... and makes me a cheater
    23. Finchinator
      you were banned for an hour, i beieve the mod took it a bit overboard however decided to restrain my complaints due to the fact that i didnt want your punishment to be extended.
    24. blunder
      Well it's not and I have changed a lot from that team, it just hasn't been updated
    25. doughboy
      Rip I think we are going to have to start the team from scratch. As a whole it is either too slow and it can't revenge or not bulky enough to take hits :o
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    (16:03:26) *** Your rank in Standard OU is 2/56511 [1701 points / 84 battles]! OH YES.


    Normal, Illinois
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