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Jan 1, 2008
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    1. seasidetrainer
      Haha, that's actually a really cool name for a Jirachi. I'd prefer a 31 speed IV Suicune, so let's do Jirachi.
    2. seasidetrainer
      I thought I'd leave you a VM so I didn't double post in your thread.
      That's such a shame about the Entei; Kai's really been coveting one ever since he lost his event Dogs. Can you trade me your Jirachi instead, then?
      EDIT: Actually, if it's a matter of cloning the Entei, I can clone it and trade you back one of the clones, if that's okay with you.
    3. TheMantyke
      No problem. If anything, I'm flattered you want to model your trade thread like mine!
    4. SwampertGirl
      Yeah, sorry. Maybe next time.
    5. SwampertGirl
      Well, I'll look through your thread again in case there was something else I wanted.
    6. SwampertGirl
      Aww. :( I assume you don't have your old White then?
    7. SwampertGirl
      Alrighty, that's fine. I need your F/C as well. Genesect is on my White 2, so use that F/C.
    8. SwampertGirl
      Okay, I decided on a NN.

      "Eva" (without the quotes)

      Also, can you give me back two copies of Genesect? I've been wanting to have an EV'd and an UT version of it, if you don't mind.
    9. Namikaze
      Tell me about it. You can only breed with the same parent ditto so many times before you feel sorry for the thing and decide to stop lol. Also sorry for the late reply, schools eating me up and finals are around the corner too!
    10. mew420
      not really interested in those. sorry.
    11. mew420
      what event mons do you have? i'll do semi-redis for semi-redis on any events that you personally rng'd yourself.
    12. alibongo
      You willing to trade DW gligar for my DW Dratini?
    13. Namikaze
      Haha yea, i can't wait for it to come out. Though sadly release date will also mark the start of my grades plummeting and social life deteriorating. But who need those when you have smogon? lol
    14. Venom
      lmao man dude those were good ass times, really good ass times
    15. Namikaze
      Word man, its been a while. I'm doing good. I'm a soph in college now which somehow gives me more free time to play pokemon lol. Its nice to see you guys still use smogon haha.
    16. Venom
      team blazeeeeee
    17. Namikaze
      Hey dude, how's life?
    18. SS Watson
    19. SS Watson
      SS Watson
      Could you Ludvisc my thread? Since I did reliable EV training for you? I can clone Platinum for you by the way.
    20. SS Watson
      SS Watson
      *FACEPALM* Thanks for the pokes. Too tired and lazy to get Platinum. I'll clone tomorrow, good-night!
    21. SS Watson
      SS Watson

      I actually asked for your non-shiny Lugia (OT MeLLoW). Could we do a trade back?

      I can't clone until tomorrow Gen4, since it's late and I don't have Platinum on me.. :-(
    22. SS Watson
      SS Watson
      Yaaaay!! Thanks :D
    23. SS Watson
      SS Watson
      Still not working? :( Did you check your SS WiFi settings? Auto-Obtain DNS etc.
    24. SS Watson
      SS Watson
      No idea =/
    25. SS Watson
      SS Watson
      I was like, "why the hell does he want an EV reducing berry?". Razor Claw was my noob attempt at evolving Gligar it needs the RazorFang. Gen4 FC: 1249-5704-2308 see you in. Am I right in presuming I still have 8 credits left after this? =)
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    God of Swamps - Trade Thread

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