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    Special Season 8: BSS Ubers (sort of)

    Heh Psynergy , I was actually working on a restricted viability list of my own of sorts :P. Difference is, you included a lot more Pokemon than me, and I'm using this more as a basis for my take on last year's metagame, and how I expect things to change this year! Anyways, here's my list and...
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    Quality Control Mega Manetric (Singles)

    Alright, time to check this!
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    Victim Of The Week [#45 - Azumarill]

    I gotta vote for DawnManeDuskWings 's Tyranitar. With Pursuit, its typing, and sand stream, it's hard to be a more reliable check to Blacephalon than Tyranitar. It helps that AV Tyranitar in particular does well against Naganadel too, who is a big threat at the moment!
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    GSC Freeze Clause

    Probably not too relevant to this thread, but since Zarel brought it up: note that PBR (and I think Colosseum) are notable for not having the latest formes. So for example, Giratina-O and Shaymin-S don't exist in Pokemon Battle Revolution. PBR in particular has DP mechanics for most stuff, such...
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    GSC Freeze Clause

    For being "true to the game", maybe a bit of research can be done on Pokemon Stadium 2? I'm fairly certain that game has a freeze clause, and even allows you to make custom rulesets (so 6v6 would be possible). Now, Pokemon Stadium 2 does have team preview, which would be a huge shock, but you...
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    Quality Control Ludicolo (QC 1/2)

    Carbonific I implemented your stuff now that finals are over for me! Also, I removed the Wide Guard mention, since that bug has been patched, so Ludicolo doesn't have to worry about that being weakened by Wide Guard anymore lol
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    3v3 General Discussion

    Something to note about Mimikyu is that its new stronger Z-move makes it quite a bit easier to justify bulky Mimikyu variants now. For example, running enough bulk to survive Mega Blaziken's unboosted Flare Blitz (I forgot the EVs for that, sorry!) is pretty reasonable.
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    General News Discussion Thread

    I'll take it. Even if Jones only lasts for 3 years, that's way better than having a disgusting, racist pedophile like Moore in congress. This was pretty nice to wake up to!
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    Tournament Battle Spot Singles Circuit 2017 Invitational - FINALS [Won by: Jmal98!]

    I'll be playing sometime this weekend (hard to say when, finals on the mind!) Anyways predicting for the remaining players cuz I need to take an hour off from studying lol mal98 vs Psynergy: Solerme vs Megazard: NOVED vs Jhon: Nat vs Theorymon: Yeah I know predicting against yourself is...
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    Quality Control Ludicolo (QC 1/2)

    Ok I gave this a MASSIVE update! Not only did I implement those old checks, I updated this for Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon, and went a bit more indepth into strategy.
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    Battle Spot Kartana Preview [Singles]

    Finally found some time to take a break from catching up on college work, so I implemented the GP fixes. time to upload this bad boy!
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    Online Competition Johto X Alola [playable on PS!]

    Bit out of the loop because finals are coming next week, but what builds are people running on Seismic Toss Mega Kangaskhan? I'm tempted to actually use Inner Focus and forgo Speed investment for a ton of bulk (this way I can always get a Fake Out turn one by not Mega evolving, provided Psychic...
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    I'll upload this (and Kartana, blame finals studying) as soon as I get off the bus! Mobile does not play nice with analysis uploads lol Edit: Uploaded!
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    Ultra Battle Spot Singles Analysis Suggestions and Discussion

    Ultra Battle Spot Singles Suggestions & Discussions Thread Not every change requires a full analysis revamp. Some of it is as easy as alerting people to it, and then we can add it onsite! This thread is for discussing such things, such as adding certain moves to movesets, new EV spreads...
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    Ultra Battle Spot Singles Analysis Reservations

    Apologies for the low amount of Pokemon up for reservation at the moment. This will be rectified soon. We have a TON of stuff onsite (All the Pokemon under reservation either have nothing onsite or clearly need a revamp), but a lot of it is of varying content, so we gotta determine which...