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Jan 29, 2015 at 3:43 PM
Nov 29, 2008
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May 14, 1995 (Age: 19)


it's a metaphor, Male, 19, from Pennsylvania

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http://chaos7.tumblr.com/post/106115561965/an-homedge-homage-to-my-new-favorite-evo-line Jan 16, 2015

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Viewing forum list, Jan 29, 2015 at 3:43 PM
    1. Magcargo
      Well, my parent don't trust these kind of 3DS shops because the don't want to have a possibility of getting robbed.
    2. Magcargo
      I did hear that some music from older pokemon games appear.
      I might ask my dad for it.
    3. Magcargo
      I've never actually played the game, so could you give me some feedback.
    4. Magcargo
      Is your avatar from harmoknight?
    5. Electrolyte
      sry I had to go :( I will try to talk to you later but I can't stay long for now :/ sorry
    6. Joim
      So I'm finally back, server updated and restarted, works really fine. Tomorrow we should talk about OM things :P
    7. Kidogo
      oh yeah no problem. do you know who i can let know that im interested in writing for the smog?
    8. kakuna
      Now you can unban me~
    9. Solace
      no guarantees, i have like 60 more terms to define for bio
    10. doughboy
      when is the auction or has it happened already
    11. Redew
      [15:59] <&@chaos|away> i hence forth make it official: im better than arcticblast
      [15:59] <&@chaos|away> spread the word

      isn't this in the bible?????????????
    12. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      he made the winning team's (mine) so its cool
    13. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      yeah refused fuckin owns
    14. Naby
      Hi Arcticblast, i'm free this afternoon. Can u play now?
    15. FireMage
      Hey Artic, I've got the bot More/Less ready for OMPL - I wasn't aware that the Auction was going to be yesterday. However, I'm still missing some vital information.
      - Credit Limit
      - Minimum Bid
      - Minimum amount of People per team (i'm not 100% on how to change this)
      - Channel the Auctions going to be on. If you could get back to me with that info It should be good to go.
    16. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      can we use kakuna's art as team logos
    17. kakuna
      blank_zero omfg
      21:09 blank_zero I'm dying
      21:10 Solace thats hot
      21:10 blank_zero lol
      21:11 verbatim is that
      21:11 verbatim a thanksgiving finger turkey
      21:11 verbatim ?
      21:11 Solace no it's hot
      21:11 Solace it's a honchkrow
      21:11 blank_zero lol
      21:11 Solace how dar eyou not appreciate kakuna's art
    18. kakuna
    19. Professor Shroomish
      Professor Shroomish
      Would you like to play in about half an hour?
    20. pumpkinhead
      Yeah, I noticed I just missed the sign ups :I I don't mind waiting, though. It seems like there were plenty of people who had to wait to get in that round. I might hang around in mentor, I'm just afraid I'm gonna abuse it lol. Thanks again for the help!
    21. Level 51
      Level 51

      Thanks~! n_n
    22. pumpkinhead
      Thanks for the warm welcome :) I've been doing what I can in showdown, and I popped in the mentor channel and got introduced to a couple OU teams to play around with. I guess all I can really ask is where you would point someone who needs to start with the very basics? lol
    23. Professor Shroomish
    24. Professor Shroomish
      Professor Shroomish
      Sounds like fun. Maybe in a few days?
    25. Professor Shroomish
      Professor Shroomish
      Do you do Middle Cup? If so, maybe we can battle some time :D
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    Other Metagames :|:|: Doubles :|:|: SPL6 Alpha Ruiners
    RMTs: Dragons in the Fairy Meta : That's All, Folks! : sup | ARcTicblast | @Arcticblast324 - Pokemon tweets (not my personal account)


    May 14, 1995 (Age: 19)
    Real Name:
    if you stay awake at night you'll hear your mom moaning it
    Favorite Pokémon:
    A bunch.
    My Characteristic:
    Often lost in thought
    HGSS Friend Code:
    2966 3499 9263
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    3482 2082 4557
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    3668 7466 9320
    Former Other Metagames leader and former Doubles moderator.
    Currently a Pokemon Showdown! driver (%), formerly a moderator (@). Room moderator in Other Metas and Room Owner (#) in Doubles.

    I've started a writing blog; it is currently empty but I'll work on filling it. If you're interested in reading my work, ask for a link - for the time being I probably won't show you unless I know you, since it uses my real name.
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