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Oct 7, 2011
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Jul 2, 1994 (Age: 21)


Minna, miteite kure!, Male, 21

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Head TD
    1. skylight
      into her life = online life ofc. well, to at least be back on i GUESS.
    2. skylight
      otherwise then there will be no SURPRISE for you
    3. skylight
      and she wants me to spam you to get you back into her life
    4. skylight
      come back 4 kaori
    5. tml
      PO2 but I can find PO1 if you want me to, and yes I will most probably find you on the weekend sometime.
    6. Superpowerdude
    7. tml
      10pm my time everyday I am available. I will be sure to get on #pokemon more and I am found there as tml. Finally I hope it will be ok for you to play on PO? PS is very laggy for me mostly because of my poor internet. It is possible for me to play PS if you want to but I very much favour PO.
    8. skylight
      i hope u don't forget to look at my thing alsoo
    9. skylight
      ~skylight: hmm my teeth arent hurting
      ~skylight: strange
      Frizy: thats good!
      ~skylight: yes but STRRANge
      ~skylight: mauybe my teeth are plotting to kill me
      ~skylight: or plotting to jump into vrai's mouth instead
      ~skylight: ;;

      i hope dis not true?????
    10. sirndpt
      hahahahahaha amazing avatar
    11. ium
    12. Sweet Jesus
    13. Superpowerdude
      woah your avatar scared the shit out of me!
    14. marilli
      choose my successor as you see fit if you desire odd numbered council
      you are not a dum I know you're gonna pick the right person.

      love ya<3

    15. skylight
      it comforts me to pretend you're there? :)
    16. skylight
      ~stripping for vrai: we love you more this way?????? (you will be creeped out)
      Dark Cutezelf: EW
      Dark Cutezelf: Y ?
      shyam22: we (not including me)
      Dark Cutezelf: O_o
      Dark Cutezelf: o_O
      shyam22: ask the crazy stripping for vrai girl

      this is my title now, you should feel lucky????
    17. skylight
      shyam22: yup, thats true... back to my question at hand, still stripping for vrai , you go girl ...!!!
      ~stripping for vrai: lmao
      ~stripping for vrai: nah i just figured thinking of vrai would be a good idea

      i need u
    18. tml
      Hey we are paired for ST9. I am not in any rush since we have until 29th December, but I am ready when you are. Everyday after Wednesday I will be widely available as my Christmas break begins. I am GMT+0 let me know your timezone and available days so we can arrange something.
    19. skylight
      Serrαh: oh i read that as frizy do vrai les as in lesbian
      Serrαh: i was like, what
      Frizy: that'd be p hot

      watch out???????
    20. skylight
      ~skylight: YOU'RE DOING WHAT WE DO TO VRAI
      ~skylight: well try to
      Frizy: ah
      Frizy: another thing stolen from me
      Frizy: i see
      ~skylight: what
      Serrαh: you do vrai?
      ~skylight: how did that stole
      Serrαh: i see
      ~skylight: LOL
    21. Omicron
      /me ban

    22. ium
    23. ShadowAbra
    24. MikeDecIsHere
      LMFAO amazing
    25. skylight
      ogmg frizy is playing with my mind i need youu :((
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    Jul 2, 1994 (Age: 21)
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    Likes to fight
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    4682 8478 6049
    caught forever on paper torn tethered,
    time sends its regards from pictures that never saw
    the light of day.

    just tucked in a box and hoarded away
    so that eyes could never gaze upon faces of old.

    memories that i had longed to hold.

    so hold me now,
    that i am not strong enough to hold myself.
    i am old enough now to know better than to bare my cross alone.
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