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Circus Maximus Rules v4.0 (04/21/2016) - Required reading for both players and hosts!

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus: The Competitive Mafia Hub' started by Mekkah, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. Mekkah

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    Feb 8, 2005
    Hello, Smogonites and Smogonettes! Before reading through the rules, it would be a good use of your time to first read through this introduction thread to get your bearings. Forum games, most notably mafia (which grew too big and serious for Firebot), are hosted here. Please read through these rules before posting, and have a fun time!

    Informal Guidelines:
    • No "postcount++" games will be accepted. This includes most (all) "poster above" or "poster below" games or games that require little to no effort to participate in.
    • Don't request to host a game that's too similar in gameplay to other games that are already running (with the exception of Mafia).
    • Games that require thought and/or involvement from the players are preferred.
    • Please do not post in Mafia games that you are not in, and if you do be very careful not to suggest strategy to the players involved.
    • This should go without saying, but all forum-wide rules apply. It's ok to be salty after losing a game, but insulting other users is never acceptable, and will be dealt with accordingly.
    Forum-Specific Rules: Failure to adhere to these will result in an infraction and a blacklisting
    • You may NOT invite any users to a conversation who were not a part of the conversation when it was formed. This obviously includes the conversation containing your role PM and any other conversations with the host.
    • Screenshoting of any kind is banned.
    • Do not comment on anything strategic involving games which you are not an active player in. This includes both outside commentary and deadtalking.
    • I said this above, but DO NOT INSULT OTHER USERS. You may think their play was poor and it's fine to say that or to suggest how they should improve in the future, but do not attack other people's character.
    • Impersonation of other users is banned.
    Hosting Process:

    Requesting permission to host a game:
    • Speak with one of the moderators (UncleSam, Da Letter El, LightWolf, zorbees) about the basics of your game.
    • Only one moderator needs to approve the game. Their approval may be conditional to minor rule changes.
    • The requesting party must be constituted of at least one (1) user with an account on the Smogon forums.
    • For newer, untested game modes, it might be a good idea to get potential players to tell the mods that they would be interested in such a game. Please note that this will only be applicable to newer, untested games. This is optional. You could search for support in The Propose-A-Game Thread.
    • No thread may be started for a game if it does not go through this process of approval


    1. Design your game, and put it in a spreadsheet. It doesn't have to be 100% complete, but close to it is nice.
    2. All new game proposals will be posted in the Game Proposals sub-forum. Please ensure you read the updated rules regarding this submission. Please enclose all important information in spoiler tags so that mods can choose to play in your game.
    3. If a moderator decides that the game is not suitable to be hosted at this moment, do not argue. Ask for reasons why so that you can address the shortcomings of your game, if applicable. Please don't submit game proposals which are too similar to previously rejected games.
    4. If approved, UncleSam will put your game on the Game Listing, and you can post the sign-ups for your game. Your game (roles, PMs, flavor, rules) must be completely finished before you post sign-ups. Be sure to also include the relevant Game Listing information via PM to UncleSam.
    5. When you can, post the sign-ups. If applicable to your game level, put in a sentence saying your game was approved by UncleSam, Da Letter El, LightWolf, or zorbees (unapproved games are locked). Include the format of your game in the title.
    6. After 48 hours, ask a Circus Mod to lock the thread. This will conclude sign ups. Upon conclusion of sign ups, choose players from your available sign ups.
    7. Post your actual game thread, and begin hosting.

    During the game:

    If a player in the game requests a substitution, then make an effort to find a suitable substitute, with preference given to players who signed up for the game but who did not get in. If a player is idling and you feel that a forcible substitute is necessary, PM a moderator, and the moderator will decide whether any additional action (ie infraction) is needed.

    After the game:

    You are allowed to create a postgame thread after your game ends, if you want. Either way, remember to send UncleSam the relevant Game Listing information upon the game's conclusion.

    Generic Ruleset:

    If you need a good ruleset to serve as a template for your game, consider adopting the following:

    Rules (open)

    1. Whilst you are alive you can talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you cannot talk to anyone about the game, unless you are mafia and on the same team, in which case you may talk with members of your team only, and only for strategy purposes. Knowledge acquired after death cannot be transferred from a dead player to a living player.

    2. Every user has a role PM. Role PMs may not be shown to other users on Night 0, but starting from Day 1 onwards they may be freely distributed. Screenshotting of all forms is banned. If anyone finds a person encouraging others to take screenshots or taking screenshots and showing other people, please be sure to report it.

    3. You can paste things told to you by the host. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM one of the hosts for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way.

    4. Each cycle will have a deadline of 48 hours. You may vote to lynch users during this time by posting "lynch USER" in bold, or "No lynch" if you don't want to lynch anyone (lynch votes will not count if they're not in the correct format!), and if you change your vote, you MUST edit the bolded text out of the old post if you post with a new vote. In addition, you have 48 hours to send in any abilities you may be able to use as a result of your role. State what you are doing in the PM title if possible, it makes it MUCH easier to handle. Remember that PMs are to be sent to both the primary host AND cohost!

    5. If there's a tie, both users with the highest amount of votes will be lynched, but no lynch will take place the next day.

    6. If you're not going to do anything at night, send a PM titled "Night X - idling". This makes keeping track of things easier and informs me that you're still playing the game.

    7. Priorities have been decided beforehand and will not be revealed.

    8. This game features items. Items can be used at the same time as regular night actions, unless stated otherwise. You can give an item away at any time by sending a pm to the hosts stating "Cycle X - Give ITEM to USER." You cannot use an item during the same cycle you give it away; however, you can use an unrelated ability whilst giving away an item. Giving away an item has the lowest priority, and if you are killed/lynched the same cycle you attempt to give away an item, it won't be moved.

    9. Items held by players who are killed/lynched will be passed to the killer/a random player who voted for that person.

    10. Only sign up if you know you're going to be at least fairly active. If I notice that you seem to be idle, I reserve the right to have you forcefully subbed out if necessary, which will carry an infraction. I'll most likely nudge first, though.

    11. The hosts reserve the right to lie their asses off to you.

    12. Please add the hosts to all conversations and spreadsheets related to the game.

    Current Staff:

    If you have any questions regarding the rules or general policies on this subforum, contact these users!
    Moderators: UncleSam, Da Letter El, shade , zorbees
    Community Contributors: Walrein, Yeti, vonFiedler

    Black List:

    This is a list of players who have shown to be either really terrible at mafia, notorious idlers, or something else that makes them less than desirable to have in your game. These players are banned from playing in games on this forum unless a written request by both the player and the host of the game is sent to a moderator with a valid reason why the player should be allowed to play in a new game.

    Current list:
    - Cleared - April, 2016. Try not to be the first person back on this list!
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 4, 2016
  2. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    Hey everyone,

    We've updated the rules to better reflect the current state of the forum in the here and now. We anticipate small additions in the coming days/weeks, but everything there now is unlikely to change.
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