Championship - Type B Filling the Generation Gap (SM Edition) (Finals)

Filling the Generation Gap (SM Edition)

So, now that Sun & Moon has been out for a while, its time to share the focus across the board! Tired of seeing multiple Tapus on a team? Chansey + Clefable making you want to pull your hair out? Being constantly destroyed by Char-Y + Dugtrio?

Well, in this tournament, you will be required to create teams which contain members from different generations, no overlaps at all. Each round, one generation will be banned, meaning that a different team should be used each time.

Tournament Rules
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here
  • Best of 1 single elimination
  • Standard SM OU rules apply
  • Tour Specific Rules

  • All teams must contain 6 different Pokémon from 6 different generations
  • A different generation will be chosen and omitted every round
Championship Points

Googly vs Lycans
Lycans vs Level 56
Level 56 vs Googly

no deadline just play tho