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Quality Control Lilligant (qc 0/3)

Discussion in 'PU Analyses' started by Anty, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Anty

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    Feb 8, 2013

    • Access to QD along with good base Special Attack, usable Speed, and ability to create set up options with Sleep Powder makes Lilligant one of the best set up sweepers in the tier.
    • Despite its shallow coverage, Lilligant can utilise Z-moves well to break through otherwise checks such as Magmortar, Togetic, and Clefairy. However, Lilligant relies a lot on Z-moves so a misprediction can ruin its sweep
    • Access to Healing Wish provides Lilligant with a niche as a Choice Scarf user
    • Lilligant's mediocre Speed means QD sets are revenge killed by common Choice Scarf users such as Primeape and Haunter, whereas its Choice Scarf set fails to revenge kill fast Speed boosting sweepers like Charizard.
    • Poor physical bulk means its vulnerable to priority such as Piloswine's Ice Shard and Skuntank's Sucker Punch

    name: Quiver Dance
    move 1: Quiver Dance
    move 2: Sleep Powder
    move 3: Energy Ball / Giga Drain
    move 4: Hidden Power [Fire] / Hyper Beam
    item: Grassium Z / Leftovers / Normalium Z
    ability: Chlorophyll
    nature: Timid
    evs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    • Quiver Dance provides Lilligant with crucial boosts to Speed and Special Attack to allow it to sweep
    • Sleep Powder creates set up opportunities for Lilligant
    • A Grass-type STAB is Lilligants strongest coverage, with Energy Ball being stronger whereas Giga Drain provides it with passive recovery
    • Hidden Power [Fire] is its best coverage if not using Normalium Z to hit Steel- and Grass-types such as Ferroseed and Abomasnow
    • However, Hyper Beam should only be used with Normalium Z as a one time use to potentially take out Flying-, Fire-, or Grass-types, like Magmortar, Charizard, and opposing Lilligant

    Set Details
    • Maximum Speed with Timid nature is crucial to outspeed Choice Scarf users such as Mesprit, whereas 252 Special Attack EVs maximises its power
    • Both Grassium Z and Normalium Z give Lilligant a 1 time power nuke, however Leftovers or Life Orb can be used if the team has a Z move user already, the former giving it passive recovery the latter boosting its power at the cost of health
    • Chlorophyll allows Lilligant to destroy Sun teams

    Usage Tips
    • Lilligant should primarily be used late game as a sweeper, but can be used earlier to wallbreak with its Z move.
    • Lilligant should try to come in freely, like after a KO, on something it forces out such as Lanturn, or anything slower weak to Sleep Powder, to set up Quiver Dance's
    • Be careful of setting up on asleep Pokemon and only try to get up a second Quiver Dance if its safe or necessary
    • Also be weary of setting up if the opponent has an Oricorio as they can copy Lilligant's Quiver Dance with Dancer

    Team Options

    • Lilligant should be used on offensive teams which need a late game sweeper with resources to help create a sweep,
    • Entry hazard users such as Piloswine, Golurk, and Qwilfish provide crucial chip to wear the opponents Pokemon down. Stealth Rock is especially useful severely cripple Fire- and Flying-types
    • Special Wallbreakers such as Pyroar, Riachu-A, and Jynx can weaken or KO specially defensive Pokemon that beat Lilligant
    • Lanturn is a good partner as it can check Fire- and Flying-types which can beat Lilligant
    • Pursuit Skuntank can trap and weaken many of Lilligant's checks such as Magmortar, Oricorio-S, along with certain Choice Scarf users like Jynx and Haunter.

    name: Choice Scarf
    move 1: Leaf Storm
    move 2: Energy Ball
    move 3: Healing Wish
    move 4: Hidden Power [Rock] / Sleep Powder
    item: Choice Scarf
    ability: Chlorophyll
    nature: Timid
    evs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    • Leaf Storm is Lilligant's strongest STAB move making it most effective as revenge killing threats
    • Energy Ball does not drop Lilligant's Special Attack making it better to use if Lilligant wants to stay in for more than 1 turn
    • Healing Wish provides invaluable support to weakened teammates
    • Hidden Power [Rock] lets Lilligant revenge kill the Oricorio's and unboosted Charizard while doing more damage to Fire-types. However, Sleep Power can be used to cripple a defensive check or Pokemon it cannot KO

    Set Details

    • Maximum Speed with Timid nature and Choice Scarf lets Lilligant outspeed as much as possible to let it revenge kill, while Special Attack EVs maximise its power
    • Chlorophyll is its most useful ability it to better check Sun teams, whereas Own Tempo is mostly useless as confusion status isn't very common

    Usage Tips
    • Lilligant should be used to revenge kill slower Pokemon such as Archeops, Jynx, and boosted Carracosta, or sweep late game when the opposing team is weakened
    • Be careful when locking into Leaf Storm or Sleep Powder, as after one use both can be taken advantage of by set up sweepers
    • Lilligant should usually come in after a KO or on a free switch, but it can switch into weaker Pokemon that cannot touch it such as Lanturn if necessary
    • Keep in mind most opponents will assume Lilligant is Quiver Dance so it can potentially get a surprise KO, but don't play different just to hide it's item

    Team Options
    • Lilligant should be used on an offensive team which need a revenge killer and have multiple set up sweepers to appreciate Healing Wish
    • Swords Dance Absol and Raticate-A, Shell Smash Carracosta, and Rock Polish Golurk are just a few Pokemon which appreciate Healing Wish support
    • Lilligant needs partners which can check Pokemon such as Charizard and opposing Lilligant which can take advantage of choice locked Lilligant. For example Lanturn and Gastrodon can check the former, and Guzzlord and Magmortar can check the latter
    • Special Wallbreakers such as Raichu-A, Magmortar, and Oricorio-S can weaken the opposing team to allow Lilligant to clean with Energy Ball

    Other Options
    • HP Rock QD
    • Bulky QD
    • Aromatheropy Scarf
    • modest QD
    • Nature Power

    Checks and Counters

    **Fire-types**: Assault Vest Magmortar is immune to Sleep Powder with Vital Spirit and can comfortably take boosted hits, whereas other Fire-types such as Charizard and Turtinator can take most hits aside from Z boosted Hyper Beam.

    **Fast Choice Scarf users**: Equipped with Choice Scarf, Primeape, Jynx, Oricorio-S, and Pyroar can allow outspeed and KO a slightly weakened Lilligant after one Quiver Dance, however they lose to it if Lilligant gets two boosts.

    **Flying-types**: Specially Defensive Togetic can take any boosted attack and retaliate with Thunder Wave, while other bulky Flying-types like Vullaby and Altaria have to be cautious about Z boosted Hyper Beam. Oricorio forms can switch in if something has been put to Sleep as they can copy Quiver Dance's with Dancer ability, however only Oricorio-S can take on Z boosted Hyper Beam with hazards up.

    **Other Grass-type resists**: Ferroseed and Togedemaru can take on non Hidden Power varients, while Guzzlord along with Sap Sipper Miltank and Drampa can confortably take on non Hyper Beam varients, and Skuntank and Weezing can check non Z-move varients. Muk is an excellent counter to any vairent.

    **Priority users**: Piloswine and Abomasnow's Ice Shard, Skantank's Sucker Punch, and other strong priorities can finish off a weakened Lilligant
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
  2. Megazard

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    Nov 7, 2013
  3. galbia

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    Sep 24, 2012
    -i think that life orb>grassium z a lot of the time so i would have it slashed instead of that (or of leftovers)
    -you can mention that sleep powder lets you dodge the most common priority that is sucker punch i guess
    -calm mind colbur and specs mesprit and other stuff that lures skuntank and steel types are great partners so be sure to mention
    for the same reason i would change the special wallbreakers bit to focus on stuff that can set up like a np raichu a turtonator or even a pinsir
    -hp fire lanturn is amazing for hyper beam sets but you need another resist since magmortar 2hkos on the switch
    -having a tspikes absorber is a bit like having stealth rock atm but i guess you could mention it especially if you are running leftovers. both qwil and skunt have good synergy so that works

    -hp fire probably has some merit but feel free to decide to add or n
    -you can take some of the team options suggestions from above

    -mention sub which always does well in combination with sleep, also petaldance own tempo maybe lol

    -audino does well after sleep clause is activate and needs to be mentioned somewhere
    -you can mention haunter in the scarfer bit since it can absorb a hyper beam and "take" a hit generally

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