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Megas For All: V4! (Submissions - Silvally Pt. I)

Discussion in 'Pet Mods' started by MaceMaster, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. MaceMaster


    Dec 29, 2015
    Last thread was made by Peef Rimgar, which was approved by Eevee General
    Original thread and concept by acestriker19

    Megas For All v4
    Thank you to Kopelemon for the banner!

    Welcome to the fourth edition of Megas For All! Due to certain constraints, Peef Rimgar is unable to continue leading this project, so I am taking his place. No real big changes outside of a change of leaders, so everything that applied in the last thread will apply to this one, at least for the time being. With that said, let's get right to the rules.

    Step One: Submissions
    We're gonna go through Megas, 3 at a time. The council will give a few set guidelines to go by, which includes limitations to moves and abilities gained, as well as how stat changes can be made. An ability restriction system based on the Ability Rankings present in Showdown's code, which will help in preventing Pokemon that already have a strong presence in the game from becoming overpowered as Mega Evolutions. Stat restrictions will also be placed on Pokemon, such as limiting how high a stat can go and how low you can bring other stats down; more specifically, a Pokemon's BST cannot be decreased by more than a total of 30 points, so no lowering two stats by 20 points each, one stat by 40 points, etc..., while stat increases will be a case-by-case with each Mega. Other than that, you can make roughly whatever changes you want to your Mega Evolution, be it changing its stats from a special attacker to a physical wall, changing/removing its primary or secondary typing (you can't change both types), or adding moves that don't seem to fit the Poekmon at hand.

    A few big things we want to prioritize this go around with the submission process: What can actually beat your submission, and what can it do that the base form can't? As a rule of thumb: if your submission requires something absurdly niche to be run (think Cofagrigus' popularity in the XY Kangaskhanite Metagame), it's likely not balanced! However, we do still want the Megas to differ from the base forms, so if you'd like to make a clear path for a Pokemon to beat a few of its checks, but not all, go for it!

    Custom abilities are banned UNLESS they are a clone of an existing ability or you provide code. This means you can have abilities like a dark -ate, or a psychic Water Absorb, as long as the Pokemon in question has the ability level of the original ability available to it (ie. don't try and give a mon with an ability restriction of level 2 or below Dark -ate!, which would be at 4!). In addition using aspects of multiple abilities to make a new ability is tolerated. You can also make a custom ability, but must provide code for it.

    Step Two: Voting
    For the betterment of everyone's inboxes, we'll do simple, in thread voting. You'll vote for your top three favorite megas, in order of preference. Your first choice will receive 3 votes, your second 2, and your third 1. You may vote for yourself, but not as your first pick.

    Step Three: Metagame Development
    This is the more tricky part because I'm not quite sure how the coding of this will go, but amidst the next submission stage, I'd like to be able to see the mega's effect in an overall metagame (and if possible, an otherwise unaltered OU with just one mega in it) would be! We could give ideas for cores, team styles, and movesets for the new megas at this point. This is a stage that can really take place for any completed mega at any time.

    Sample Submission (open)
    Ability: Blaze / Solar Power ---> Tough Claws
    Typing: Fire / Dragon
    HP 78 ---> 78
    Atk 84 ---> 130 (+46)
    Def 78 ---> 111 (+33)
    SpA 109 ---> 130 (+21)
    SpD 85 ---> 85
    Spe 100 ---> 100
    BST 534 ---> 634

    I feel like this is an interesting take on Charizard in that it goes for a more physical approach, whereas the base forme is more specially oriented in lower tiers. For starters, I gave it the dragon typig it so obviously deserves. To make it viable as a physical attacker, I needed to give it both a significant attack boost and some form ability which can help give it the power it would be losing without an item. I took care not to increase the speed stat so that a fair amount of Scarfers could still outspeed it after one Dragon Dance. This will most likely end up using a bulkier DD sweeper (see Gyarados) or an SD wallbreaker with scary dual stab coverage!

    Mons that could beat this don't seem too hard to find, physically defensive ground mons like Hippowdon and Landorus-T can switch in fairly easily and hit it with a SE ground Stab, since it's losing the flying typing. Bulky waters could pose issues for it as well!

    [​IMG]Here's kinda a rough concept i had for its design. Shitty I know but its just a rough idea.

    Copy/Paste of Format (open)
    Ability: ~ ----> ~
    Typing: ~


    HP: ~ ----> ~
    Attack: ~ ----> ~
    Defense: ~ ----> ~
    Special Attack: ~ ----> ~
    Special Defense: ~ ----> ~
    Speed: ~ ----> ~
    Base Stat Total: ~ ----> ~
    Movepool Additions: ~
    Description: ~

    List of abilities by ranking:
    (note: Scale goes from 5 [highest] to -2 [lowest])
    * Signifies you can make a brand new ability that is a clone of the original, which will hold the same ranking
    Ability Rankings (open)
    Delta Stream
    Desolate Land
    Huge Power*
    Moody (note: Globally banned)
    Parental Bond
    Primordial Sea
    Pure Power*
    Shadow Tag
    Stance Change (note: Hard coded to Aegislash)
    Water Bubble
    Wonder Guard

    Arena Trap
    Beast Boost
    Electric Surge
    Fur Coat*
    Grassy Surge
    Magic Bounce
    Magic Guard
    Magnet Pull
    Psychic Surge
    Sand Stream
    Speed Boost

    Misty Surge
    Multitype (note: Hard coded to Arceus)
    No Guard
    Serene Grace
    Shadow Shield
    Sheer Force
    Snow Warning
    Tough Claws

    Dry Skin*
    Flower Veil
    Innards Out
    Mega Launcher
    Mold Breaker
    Natural Cure
    Sap Sipper*
    Shed Skin
    Storm Drain*
    Thick Fat*
    Tinted Lens
    Volt Absorb*

    Air Lock
    Cloud Nine
    Dark Aura*
    Fairy Aura*
    Flash Fire*
    Forecast (note: Hard coded to Castform)
    Iron Barb
    Iron Fist
    Motor Drive*
    Poison Heal*
    Prism Armor
    Queenly Majesty
    Rock Head
    Rough Skin
    Skill Link
    Solid Rock
    Strong Jaw
    Toxic Boost*
    Water Veil

    Early Bird
    Flare Boost
    Flower Gift
    Marvel Scale
    Quick Feet
    Sand Rush
    Shield Dust
    Slush Rush
    Surge Surfer*
    Swift Swim
    Tangling Hair
    Victory Star

    Anger Point
    Aura Break
    Bad Dreams
    Clear Body
    Cursed Body
    Effect Spore
    Flame Body
    Full Metal Body
    Gale Wings*
    Long Reach
    Poison Point
    Poison Touch
    Sand Force
    Suction Cups
    Sweet Veil
    Vital Spirit
    Water Compaction*
    White Smoke
    Wonder Skin

    Aroma Veil
    Hyper Cutter
    Ice Body
    Inner Focus
    Liquid Ooze
    Liquid Voice*
    Rain Dish
    Sand Veil
    Snow Cloak
    Solar Power
    Super Luck
    Weak Armor

    Battle Armor
    Color Change
    Cute Charm
    Keen Eye
    Leaf Guard
    Light Metal
    Own Tempo
    Shell Armor
    Tangled Feet

    Big Pecks
    Emergency Exit
    Grass Pelt
    Magma Armor
    Wimp Out

    Friend Guard
    Honey Gather
    Power of Alchemy

    Heavy Metal
    Zen Mode (note: Hard coded to Darmanitan)

    Battle Bond
    Cheek Pouch
    Disguise (Mega Mimikyu exclusive)
    Power Construct
    RKS System
    Schooling (Mega Wishiwashi exclusive)
    Shields Down (Mega Minior exclusive)
    Slow Start
    Sticky Hold

    Sheet of Megas: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FElPXiKhxTJrTJfV0rso1mPIOHlL_jUdcriBrFyswQY/edit#gid=0
    Past slates: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-TFk8J7rTuvmQE-7xsiDPcqPEcrW3s5j6DJhX6T03k8/edit

    The Council:
    Feel free to VM us any questions or concerns!
    [​IMG]Darth Manaphy [​IMG]
    [​IMG]Jaguar360 [​IMG]
    [​IMG]nightsitter [​IMG]
    [​IMG]Peef Rimgar [​IMG]
    [​IMG]Valmanway [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Heavyweapons Mann[​IMG]
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  2. Valmanway

    Valmanway My jimmies remain unrustled
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 1, 2013
    First update would be the results of last thread's voting, with the someone's Nidoking and nv's Nidoqueen being the winners. Congratulations!

    We'll have the next slate up in the next 24 hours, so you can talk about the new Megas in the meantime.
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  3. Bynine


    Sep 22, 2009
    work up on mega nidoking sounds fun, like using growth on a sun sweeper, especially with its huge movepool. for nidoqueen, poison/fairy is a really cool type, weak only to steel, ground, and psychic while resisting bug and fighting 4x (poor heracross) as well as resisting fairy, grass, dark, and having the dragon immunity.

    edit: how embarrassing, i thought every pokemon got work up but nidoking doesn't. oh well
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
  4. Pika Xreme

    Pika Xreme

    Nov 12, 2014
    Neither of these had Sheer Force, which is a disappointment. I should have made my Mega Nidoqueen a fairy-type with Moonblast...
  5. Cookie Butter

    Cookie Butter formerly the someone

    Sep 7, 2014
    It's always good to have more Regenerator Pokemon. MegaNidoqueen is a nice teammate to Slowbro. Both have Regenerator, and they cover each other's weaknesses. MegaNidoqueen resists and can pressure Dark, Grass and Bug types, while Slowbro resists Psychic types and can pressure Ground types with Water STAB.
  6. Squawkerz

    Squawkerz Torchic is best mon

    Jun 6, 2015
    Quick suggestion/request. Can you make a folder or post of the megas that have already been done, so anybody viewing the thread doesn't have to look throughout the previous threads to find the megas?
  7. Jaguar360


    Oct 21, 2013
    We'll probably have a spreadsheet of all the Megas eventually. I'll try to get working on this once I get home.

    You can also get alerts for threads by clicking "Watch Thread" on the top right of the page btw.

    EDIT: Got the spreadsheet Valmanway
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
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  8. Valmanway

    Valmanway My jimmies remain unrustled
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 1, 2013
    [​IMG][​IMG]Slate #5: Tough Tusks[​IMG][​IMG]


    Ability Level Limitation is 3.5 due to Thick Fat, and is allowed one new move addition. Bear in mind that, while you're allowed to give Mamoswine a new move, you must consider that both regular and Mega Mamoswine will be able to use this move, so try not to give it anything extreme and carefully consider your options.

    Ability Level Limitation is 3.5 and is allowed two new moves, the former because Donphan already has a lot going for it to make anything at 4 and up excessive, yet the latter is because it doesn't have quite enough to make it stand out.

    Submissions will last about a week, so feel free to take your time.​
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2016
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  9. Pika Xreme

    Pika Xreme

    Nov 12, 2014
    put official Valmanway-Sponsored base in OP pls
    Ability: Sturdy / Sand Veil ----> Intimidate
    Typing: Ground ---> Ground/Fairy


    HP: 90
    Attack: 120 ----> 140(+20)
    Defense: 120 ----> 140(+20)
    Special Attack: 60 ----> 60
    Special Defense: 60 ----> 110(+50)
    Speed: 50 ----> 60(+10)
    Base Stat Total: 500 ----> 600
    Movepool Additions: Slack Off, Bulk Up
    Description: A bulky attacker that can also spin away hazards. Its main claim to fame is its unique dual typing, which has uses defensively, and near-perfect coverage offensively. While it faces competition from Mega Diancie and Altaria in OU, in UU there is no viable way to get Ground/Fairy coverage, except POTENTIALLY base Diancie if you really want to stretch it.

    Ability: Oblivious / Snow Cloak / Thick Fat ----> Thick Fat
    Typing: Ground/Ice


    HP: 110
    Attack: 130 ----> 160(+30)
    Defense: 80 ----> 110(+30)
    Special Attack: 70 ----> 70
    Special Defense: 60 ----> 100(+40)
    Speed: 80 ----> 80
    Base Stat Total: 530 ----> 630
    Movepool Additions: Horn Leech
    Description: Similar to Mamoswine normally, but powered and bulked up. Horn Leech allows it a form of slight recovery and a coverage move at the same time.​
  10. Tarontos


    Nov 19, 2013
    Ability: Thick Fat / Oblivius / Snowcloak ---> Adapdability
    Typing: Ice/Ground
    HP 110 ---> 110
    Atk 130 ---> 150 (+20)
    Def 80 ---> 120 (+40)
    SpA 70 ---> 85 (+15)
    SpD 60 ---> 85 (+25)
    Spe 80 ---> 80
    BST 530 ---> 630
    Moves: Na
    It was a battle ability wise between adabtability and tough claws, in the end adaptability was chosen for earthquakes sake. I boosted it's attack by 20 to keep it's max power output beneath that of choice band mamoswine. beyond that I boosted it's physical deffense signifigantly because I wanted to avoid boost it's special stats more and realy wanted to keep its speed the same.

    252+ Atk Adaptability Mamoswine Icicle Crash vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Mew: 226-268 (66.2 - 78.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    252+ Atk Choice Band Mamoswine Icicle Crash vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Mew: 229-270 (67.1 - 79.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

    Ability: sturdy, sand Viel ---> Intimidate
    Typing: Ground/Fairy
    HP 90 ---> 90
    Atk 120---> 130 +10
    Def 120---> 150 +30
    SpA 60 ---> 70 +10
    SpD 60 ---> 110 +50
    Spe 50 ---> 50
    BST 500 ---> 600
    Moves: U-turn,Slack Off
    Donphan is already preaty utility based, this gives the last things it needs, Fairy lets it hits mega sabelye, u-turn lets it grab momentum and abuse intimidate, Slack off is for survivability.
    -1 252+ Atk Choice Band Landorus-T Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 0+ Def Donphan: 124-147 (32.2 - 38.2%) -- 97.2% chance to 3HKO
    -1 252+ Atk Choice Band Mamoswine Icicle Crash vs. 252 HP / 0+ Def Donphan: 198-234 (51.5 - 60.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
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  11. Swagodile


    Jul 15, 2010
    Ability: Sturdy / Sand Veil ---> Dry Skin
    Typing: Ground

    HP: 90
    Attack: 120 -> 150 (+30)
    Defense: 120 -> 150 (+30)
    Sp. Atk: 70 -> 70
    Sp. Def: 60 -> 80 (+30)
    Speed: 50 -> 60 (+10)
    BST: 500 -> 600

    Moves: Slack Off, U-turn (because it's basically a tire)

    I chose Dry Skin for the ability because elephants have very sensitive skin and regularly take mud baths to protect themselves from moisture loss.

    Ability: Oblivious / Snow Cloak / Thick Fat ---> Fur Coat
    Typing: Ice/Ground

    HP: 110
    Attack: 130 -> 170 (+40)
    Defense: 80 -> 100 (+20)
    Sp. Atk: 70 -> 90 (+20)
    Sp. Def: 60 -> 80 (+20)
    Speed: 80 -> 80
    BST: 530 -> 630

    Moves: None

    Fur Coat was chosen because it's based on a mammoth, and I envision a Mega Mamoswine having shaggier fur akin to Piloswine, its pre-evolution. It serves as a physical tank, balanced by its comparitively low Special Defense and lack of recovery.
  12. WTCO


    Mar 17, 2014

    Ground --> Ground

    HP: 90 --> 90 (+0)
    Atk: 120 + 150 (+30)
    Def: 120 --> 150 (+30)
    SpA: 60 --> 60 (+0)
    SpD: 60 --> 90 (+30)
    Spe: 50 --> 60 (+10)

    BST 500 --> 600

    Sturdy/Sand Veil --> Sap Sipper

    New Moves: Slack Off

    Pretty standard stuff in terms of stats here, basically making Donphan as good of a tank as possible. Sap Sipper turns a weakness into immunity while also giving Donphan a boost to its attack. Pretty simple justification too. Sap Sipper is called "Herbivorous" in Japanese, elephants are herbivores, 'nuff said. Slack off gives Donphan a form of recovery and again fits in with the whole "Elephants are fat and lazy" stereotype.

    From a competitive standpoint, it still has some obvious weaknesses. Its attack is good but not amazing after a boost and 90/90 and poor speed leaves it open to the ever common water and ice types.


    Ice/Ground --> Ice/Ground

    HP: 110 --> 110 (0)
    Atk: 130 --> 150 (+20)
    Def: 80 --> 100 (+20)
    SpA: 70 --> 80 (+10)
    SpD: 60 --> 80 (+20)
    Spe: 80 --> 110 (+30)

    BST 530 --> 630

    Oblivious/Snow Cloak/Thick Fat --> Thick Fat

    New Moves: Head Charge

    New stats patch up Mamo's average defenses and speed to give it the ability to sponge hits from walls while being able to outspeed some common threats like Keldeo and its brethren, Garchomp and Mega Pinsir. Thick Fat is kept because it's an extremely solid ability that removes a weakness and grants an extra resistance. Head Charge is added more for flavor than anything else (it's a giant mammoth with enormous tusks).

    Competitively, while Mamoswine has solid stats all round, it still has some obvious flaws. Thick Fat covers its weakness to fire, but retaining its ice/ground typing means that it still has weaknesses to common fighting, grass and water types and it's still easily KO'ed by several prominent threats. Life Orb Gengar, Mega Metagross and Specs Keldeo are just some of the names that can get guaranteed one shots on it. Finally, while its speed has been fixed to a certain degree, it now lies at the crucial 110 tier along with a slew of other Pokemon including Gengar and Mega Metagross.
  13. Randomnick

    is a Pre-Contributor

    Apr 25, 2016
    Ability: Oblivious/Snow Cloak/Thick Fat --> Adaptability

    HP: 110
    Attack: 130 --> 160(+30)
    Defense: 80 --> 105(+25)
    Special Attack: 70 --> 80(+10)
    Special Defense: 60 --> 80(+20)
    Speed: 80 --> 95 (+15)
    BST: 530 --> 630
    Moves: None

    Mamoswine with a 95 Speed Tier (outspeeding Excadrill and Landorus-T without Scarf) and with Adaptability can use Earthquake, Icicle Crash and Ice Shard with more power. Thick Fat still could be used prior to evolve to destroy some Fire types that aren't able to OHKO it, but can outspeed it (such as Talonflame, it isn't able to OHKO Mamoswine uninvested with Choice Band).

    Ability: Sturdy/Sand Veil --> Moxie
    Ground --> Ground / Dark

    HP: 90 --> 90
    Atk: 120 --> 140 (+20)
    Def: 120 --> 160 (+40)
    SpA: 60 --> 80 (+20)
    SpD: 60 --> 100 (+40)
    Spe: 50 --> 50 (+0)
    BST 500 --> 600

    Moves: Slack Off and Sucker Punch

    Donphan with good bulky and Moxie, can be a good offensive mon with Moxie, Slack Off as recovery and Dark type + Sucker Punch as STAB. And it have the same speed, not good but with this it can still outspeed things that the base form does.
  14. The Reptile

    The Reptile ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Sep 16, 2011
    Donphan Mega
    Ability: Bulletproof
    Typing: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Stats: 90 / 140 (+20) / 160 (+40) / 70 (+10) / 90 (+30) / 50 [BST 600 (+100)]
    Movepool Additions: Slack Off, Iron Head
    Description (Competitive): With its new typing that might seem a bit familiar, and its new spread and access to reliable recovery, Donphan could become a respectable threat. It has Slack Off and Rapid Spin to differentiate himself from Mega Aggron, and the extra Ground-typing can come in handy. Bulletproof is a cool ability, as it allows it to do things such as wall Gengar and Alakazam - basically, anything that relies on Focus Blast to hit Steel-types might find itself in trouble. It can also take stuff like Shadow Balls and the like, but Focus Blast is the main thing to avoid.

    Mamoswine Mega
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Typing: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Stats: 110 / 160 (+30) / 120 (+40) / 80 (+10) / 90 (+30) / 70 (-10) [BST 630 (+100)]
    Movepool Additions: Slack Off
    Description (Competitive): This Mamoswine is built to be very bulky and powerful, at the cost of its speed. In a lot of ways its similar to Mega Heracross, except that it has a different typing and ability, but also has priority. It keeps Thick Fat, which actually pairs up well with Mamoswine's typing a bit, as it removes its Fire weakness and grants it an Ice resist. Slack Off pairs up well with its new 110/120/90 bulk. Overall a powerful contender. rip technician
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  15. Miyami~~


    Nov 16, 2015
    Donphan - Mega
    Ability: Sturdy/Sand Veil -> Dry Skin
    Typing: Ground -> Ground/Water
    HP: 90 -> 90 (+0)
    Attack: 120 -> 160 (+40)
    Defence: 120 -> 130 (+10)
    Special Attack: 60 -> 60 (+0)
    Special Defence: 60 -> 110 (+50)
    Speed: 50 -> 50
    Total 500 -> 600 (+100)
    New Move addition: Waterfall

    Descritption: More went along with the theme of an Elephant, who loves water. Dry Skin also thematically makes sense and gives Donphan a (unreliable, albeit) way to heal. Waterfall grants it water STAB, and the defence boosts give it more staying power while the Attack boost increases its offensive power.

    I'll get around to Mamoswine once I have a good idea for it.
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  16. ParadoxEngine


    Feb 3, 2014
    Ability: Oblivious/Snow Cloak/Thick Fat --> Fur Coat

    HP: 110
    Attack: 130 --> 155(+25)
    Defense: 80 --> 105(+25)
    Special Attack: 70 --> 90(+20)
    Special Defense: 60 --> 75(+15)
    Speed: 80 --> 95 (+15)
    BST: 530 --> 630
    Moves: Taunt

    I imagine Mamoswine mega evolving too become much shaggier, sort of like Piloswine, hence the Fur Coat. Also mammoths are known to be incredibly resilient, so Fur Coat makes sense in that way as well. Continuing on with the theme of resilience, Mamoswine gets Taunt, which not only challenges Pokemon to take on it's superior bulk but also is able to stop pokemon from setting hazards, healing, etc. Although this form of Mamoswine is incredibly resilient, it can still be taken down due to a lack of recovery. Furthermore, it's special defense is still pretty low, so it can easily die to special attacks, especially super effective ones.

    Ability: Sturdy/Sand Veil --> Sand Rush
    Ground --> Ground / Rock

    HP: 90 --> 90
    Atk: 120 --> 145 (+25)
    Def: 120 --> 130 (+10)
    SpA: 60 --> 60
    SpD: 60 --> 80 (+20)
    Spe: 50 --> 95 (+45)
    BST 500 --> 600
    Moves: U-Turn and Bulk Up

    I feel as though the wheel part of Donphan's design is somewhat ignored, so I decided to focus on that instead. What resulted was a powerful sand abuser. Mega Donphan has exactly the offensive presence you'd imagine from a spinning wheel of death. With it's greatly increased speed and ability, and 145 Base Attack Donphan can inflict serious damage to any team unprepared to deal with it. Furthermore, it's secondary rock typing (if you can imagine the dark gray part of Donphan getting hard and rockier) gives it a STAB EdgeQuake combo as well as a boost to Sp. Def in Sand that it's Mega lacked. With Donphan's new moves it can also boost it's already massive attack and defense, and U-Turn gives it a way out when weather is about to run out. However, Mega Donphan is highly reliant on weather. Although Mega Donphan's speed is insane in sand, it's not that great with out it. Also without sand, Mega Donphan's special defense is pretty bad and can easily be taken advantage of, especially by water and grass types due to it's new rock typing, which also leaves it vulnerable to Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, and particularly Aqua Jet.
  17. WTCO


    Mar 17, 2014
    Okay again, I hate to be *that guy*, but can we please put Fur Coat at a higher tier? Or at least limit the base defense of Pokemon who receive it? I keep seeing it being given to Pokemon that already have decent bulk and/or have too many other good stats.
  18. MegaFlareon


    Aug 27, 2014
    Ability: Oblivious/Snow Cloak/Thick Fat --> Infiltrator
    Typing: Ice/Ground
    HP 110 ---> 110
    Atk 130 ---> 150 (+20)
    Def 80 ---> 120 (+40)
    SpA 70 ---> 80 (+10)
    SpD 60 ---> 60
    Spe 80 ---> 110 (+30)
    BST 530 ---> 630
    New Moves: None :)
    Description: Infliltrator has so much flavour because of 'dem tusks. Mega Mamoswine's stats are already high, I feel that giving it an offensive boosting ability might be an overkill. As for its competitive roles, Mega Mamoswine gets a perfect combitation of power, speed, and typing that an offensive Pokemon would crave for. Base 110 Speed means that it has the option to forgo Ice Shard and give it more coverage and utility. Infiltrator is actually useful especially in OU, as it allows Mamoswine to punish Substitute users such as Gengar, Alakazam, Gliscor, and SubDD Mega Altaria and Mega Gyarados (with Freeze Dry).

    Ability: Sturdy/Sand Veil --> Iron Barbs
    Typing: Ground --> Ground/Steel

    HP: 90 --> 90
    Atk: 120 --> 140 (+20)
    Def: 120 --> 170 (+50)
    SpA: 60 --> 70 (+10)
    SpD: 60 --> 100 (+40)
    Spe: 50 --> 30 (-20)
    BST 500 --> 600
    New Move: Horn Leech
    Description: Donphan's tusks now get metal spikes on it (Punk Rock style), hurting anyone that makes contact with it. Donphan now gets defensive boosts to carve a niche on itself as a defensive mega with a punishing Attack stat. It gets a new move in Horn Leech for coverage and (only source of) healing. Iron Barbs is an excellent ability on a Pokemon with a very high Defense as it easily wears down physical Attackers. Lowered Speed means a more powerful Gyro Ball which is definitely awesome. Pretty similar to Mega Steelix but with a higher Attack stat, Rapid Spin utility, and a much more useful ability.
  19. Squawkerz

    Squawkerz Torchic is best mon

    Jun 6, 2015
    First Submissions
    Mega Donphan
    : Coarse Skin (Dry Skin Alternative)- In sand, heals 1/8 of health every turn, When hit by a rock type move, heals 25% of maximum health . In hail, will lose 1/6 of health (1/8 if not an ice type), and Ice type moves do 25% more damage.
    Type: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    New Stats: 90/140(+20)/155(+35)/60/105(+45)/50
    New Moves: Waterfall, Slack Off
    Design: Mega Donphan's skin is light blue has many cracks, which pour mixes of sand and water. Donphan's tusks are now slightly more blue. Donphan's trunk and ears are now completely light blue
    Competitive Usage: Donphan mega will be an amazing rock absorber for teams that want to run Talonflame. His boosted defenses will make him a force to be reckoned with. His ability does make him an easy target for ice types such as Kyurem Black and Weavile but it's high defensive stats will be able to handle them.

    Mega Mamoswine
    : 750.5 Lbs/ 340.42 Kg
    Ability: Tough Claws
    Type: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    New Stats: 110/160(+30)/80/70/80(+20)/130(+50)
    New Move: Heavy Slam
    Design: Mamoswine's fur is now a metallic grey. It's tusks are now made of metal. It now has sharp spikes on its toes
    Competitive Usage: Mamoswine will now be an amazing sweeper. Due to being very heavy and having tough claws, heavy slam will do a lot of damage. It's increased speed will allow it outspeed a lot of the OU meta.
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  20. UnrelatedWhale


    Mar 6, 2016
    Ability: Sturdy/Sand Veil --> Moxie
    Typing: Ground --> Ground/Steel
    HP 90 ---> 90
    Atk 120 ---> 160 (+40)
    Def 120 ---> 140 (+20)
    SpA 60 ---> 60
    SpD 60 ---> 75 (+15)
    Spe 50 ---> 75 (+25)
    BST 500 ---> 600
    New Moves: Iron Head
    Competitive Description: Donphan becomes a deadly physical sweeper after mega evolution. Its massive 160 attack can 2HKO almost anything that does not resist its STAB, and even Mega Slowbro is only 3HKOed against its deadly Earthquake. Donphan's extra type and Iron Head gives it a pretty good STAB combo that is not resisted by very many. Moxie gives Donphan an attack boost every time it kills something, meaning that it can become even more powerful after killing one or two foes. As if that wasn't enough, Donphan has great physical bulk and 8 resistances, meaning it can wall physcial attackers and crush them with a powerful Earthquake or Iron Head. Donphan is not unstoppable, however. It is almost completely walled by Skarmory, Skarmory being immune to Ground, resistant to Steel, and having the defense to stop non-STAB Mega Donphan from killing it quickly. Although two of Mega Donphan's weaknesses, Fighting and Ground, are mainly physical types, Fire and Water typed moves are often special, meaning that Mega Charizard Y, Rotom-W, and Volcanion can outspeed and defeat Donphan-Mega. Despite these drawbacks, Mega Donophan is still a force to be reckoned with.
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  21. TheIntimidators


    Jul 14, 2015
    Ability: Oblivious/Snow Cloak/Thick Fat --> Fur Coat
    Typing: Ice/Ground
    HP 110 ---> 110
    Atk 130 ---> 160 (+30)
    Def 80 ---> 90 (+10)
    SpA 70 ---> 100 (+30)
    SpD 60 ---> 110 (+50)
    Spe 80 ---> 60 (-20)
    BST 530 ---> 630
    New Moves: rip none :(
    Design: It's coat is made of fur. What more do you need?
    Description: I wanted some really wally megas besides Mega-Venusaur and Slowbro, so I thought of this. I tried to avoid adding any more stats than 10 to defense, because I feared that that might make it way too bulky. Instead, I added some EVs to special defense to make it more bulky in that regard and to special attack for balance. I also added to the obvious attack. I also cut the speed, because I wanted to make it less of the fast-ish attacker it is in UU right now and more of a bulky attacker or wall. At some point in time, I was considering giving it Slack Off. However, I felt that that might make it too OP of a threat, with the combination of reliable recovery and strong stats. I think possible viable sets will be a RestTalk Curse set with one attack in Icicle Crash/Earthquake. I think that this particular Mega Mamoswine will have problems with the same Pokemon as Mega Aggron does. Phazers can get rid of its boosts, while Pokemon that resist its monostab(Bulky waters for Icicle Crash, any flying type ever for Earthquake) can come in and set-up in his face. Overall, I think that having a mega set such as this will allow Mamoswine to become a big threat in OU.

    Ability: Sand Veil/Sturdy --> Water-Well(agh what a bad name...) Basically water sap sipper.
    Typing: Ground
    HP 90 ---> 90
    Atk 120 ---> 150 (+30)
    Def 120 ---> 150 (+30)
    SpA 60 ---> 60
    SpD 60 ---> 110 (+50)
    Spe 50 ---> 40 (-10)
    BST 500 ---> 600
    New Moves: Slack Off, Curse
    Design: So you know how you always see those elephants at water wells or watering holes? I think it would be cool if Donphan got that ability, where it would drink the water and boost its attack with it.
    Description: I think that Donphan has always had trouble standing out because of his weakness to water types and his lack of uniqueness from other spinners in the tier. That's why I think that Donphan should be more than a spinner; I envision him as a bulky set-up attacker. With new movepool additions like Slack Off and Curse, Donphan now has a way to recover his health after taking damage, then start to set-up with Curse. I think a moveset of Earthquake, Seed Bomb, Curse, and Slack Off allows Donphan to switch into water types, and then threaten with a +1 Seed Bomb. This particular version of Mega Donphan is walled by Flying types. It is also very vulnerable to status.
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  22. Angry2


    Feb 27, 2016
    Ability: Oblivious/Snow Cloak/Thick Fat --> Mold Breaker
    Typing: Ice/Ground
    HP 110 ---> 110
    Atk 130 ---> 160 (+30)
    Def 80 ---> 100 (+20)
    SpA 70 --->70
    SpD 60 ---> 70 (+10)
    Spe 80 ---> 120 (+40)
    BST 530 ---> 630
    New Move: Wild Charge
    Design: I can see his body getting much bigger, His tusks growing some thorn-like parts, His fur getting slight darkened, With a few black parts covering him, His dark thing around his eyes getting much larger and what looks like a yellow scar appears on his left eye

    I am sure that Mamoswine totally deserves Mold Breaker.. I mean this tusks can break literally everything, Including the bones of its enemies, Its newly gained speed and Wild Charge indicates that it now charges at the enemy with its tusk, Even more with the mold breaker thing, His fur gets slightly stronger and covers most of its body now and gets more black hence the small increase in Defense, All in All Mamosine now turns into a nice breaker which goes too wild at everything and charges at it with husks

    Donphan comin' soon
  23. mcFlareon


    Mar 27, 2011
    Mega Donphan

    Ability: Sturdy/Sand Veil -> Sap Sipper
    Typing: Ground -> Ground/Water

    HP: 90 -> 90
    Atk: 120 -> 150 (+30)
    Def: 120 -> 150 (+30)
    SpA: 60 -> 50 (-10)
    SpD: 60 -> 110 (+50)
    Spe: 50 -> 50 (+0)
    BST 500 -> 600
    New Move: Scald Waterfall, Slack Off
    Description: Yeah this will get people talking, but Donphan needed something to be different, right? Based on the fact Phanphy had Water Gun back in Crystal and how elephants spray water, I just went straight ahead with a Water sub-type for the mega. Waterfall is physical Water STAB while Slack Off is recovery. Sap Sipper makes sense because elephants are herbivores, and protects it from its one weakness to Grass and things like Spore. Sure it has no weaknesses but it is still quite slow and is susceptible to Burns and Toxic. It has nice utility and more defensive Megas are always welcome in my eyes.

    Mega Mamoswine
    Ability: Oblivious/Snow Cloak/Thick Fat -> Guts
    Typing: Ice/Ground
    HP 110 -> 110
    Atk 130 -> 160 (+30)
    Def 80 -> 95 (+15)
    SpA 70 ->70
    SpD 60 -> 80 (+20)
    Spe 80 -> 115 (+35)
    BST 530 -> 630
    New Move: Slack Off
    Description: Mamoswine is one of those physical attackers that have high attack, but are very susceptible to Burns. Mega Mamoswine, turns the tables around, doubling its already sky-high attack when Burned, Poisoned or Paralysed from a rare Glare. Ground typing makes it immune to Thunder Wave so it has mostly no issues with the speed drop from Paralysis, making it an ideal physical force. Slack Off eases off the residual damage from Burns, although Toxic will still take a toll after time.

    EDIT: Ah thanks for the correction with stat increases!
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  24. TheIntimidators


    Jul 14, 2015
    Can I submit two?
    I feel like Fur Coat is balanced, as long as you don't push the base defense of the Pokemon way too high. Mamoswine has weaknesses to Fire, Fighting, and Water, which are all fairly common types to run into in both OU and UU. I think that combination sort of balances Fur Coat Mamoswine,
  25. Randomnick

    is a Pre-Contributor

    Apr 25, 2016
    Calcs with 80-Def Mamoswine
    252+ Atk Choice Band Huge Power Azumarill Waterfall vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Fur Coat Mamoswine: 200-236 (47.1 - 55.6%) -- 75.4% chance to 2HKO
    252 Atk Tough Claws Mega Charizard X Flare Blitz vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Fur Coat Mamoswine: 212-252 (50 - 59.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    252 Atk Tough Claws Mega Metagross Meteor Mash vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Fur Coat Mamoswine: 174-206 (41 - 48.5%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
    With Def boosted (to 100 or anything), Mamoswine Fur Coat may be so bulky as Mega Steelix, with 170 Atk this is dangerous imo and I agree with WTCO, but I don't really know...

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