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My OU stall team

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Ryane Knight, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Ryane Knight

    Ryane Knight

    Sep 4, 2013
    Ok, so I've recently created a stall team after I got tired of my OU rain team. I'm not sure if this is fully OU cuz I have a couple of Pokemon that aren't in the OU rank so it's a mixture but please judge on the compatibility w/ the team and not the competitive rank ok? ^_^
    Ok here it is:

    Steelix: Quick Claw, Sheer Force
    Max def, max atk
    Earthquake, Iron Tail, Rock Climb, Thunder Fang

    I gave him Quick Claw becuase of Steelix's somewhat lacking speed. Of course Steelix is faster than certain Pokemon in which I can get an edge on w/ him but Q-Claw is like a back up plan & can help me get out of sticky situations. W/ a atk stat of 269, his entire moveset is covered by it. W/ a def stat at a whooping 546 he is a great physical wall but specially he lacks greatly and is prone to moves like Arua Sphere and has no protection against it. His typing basically gives me a coverage over a lot of types as already my stall team is very diversal in typing. His ability drops added affects to increase move damage which is great considering his moveset & atk stat but 3/4 moves have useful added affects which unfortunately have to be dropped for more damage.

    Noctowl: Leftovers, Insomnia
    Max sp def, max HP
    Dream Eater, Aerial Ace, Hypnosis, Substitute

    Noctowl, looking at its moveset, can bring obivious trouble to the opponents team. His sp def covers 1 of Steelix's lacking stats. W/ spam Hypnosis+Dream Eater, it will help somewhat help him. But thanks to his 'Careful' nature, he has +Sp. Def; –Sp. Atk, which means Dream Eater isn't full rounded per say. Airieal Ace is for basic reasons and the only attacking move on it. Again, thanks to Noctowl's base stats, it lacks in atk. It's base stats also lacks in def but if I have Steelix on the feild w/ Noctowl, Steelix would cover for a physical wall & Noctowl as a Speacial wall. Substitute could be used after Hynosis+Dream Eater (if I have enough HP) when a physical attacker is on the feild. And w/ Leftovers he should stand his own for a while.

    Blissey: Leftovers, Natural Cure
    Max sp def, max HP
    Aromatherapy, Seismic Toss, Softboiled, Toxic

    The almighty Speacial wall that is pure Bliss.... ey XD
    W/ amazing sp def of 405 and insane Hit Points of 652, this can be an annoying, dangerous threat to the opponent's team. W/ Aromatherapy, I can heal my team from pesky status problems (which seems to cripple half of my team) and Softboiled is a huge help if she survives a massive physical attack & Leftovers just adds on (many people w/ Blisseys have Leftovers on it). Toxic is for status and Seismic Toss is the only attack on her. She's like my Noctowl but more varied in being useful. But w/ those low atk & def stats, Siesmic Toss isn't well rounded on her and if she's hit w/ a Curse Brick Break or any Curse+Physical Fighting move, she's done for. Natural Cure is helpful for obvious reasons. If she's hit w/ a Toxic/ badly poisoned or a Burn status (like Will-O-Whip), she'd be in trouble if she gets hit by a physical Fighting move. I have Aromatherapy on her, but it's so limited it'd be only effective if I had multiple team mates w/ status problems. So w/ her ability I can switch out w/ Steelix, wall any possible physical attackers & switch in when I feel like it.

    Gliscor: Toxic Orb, Poison Heal
    Max def, 126 spd, 126 atk
    Toxic, Earthquake, Facade, Protect

    I rarely bring Gliscor out on the feild but Toxic Heal Gliscors are a HASSLE to deal w/ for the opponents.
    W/ it's item & ability working in action from the moment it's sent out on the feild, Facade is a plus to it besides HP regeneration of poison. Obviously w/ being poisoned I don't have to worry about status problems besides confusion & infatuation. His atk & speed stat are decent enough & lacking sp atk. That isn't a problem for me when I have Earthquake & a powered up Facade. It's sp def being at 186 isn't too shabby, and his typing is favored unless I'm against a ice type. If he's hit w/ an Ice Shard, he's screwed unless if I predict at the right time & use Protect. Gliscor is very good and basic for this team.

    Umbreon: Leftovers, Synchronize
    Max def, max sp def
    Baton Pass, Curse, Mean Look, Wish

    Umbreon is very suffice w/ this moveset. Of course Umbreon's base stats being CRAZY high w/ both defense stats and lacking both attack stats & speed w/ decent HP makes him almost completely useless to attack at all if it wasn't for Curse. But thing is w/ all that physical & special defense why should I use Curse for himself when he has access to Baton Pass as well?? So he's a Baton Passer & he's good at it. He can obliviously stay in for long periods of time and w/ Synchonise, burn/poison/paralysis is shot right back (unless a Steel/ Poison type poisons me or a Fire type Burns me). I usually have Noctowl on the feild w/ him becuase Noctowl is basically used to cover for both pokemon of the feild if my second Pokemon isnt attacking by Hypnosis one turn and attacking the next (I might do Hynosis spam in a row if i feel up to it). After getting in 5 Curses or so I Baton Pass into Blissey. This lines up perfectly for them both becuase Blissey now have something to work w/ on atk and can hold better on def. If I Baton Pass into Blissey then switch out my other Pokemon w/ Umbreon, stalling would be at its finest on my team XD
    If his PP for Curse isnt depleted yet, I can use what's left of it to Baton Pass it Nodefense of very good defense and could use a boost on atk for Arieal Ace) and do a Hynosis spam and Arieal Ace Fighting Types and he'll have a leg to stand on for physical def. w/ Umbreon & Blissey on the feild, if my team is going down becuase of status problems, I can weave in Aromatherapy+Wish combo (if Umbreon's HP is low or I can switch into a low HP status afflicted Pokemon. If I'm lucky, I might Baton Pass Curse to them) and it will come in handy. Leftovers is for obvious reasons. Mean Look I can just trap a pokemon before I Baton Pass to a Pokemon w/ an advantage. So Umbreon is the most useful team mate I have, and I can do different pairings & strategy styles w/ him in double battles.

    Togekiss: Leftovers, Serene Grace
    Max sp atk, max sp def
    Physhock, Arua Sphere, Air Slash, Nasty Plot

    Ok so Togekiss is supposed to be my sp atker. It's only physical atk move is Air Slash for a reason- Serence Grace. W/ this, I can spam Air Slash and flinching will happen more than likely. Of course atk being its lowest stat, this even w/ it's ability isn't well rounded enough. That's where Curse Baton Pass comes in. Problem fixed. Nasty plot is there for obvious reasons. Arua Sphere is there for priority and covers Steel, Ice and Rock (3 main problems for Togekiss). Physhock is for type coverage as well (Poison, Fighting). Leftovers is there for the heck of it I suppose. I mean, I could replace it w/ Flying Gem... So Togekiss isnt as extendable as the others but fairly ok.

    So that was my stall team. I might need to teak it a bit. Tell me your opinion on it please. I got these Pokemon from a friend of mine. Thanks for listening :D

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