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Quality Control Nidoking [QC: 1/3]

Discussion in 'UU Analyses' started by 1Surgeon, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. 1Surgeon


    Sep 10, 2016
    GP: [0/2]


    * Nidoking's amazing offensive typing combined with its ability, Sheer Force, turns it into a very powerful wallbreaker in the UnderUsed tier.
    * Furthermore, Nidoking has access to a variety of coverage options, such as Ice Beam, Fire Blast, and Superpower, which allows it to hit Pokemon that would normally wall it, such as Gliscor, Bronzong, and Blissey, respectively, further improving its offensive capabilities.
    * In virtue of its typing, Nidoking is able to check Pokemon like Tentacruel and Primarina offensively, and switch into Pokemon like Klefki with ease.
    * Nidoking sets itself apart from its counterpart, Nidoqueen, thanks to its better speed tier and overall better offensive capabilities.
    * However, its average speed tier holds it back, making it slower than Pokemon like Latias, Hydreigon, and Gliscor, meaning it can be easily revenge killed.
    * Its mediocre bulk also makes it hard for it to find opportunities to switch-in.

    name: Wallbreaker
    move 1: Sludge Wave
    move 2: Earth Power
    move 3: Ice Beam
    move 4: Fire Blast / Superpower / Substitute / Taunt
    item: Life Orb
    ability: Sheer Force
    nature: Timid / Naive
    evs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe


    * Sludge Wave is Nidoking's strongest move, which hits Fairy-types like Mega Altaria and Primarina super effectively, and 2HKOs Pokemon like Rotom-W.
    * Earth Power is a slightly less powerful STAB move that hits Steel-types such as non-Magnet Rise Klefki and Empoleon, and Pokemon like Alolan Muk.
    * Ice Beam allows Nidoking to hit Pokemon like Gliscor and Mega Aerodactyl, that would otherwise wall it.
    * Fire Blast hits Pokemon like Bronzong and Magnet Rise Klefki, and OHKOs bulky variants of Scizor.
    * Superpower provides Nidoking with the ability to 2HKO Pokemon like Blissey and Umbreon after Stealth Rock damage.
    * Substitute is an option on the last slot, which Nidoking has a fairly easy time setting up thanks to its ability to force out so many threats.
    * Taunt can also be used, which pressures bulky Pokemon like Gastrodon and Slowbro, in exchange for coverage.
    * Stealth Rock is an option, but it should only be used if absolutely necessary, as Nidoking is forced to forgo one of it's coverage options.

    Set Details

    * The given EVs and nature maximize Nidoking's offensive capabilities, ensuring that it hits as hard as possible and is the fastest it can be.
    * A Timid nature allows Nidoking to outspeed Pokemon like Togekiss and Magneton. However, if carrying Superpower, a Naive nature is preferred, to increase its damage output.
    * Sheer Force is the only ability Nidoking should run, boosting every move with a secondary effect and negating said effect.
    * Life Orb is used to further increase Nidoking's offensive capabilities, and thanks to Sheer Force, the recoil damage is negated.

    Usage Tips

    * In order to utilize Nidoking at its full potential, it's advised to make predictions and utilize the correct coverage moves accordingly, as certain Pokemon can switch into some of its attacks and take advantage of it. Making a bad prediction might cause a loss of momentum, so be very cautious while using Nidoking.
    * Nidoking is very frail, so it has a hard time switching in. Thus, the player should make double switches or use pivots, and U-turn and Volt Switch users to bring it in safely.
    * Use Nidoking's coverage options on a predicted switch in. Ice Beam should be used in a predicted switch in against Gliscor or Mega Aerodactyl, which Fire Blast should be used against Pokemon like Bronzong. Superpower should be used to prevent Pokemon like Blissey and Umbreon from coming in for free.
    * Take advantage of Nidoking's ability to force out many Pokemon by setting up a Substitute whenever there's a chance to.
    * Use Taunt against bulky Pokemon such as Gastrodon and Umbreon, to pressure them by disabling their recovery options.

    Team Options

    * Nidoking mostly fits on offensive teams that can take advantage of its offensive capabilities.
    * Nidoking is very frail and has a hard time switching in so pivots, and U-turn and Volt Switch users such as Rotom-Wash and Scizor pair well with it.
    * Cleaners such as Scizor and Mega Sharpedo are good teammates as they appreciate Nidoking's ability to weaken the opposing team. Furthermore, Nidoking can lure many threats, so Pokemon that can take advantage of that also pair well with it. Pokemon like Cobalion and Mega Beedrill appreciate having Pokemon like Gliscor lured with Ice Beam, while special attackers such as Primarina and Hydreigon take advantage of Nidoking's ability to break through Blissey with Superpower.
    * Entry hazards setters such as the aforementioned Cobalion and Klefki are good partners, as Nidoking can force a lot of switches. Hazards may also ensure an OHKO or a 2HKO on certain Pokemon.
    * Steel-types like Doublade and Mega Steelix pair well with Nidoking as they can check the opposing Psychic-types that force it out.
    * Pokemon that can sponge Ground-type attacks such as Rotom-Wash and Hydreigon, make for good partners, as Nidoking is easily forced out.
    * Physical wallbreakers like Freeze-Dry Mamoswine and Heracross can break through the special walls that Nidoking struggles with, making them good teammates.

    Other Options

    * Other coverage options are also viable depending on what the team needs. Thunderbolt can OHKO Pokemon like Mantine. Focus Blast can also be used to 2HKO Porygon2, which is usually unaffected by any of Nidoking's moves. Flamethrower can be used instead of Fire Blast, as it as better accuracy, but keep in mind that it does less damage to Pokemon like Bronzong and Magnet Rise Klefki, so it's usually not worth using.
    * A Choice Scarf set is also an option, which allows Nidoking to revenge kill Pokemon like Mega Manectric and Mega Altaria more easily. However, losing out on the Life Orb boost makes it much weaker, and the opponent might take advantage of a Choice-locked Nidoking.
    * Toxic Spikes allows Nidoking to wear down the opposing team, making it easier for one of its teammates to clean late-game. Furthermore, Nidoking is a very good setter as it can force a lot of switches and it's able to beat common Toxic Spikes absorbers, such as Tentacruel and Alolan Muk. However, Nidoking must forgo one of its coverage options.
    * Sucker Punch could catch Pokemon like Starmie and Latias by surprise. However, it's usually not worth using instead of Nidoking's other coverage moves, as it's very weak.

    Checks and Counters

    **Faster Threats**: Pokemon like Choice Scarf Hydreigon, Mega Sharpedo, Earthquake Mega Aerodactyl, and Gliscor can outspeed Nidoking and revenge kill it with ease, as it's somewhat frail. However, they have a hard time switching in.

    **Psychic-Types**: Psychic-types such as Latias and Starmie can hit Nidoking super effectively with their STAB moves. Latias is particularly threatening, since if it's given the opportunity to, it might use Nidoking as setup bait.

    **Ground-Types**: Pokemon like Krookodile and Zygarde-10% can outspeed Nidoking and OHKO it with their STAB moves. They struggle to switch into a direct hit, however.

    **Specially Bulky Pokemon**: Specially bulky Pokemon such as Gastrodon, Mantine, Bronzong, Blissey, and Umbreon can usually switch into any of Nidoking's attacks with ease. However, most of them must be wary of coverage moves. Blissey and Umbreon are 2HKOed by Superpower after Stealth Rock damage, while Mantine and Bronzong must be wary of Thunderbolt and Fire Blast, respectively.
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  2. 1Surgeon


    Sep 10, 2016
    Ready for QC.
  3. Nuked

    is a Contributor to Smogon

    Jan 26, 2017
    amcheck, I would recommend waiting until a QC member checks over this to implement anything

    • Mention somewhere here what exactly it is that Sheer Force does.
    • Coverage options such as? And mention some Pokemon that its coverage moves hit that would otherwise be able to check it.
    • Mention a couple of Pokemon that its typing allows it to check. (Tentacruel, Alolan Muk, Klefki, etc)
    Set Details
    • Since you have not mentioned any moves that would mandate the use of a Timid nature, just don't mention it.
    Other Options
    • Sucker Punch probably deserves a mention here, since it can be nice to deal some heavy damage to an unsuspecting Starmie / Latias.
    • In the line about Taunt, say exactly why losing a coverage option would hurt Nidoking, in that it would be walled by special walls like Umbreon and Blissey.
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  4. A Cake Wearing A Hat

    A Cake Wearing A Hat Neckboy
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Feb 20, 2017
    Bored so doing this on phone
    Implement this, comments in bold, do not implement struck through text.

    Ok so first off I talked with the rest of qc and we came to this conclusion as to the movesets and moves section mentions:

    Move 4: Fire Blast / Superpower / Substitute / Taunt
    Nature: Timid / Naive

    Moves mentions: Stealth Rock

    With that covered, let's move on.


    Mention exact types its moves hit ft examples instead of just "Pokemon like" when talking about super effective targets.

    Add the necessary blurbs for each of the moves and note the advantages and disadvantages of each.

    In the stealth rock point note that it should only be used if the team lacks rocks support since nidok likes it's fourth slot.

    Set details

    Rearrange the order and wording of the nature blurbs to reflect the changes

    Usage tips

    This is kinda empty so you could fill it with when and how to use it's various fourth moves. Not entirely necessary but a 3 point usage tips is just really small all things considered.

    Team options

    I don't thing bronzong is used on offense much so may want to replace that example.

    Other options

    Edit to fit changes. Keep the mention of fthrower but say it does less to keys/zong so it's not as useful.

    Checks and counters

    Fire Blast>flamethrower on specially bulky pkmn line

    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
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  5. 1Surgeon


    Sep 10, 2016

    Ready for the second check.

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