calling activity on hamhamhamham

i put in my best efforts for scheduling and was availalble monday evening but he was never here and his only other available time was deadline which i said wasnt good for me


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r1 is now over, time for the activity calls / coinflips:

Santu gets the activity win over Karpi
Laurens gets the activity win over Ming549
IRazvann gets the activity win over TTFTW
HJAD gets the activity win over Flamestar
Skelos gets the activity win over Rakan
Gunner Rohan gets the activity win over Rolo Sparkler

#eternally: !pick Hamhamhamham, suapah
We randomly picked: Hamhamhamham

Kiyo Bloody alfa you guys have 48 hours from the time of this post to get your game done.

Posho Alola your opp for r2 is byronthewellwell contrary to what the challonge bracket says.

edit: dodmen gets the activity win over Blackraven
hold up why is it that i was not granted the activity win. if you read our conversation on my page i clearly make an effort being available all of ysterday.
i was available all weekend and even tried for monday when he was only available for deadline.

even on deadline day i made an effort to contact him whereas he made no such effort.
so i would like some clarification on this Eternally