OM Core Laddering Challenge [Challenge #12 @ post #497; deadline Jan. 8]

1v1 with the core of Jirachi and Togekiss would be fun interesting because of the current discussions
I don't think we need more testimonies that would prove what Jirachi and Togekiss do in current meta. As Flint mentioned, we want CLC that will be an interesting ladder experience instead of being an activity that would induce stress. :)

Making suggestions so this won't just be a quoting post:



Delphox is outclassed by Volcarona and Victini, and Vaporeon has no reason to be used over Tapu Fini or even Alomomola which can transfer much bigger Wish. This might be interesting...



Hoopa-U was always a 'mon I wanted to make a nice use of, due to it being able to be a decent Gengar check with AV Regen (Yveltal is the only possible alternative) while not having Stealth Rock weakness. But what will make using Hoopa-U challenging is its pathetic physical bulk that falls to U-turn from semi-offensive pivots and the middling Speed. It also has only 37.5% chance OHKO Mega Raquaza from full using Hustle + Choice Band + Hyperspace Fury and Imposter can switch into Special sets quite often.

Mega Metagross is offensively outclassed by Kartana while its defensive capabilities are overshadowed by Solgaleo. I wonder what will one do with this fat Steel which is currently considered unviable?


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Terrakion has excellent dual STAB and great base stats, and an ability to get past defensive Pokemon using Taunt / Swords Dance / Substitute, and it is known as one of the only viable answers to Kyurem-B. However, its viability is greatly plagued by existence of Sturdy users, namely Donphan, Golem, Magnezone, Crustle, and more. Also losing mind games against the likes of Mega Gyarados can really turn the tide of the match due to Terrakion's Attack stat that often fails to handle fat EV spreads. This will surely be a challenge.
1v1 with the core of Jirachi and Togekiss would be fun interesting because of the current discussions
If we're doing 1v1 cores...
~~Tapu Lele Genesect~~

Possibly the single most underused Pokémon in 1v1 for its BST/level of decency, I kinda want to see what will happen if good players take it under their collective wing. It can counter KyuB, both Zards, Koko, even MGyara and Memekyu if you get lucky... if only it and Steelix switched mega-evolution abilities

Yea, I know I'm a hypocrite. But my days of calling Bulu the worst Tapu in Smogon posts are behind me. Able to whip every other Tapu's ass in 1v1, I'd like people to get Bulu to become a ladder threat. It has incredible typing and itemability for 1v1, with Grassy Terrain boosting Wood Hammer into a nuke to be reckoned with.

Just a group of physical attacking Megas that don't get as much use as they really should.


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Challenge #10
Full Potential, Dual Wielding, and Camomons

In honor of Leader's Choice getting a ladder again, as well as rotational ladders being reintroduced, this cycle's challenges will be strictly OMotM, LCotM, and this month's rotational ladder. Thus,

Full Potential (credit to Funbot28)

Bronze: 1125
Silver: 1250
Gold: 1375
Platinum: 1500

Dual Wielding

Bronze: 1100
Silver: 1200
Gold: 1300
Platinum: 1400


Bronze: 1125
Silver: 1250
Gold: 1375
Platinum: 1500

This cycle of the CLC will end in exactly two weeks, on November 19, 2017 at 11:59 PM (GMT -5). Have fun!
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