Smogon Premier League 3 - Semifinals

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you can have your win BKC
thanks i appreciate it

ggs ruiners, gl in the finals

Atticus - aka negres, the man who picked me up at midseason, and for that i thank you because this season of spl has been the most fun i've had playing pokemon in a long time. also props for kicking blue star's ass with gabite! [01:13] <negres> BKC id just like to say you were an MVP -- this also made me feel awesome
Aldaron - lol youre kind of intimidating but after a bit i realized youre a pretty cool guy...didnt talk to you much but you made me laugh when you made fun of my loss to SJCrew
Bluewind - beat my ass while testing more times than i can count (i beat you once though!) and youre a pretty funny dude! youre also one of the best battlers i've had the pleasure of watching / playing against, and for that i respect you a shitload, although if you start linking lady gaga in the channel i will shoot you myself
6A9 Ace Matador - mr brings the ruckus himself...excellent player whose insight of the game has helped me alot. he helped me make a cool team with infernape when i was struggling with it, and hes a pretty entertaining guy overall. it was a pleasure to meet you, sir, although i maintain that sexy and i know it is a terrible song
]V[ajinTupacZ - many great quotes come from this man, my favorite of which is "a Nice Stall". you better give me adv teams for the upcoming tour ~_~ but youre a funny guy and a great player!
Alaka - didnt see you on irc much and when you were on, you didnt talk much :/ youre a hell of a vgc player though
Blue_Star - i tested with this nig so many times and you ALWAYS haxed me UGH youre a good player even when you were going through that confidence crisis and you really stepped up your play the last 2 weeks. youre also a drummer so mad props but please try to hax me less
Butterfreeak - youre like never on irc!! from what i've seen youre a real solid battler though, sorry i haxed you on ladder that one time :x
Cristal - i never saw you around =/ i think youre a solid ass player though
evan - the rby specialist i like him even though we didnt talk much
Floppy - a strong player in every gen, has hilarious pokemon nicknames, also a real good guy to talk to. i WILL get in that girl's pants eventually i swear to god
franky - sucks that this nigga quit because hes a fuckin awesome bw ou player and an entertaining dude who tested the shit out of everyones teams. gl with whatever you pursue man
Go10 - whenever he helped me test, i repaid him by haxing the shit out of him :x excellent player though, especially in ubers, my favorite frenchie right here
Hugendugen - ubers specialist who uses a really gay sub rain team in OU >:( fun guy to talk to though hes a cool aussie that never sleeps
Upstart - good uu player i like him
uraga - quit asking me for that girl's pics jesus christ but youre a pretty hilarious dude and your license plate quote always makes me laugh
WhiteQueen - hello?
windsong - probably the best ru player i know, i like your Nice Stall team and will probably steal it if i ever decide to play this tier. also i promise you that the girl i showed you is 14
yee - we only tested together once and you haxed me so bad you asshole!! youre a good guy though and one of the most creative teambuilders i've ever met

harder faster scooter
Just want to say hats off to Jabba for putting together a great run this season even though no one gave the Raiders any credit for being here. Also hats off to negres and king gorgie for their fine achievements.

It is time to go BIG or go home
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