Type Optimisation (Slate 16 Submission - Dragon, Dragon/Poison, Dragon/Ice)

I'm thinking poison with Poison/Fairy, Poison/Ground, and Poison/Fight. 1 is unused, 2 are on only 2 pokemon each (Nidoqueen/King and the Toxicroak line respectively.)

Or Fairy with Fairy/Poison, Fairy/Fire and Fairy/Fight, all unused.

Honestly a slate without a monotype would be swell.
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Okay voting is over! Congrats to Gojiratar 's Ghost Cofagrigus, G-Luke 's Ghost/Psychic Girafarig and Stitch98 's Ghost/Normal Chimecho!

Now onto the next slate!

Steel, Steel/Rock and Steel/Poison

Submissions end 24th of October

also sorry Dilasc but I just want to get all the monotypes done first and then we can cycle the types again. The logic is monotype, old type and new type for the first cycle.​
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BST: 110 (+20) / 130 / 85 (+10) / 55 (-20) / 85 (+10) / 105 (+55) (BST: 570)
Abilities: Guts/Quick Feet Intimidate (HA)
New Moves: Meteor Mash, Shift Gear
Justification/Niche: Since we can make things that were never this original type become this type, I figure... fuck it! Scary metal bear! Also, mono-steel sweeper! As things go, sweeping stats of 130/105 are great, and defenses of 110/85/85 are passable especially if you go intimidate, and Shift Gear can put obsolesence on Sword Dance if you need that speed. It's not all sunshine though: Ursaring has no priority moves other than... Baby Doll Eyes. For this reason, you need to clear away priority users before sending this bear out to do his dirty work. His main STAB is also not very reliable as far as accuracy goes.

The coverage is really good: elemental punches, punches and kicks in general, EdgeQuake, Crunch, Play Rough, and Seed Bomb.

Flying/steel types should be able to give you a hard time, so be wary of them. I also abstained from Tough Claws... you're welcome!

Type: Steel/Poison
BST: 90 (+25) / 75 (-15) / 125 (+5) / 105 (+20) / 100 (+30) / 75 (+15) (BST: 570)
Abilities: Levitate
New Moves: Recover, Flash Cannon, Nasty Plot
Justification/Niche: I'm glad Weezing hasn't won yet. Smogon's namesake's evolution just wishes it had a second type (and recovery better than Pain Split) in order to take advantage of its floating stinkiness. With a higher Special Attack, and Nasty Plot, this stinkball can actually scare up some damage, even if it's slow as shit. Its best use will still, most likely, be that of a defensive user of WoW, Toxic Spikes, or Clear Smog as a floating steel, or a floating poison are both great types, and removing that nasty Ground weakness is icing on the cake. The lower Attack isn't so great, especially if you want to explode (if that's even still a thing) but allowing for stat optimization with added durability is amazing. 90/125/100 with only a fire weakness, 2 immunities, and a ton of resists, (including 3 quad resists) can't be too bad.

Type: Steel/Rock
BST: 80 (+20) / 120 (+20) / 115 / 70 / 85 / 100 (+10) (BST: 570)
Abilities: Levitate Clear Body (HA)
New Moves: Stone Edge, Play Rough, Earthquake
Justification/Niche: So Steel sweepers and steel levitators (who avoid quad ground weakness) aren't finished for me this slate. This floating gear is hard as rock, and finally has a movepool. Compared to Ursaring, its added Levitate status lets it find some easier switchins. Gear Grind lets it get around Subs, and if it really needs to, it can spread thunder wave. Still, this thing only has 2 weaknesses and a lot of resists. If Water shows its ugly head, you could try Wild Charge, but Fighting is more to fear, which Play Rough will smack away. Compared to the Ursaring slated above, these two creatures have a very different application.
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Steel Registeel

BST: 100 / 75 / 150 / 65 / 130 / 80 (570 BST)
Abilities: Regenerator / Flash Fire / Levitate (HA)
New Moves: Parting Shot, Wish, Heal Bell
Justification/Niche: Steel type is a great defensive typing, and Registeel has a great bulk, the improved HP with access to Wish and Parting Shot can make Registeel a great healer for teams with access to setup sweepers, which Parting Shot helps to create momentum to help them to setup. Regenerator can help it to stay healthy, but Flash Fire and Levitate cover two of its weakness. Heal Bell helps in its new cleric role as well.​
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Pokemon: Forretress

BST: 75 / 60 / 140 / 100 / 140 / 55 (BST: 570)
Abilities: Regenerator, Oblivious, Natural Cure
New Moves: Recover, Heal Bell, Wish
Removed Moves: N/A
Justification/Niche: (Defensive spinning support with usable Special Attack) Forretress is a slow, tanky mono Steel-type that has access to Rapid Spin, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Stealth Rock. Flash Cannon would be its main STAB with Recover for healing and Heal Bell to act as the team cleric. Regenerator is a great ability that allows it to recover on switching out, which it can do in tandem with a Wish pass or a slow Volt Switch. Oblivious prevents Taunt from stopping it from doing its job, while Natural Cure can allow Forretress to absorb Thunder Waves and Will-O-Wisps for its team.

Pokemon: Armaldo

BST:75 / 135 / 90 / 60 / 80 / 130 (BST: 570)
Abilities: Rock Head, Steelworker
New Moves: Accelerock, Iron Head, Head Smash
Removed Moves: N/A
Justification/Niche: (Fast physically offensive Steel/Rock type) Armaldo is now a fast physically offensive attacker that still has decent bulk. STAB Head Smash with Rock Head hits very hard, as would STAB Steelworker-boosted Iron Head which can cause flinch hax. It also has priority STAB Accelerock to hit other priority users, Swords Dance to boost its attack further, and anti-Steel-type coverage in Superpower/Earthquake. Hone Claws may be used to increase Head Smash’s shaky accuracy while still increasing attack.

Pokemon: Garbodor

BST:100 / 130 / 107 / 40 / 107 / 86 (BST: 570)
Abilities: Levitate, Oblivious, Defiant
New Moves: Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Recover
Removed Moves: N/A
Justification/Niche: (Bulky physical attacker that can set hazards and has a unique typing) Garbodor is well-known in NU for being a bulky hazard setter as well as a Fighting- and Fairy- type check, but it lacked reliable recovery which meant it was easily worn down. Steel/Poison is a decent defensive typing with only a 4x Ground-type weakness and 2x Fire-type weakness, and Levitate effectively removes its biggest weakness. Alternatively, Oblivious prevents Garbodor from being taunted before it sets hazards while Defiant can be used to punish defoggers who might want to remove them. The original base 95 Atk stat was good enough but not particularly threatening compared to other physical attackers, so now it hits much harder, with STAB Gunk Shot and Meteor Mash to easily defeat most Fairy-types. Garbodor also has good coverage options, with Drain Punch and Earthquake taking on most Steel- and Fire- types and Seed Bomb hitting Water/Ground types. Its Four Move Slot Syndrome has just become much worse, but this also allows Garbodor to run a variety of sets that can keep opponents guessing exactly what moves it has.
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BST: 90 / 145 / 115 / 40 / 115 / 65 (BST: 570)
Abilities: Sturdy | Filter | Mold Breaker (HA)
New Moves: Play Rough, Waterfall, Shell Smash
Justification/Niche: Although it is slow, even by Optimized standard, it got terrific Attack of 145 and a respectable bulk of 90 / 115 / 115. Shell Smash can also solve the Speed issue while also increasing the Attack en masse, which can stick well with Sturdy + White Herb. Filter may help to reduce its weaknesses impact, while Mold Breaker help it to deal with the likes of Optimized Hariyama, Mimikyu and, when using Waterfall, defending itself against Fur Coat Optimized Arcanine (not guaranteed but it still helps, especially after a Shell Smash).

BST: 70 / 55 / 150 / 105 / 150 / 40 (BST: 570)
Abilities: Sand Stream | Levitate | Regenerator (HA)
New Moves: Calm Mind, Giga Drain, Shore Up
Justification/Niche: Although awfully slow, it can play defensively well does to its insane bulk of 70 / 150 / 150, and can play as a tank does to its usable Special Attack. It can also play a truly feared Special wall when using Sand Stream that even Tapu Lele will get troubles with, but it can be set back by two double weaknesses. Levitate can eliminate the crippling Ground-weakness, giving even Landorus-T a hard time if using it right (but not against Swampert, and especially not Optimized Lycanroc-Midnight!), avoid Entry Hazards and it laughs at Stealth Rock does to small damage anyway.

BST: 93 / 135 / 80 / 80 / 80 / 102 (BST: 570)
Abilities: Shed Skin | Strong Jaw | Infiltrator (HA)
New Moves: Ice Fang, Iron Head, Sacred Sword
Justification/Niche: Steel/Poison seems more confined for defensive utility, but all this Optimized Seviper cares is to mercilessly take down his foes with his better Attack and Speed and his Strong Jaw ability. Indeed, a Strong Jaw boosted may not be as powerful as Poison Jab, but it had 50% chance of a Toxic-type Poison status ailment, which is much better than Poison Jab's 30% of normal Poison. However, it may also use Shed Skin to laugh at WoW or Thunder Wave users, or Infiltrator to penetrate the ever annoying Substitute and strike through the Aurora Veil (as well as Reflect). And let's not forget that Coil is a thing Seviper can do; that means that it can boost Attack and get a bit bulkier on Physical side while worrying about the low accuracy of its Fang moves, the stronger Iron Tail and even the anti-Ground-type Aqua Tail. Just one thing; you say that Fire-type can counter it, especially Heatran, yes? Well Aqua Tail is already a thing, and Seviper can somehow use Earthquake, so I should relay on Fur Coat Arcanine or any Ground-type not vulnerable to Ice Fang if I were you.
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Asking here before I go to make my own;

If I use Aggron (also I'd like to go ahead and say that's my Rock/Steel rework), do I count it AND its Mega as two seperate reworks?

Asking since I really wanna do pure Steel Bronzong, but I want to also rework Mega Aggron.

Scrolled through older posts and found out that megas don't change. Whoops!

Well, Mega Aggron benefits from my planned Aggron buffs (Shore Up in particular), so that'll be fun to work with.

Reserving Steel Bronzong, Steel/Rock Aggron, and Steel/Poison Drapion (but feel free to do the same mons).
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Pokémon: Steelix
Type: Steel
BST: 95 (+20) / 105 (+20) / 200 / 55 / 85 (+20) / 30 [BST:570]
Abilities: Sturdy / Filter / [HA:Heavy Metal]
New Moves: Spikes, Wish, Volt Switch
Justification / Niche:

Pokémon: Aggron
Type: Steel/Rock
BST: 70 / 140 (+30) / 140 (-40) / 60 / 70 (+10) / 90 (+40) [BST:570]
Abilities: Rock Head / Mold Breaker / Moxie
New Moves: Dragon Dance, Accelerock, Flare Blitz
Justification / Niche:

Pokémon: Skuntank
Typing: Steel/Poison
BST: 123 (+20) / 103 (+10) / 77 (+10) / 91 (+30) / 71 (+10) / 90 (+6) [BST:565]
Abilities: Aftermath / Defiant / Sheer Force
New Moves: Gunk Shot, Flash Cannon,
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Pokemon: Dewgong
Type: Steel
BST: 105(+15)/80(+10)/120(+40)/80(+10)/115(+20)/70
Abilities: Fur Coat / Water Absorb
New Moves: Flash Cannon, U-Turn, King Shied
Removed Moves: Sheer Cold, Horn Drill
Justification/Niche: Dewgong become more of a wall. Rolling with 105/120/115 defense with Fur Coat and a pure Steel typing, it can be hard to bring down. It still retain many support moves from its other form in disable and Perish Song.

Pokemon: Avalugg
Type: Steel/Rock
BST: 95/135(+18)/210(+26)/44/58(+12)/28
Abilities: Rock Head, Filter
New Moves: Metal Burst, Stealth Rock, Head Smash
Removed Moves: Surf
Justification/Niche: Avalugg is the defense monster with a base 210 defense. With the Steel/Rock, it may not be the best typing for it, but it will have to do because it does give it some good resistance. So it going to recover that damage if someone keep attacking the physical side.

Pokemon: Scolipede
Type: Steel/Poison
BST: 60/124(+24)/103(+14)/55/83(+14)/143(+31)
Abilities: Corrosion, Adaptability
New Moves: Iron Tail, Iron Head, Toxic Thread
Removed Moves:
Scolipede is blazing fast for a Steel Type. While it can go fast, it can also poison steel and poison type when it running corrosion. When it is running adaptability, it can deal a lot of damage.
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money12wolf, Avalugg already gets Iron Head and Rock Slide.
Onto my submissions, though! Here's to praying at least Drapion or Aggron makes it in, and that we can one day actually play with these updated mons.

Pokemon: Aggron
Type: Steel/Rock
Old Stats: 70 / 110 / 180 / 60 / 60 / 50 (530 BST)
New Stats: 85 (+15) / 130 (+20) / 180 / 40 (-20) / 70 (+10) / 65 (+15) (570 BST)
Abilities: Sturdy / Rock Head / Sand Stream (HA)
New Moves: Accelerock, Shift Gear, Shore Up

The Swiss-Army-Knife syndrome returns to Aggron's doorstep, granting upon him buffs that could probably make him cry (if gods could cry.) The addition of Sand Stream gives him a viable supporting third ability to contest the defensive Sturdy and offensive Rock Head for slots, giving him amazing team support alongside Sand Rush threats (see below). A revised stat spread also supports more roles Aggron can do. Increased HP and Special Defense allow him to be played tanker with Sand Stream, while a buffed Attack stat makes all-out offensive sets stronger in combination with a better, although slightly so, Speed stat.

Speaking of Speed, most Steels nowadays have a way to catch up with the rest of the game due to a generally low base Speed, whether it be a broken as hell Mega (cough Lucario cough Metagross), Priority, or a boosting move. While his Mega actually makes him slower in this form, he has the other two laid out for him. Accelerock is amazing for nailing common Ice, Fire, and Flying-types before they can act, hitting for STAB and allowing Curse sets to suffer less at the hands of faster Will-o-Wispers. Shift Gear gives Sturdy and Rock Head sets a breath of fresh air, allowing Aggron to boost its Attack and Speed at the same time. With a base speed of 65, many common threats are outsped, but many fast Scarfers around base ~100 Speed will be even still be faster. Shore Up helps Sand Stream Aggron's normally terrible survivability due to its typing, boosts its weak Special Defense, and gives Curse sets a breath of fresh air for Mega Aggron as well.

Pokemon: Drapion
Type: Steel/Poison
Old Stats: 70 / 90 / 110 / 60 / 75 / 95 (500 BST)
New Stats: 90 (+20) / 125 (+35) / 115 (+5) / 40 (-20) / 95 (+20) / 105 (+10) 570 BST)
Abilities: Sand Rush / Tough Claws / Corrosion (HA)
New Moves: Iron Head, Bullet Punch, Stone Edge

Most Pokemon with a Poison/Steel typing you'd imagine would either be defensive, carrying that nice Filter or Levitate to make it much more useful through its dual Immunities and set of resistances. Not this Drapion, who stakes his territory in the desert - and sure knows his way around sand. Sand Rush is the best ability he has, allowing him to become a pseudo-Excadrill, carrying Swords Dance or Acupressure faster than any other Pokemon and being capable of nuking threats off the face of the planet before they can react. Iron Head and Stone Edge are most notably new additions to this playstyle, where you have the coverage, alongside the Elemental Fangs, to take on nearly any adversary.

Past that, Tough Claws helps with Poison Jab, Iron Head, Bullet Punch (also a new addition), the elemental Fangs, and Crunch's damage output, and Corrosion allows Toxic sets to hit Pokemon Drapion struggles with, like Toxapex, Celesteela, and Skarmory. It's Stat Spread hasn't changed too much, with every stat bar Attack and Special Attack getting small bonuses, whereas his Attack was largely buffed, and his Special Attack was dropped even further, which it never used regardless.

Pokemon: Bronzong
Type: Steel
Old Stats: 67 / 89 / 116 / 79 / 116 / 33 (500 BST)
New Stats: 80 (+13) / 80 (-9) / 145 (+29) / 100 (+21) / 145 (+29) / 20 (-13) (570 BST)
Abilities: Filter / Magnet Pull / Berserk (HA)
New Moves: Ice Beam, Earth Power, Recover

Bronzong becomes a more reasonable offensive threat, while retaining what makes Bronzong, well, Bronzong. Physically offensively Bronzong's a bit worse, but gains a noticeable buff to its Special Attack. Defenses are also a lot bigger, same but lesser so to HP, and it's even slower for Trick Room teams. Filter works as a pseudo-Levitate/Heatproof, doing a bit of what both do in addition to reducing its new Fighting weakness. Magnet Pull can trap some of the premier Steel-types, including itself, Scizor-Mega, other Magnezone via access to Earth Power, and others.

The main treat comes with the new moves and access to Berserk. With a huge HP, Defense, and Special Defense stat, access to Recover and Calm Mind, Bronzong can slowly start to steamroll out of control, completely tanking through teams. While Filter may seem significantly better for this role due to the fact things like reworked Beartic, Primeape, Hariyama, and even the new Farfetch'd exist, Berserk allows you to continuously gain power boosts as you recover HP, making opponents who can't deal over 50% damage to the incredible 80/145/145 defenses just a bonus to your stats. Criticals and Defense-targeting moves are the bane of it, but Iron Defense can remedy the latter while good RNG can prevent the former. Ice Beam allows it to nail things like Garchomp, Landorus-Therian, and Zygarde with Filter or even otherwise due to such a massive defensive stat spread, while Earth Power helps it hit tanky Electrics as well as kill most Steels without having to rely on Hidden Power Fire.

Stats: 96 / 140 / 116 / 54 / 65 / 79 (550 BST)
Abilities: Plus, Minus, Technician
New Moves: Earthquake
Justification/Niche: With Technician boosted Gear Grinds this thing is actually very powerful! Shift Gear allow it to sweep and Steel + Ground + Electric gives it perfect coverage (except for Levitators). 96 / 116 / 65 bulk decent enough to allow Klinklang to set up reliably, specially with such a great typing.

Stats: 117 / 167 / 117 / 33 / 83 / 33 (550 BST)
Abilities: Solid Rock, Filter, Sand Stream
New Moves: Spikes, Magnet Rise
Justification/Niche: Gigalith is now a powerful tank with high base power STABs in Stone Edge and Heavy Slam, its defensive abilites also allow it to act as a hazard setter thanks to its access to Spikes and Stealth Rock along with its great natural bulk. Earthquake is also a nice coerage option giving it the EdgeQuake combo that couples well with its Steel-typed STAB.

Stats: 55 / 95 / 155 / 55 / 145 / 45 (550 BST)
Abilities: Weak Armor, Rough Skin, Aftermath
New Moves: Recover, Rapid Spin, Metal Burst
Justification/Niche: With Toxapex esque bulk, amazing support moves such as Toxic Spikes, Spikes, and Rapid Spin, great defensive abilities, Metal Burst to make up for its passiviness, an amazing defensive typing, and reliable recovery in Recover, this thing is asolutely meta defining. It still has all of Steel's weaknesses, but the resistances and the utility more than make up for it, making it also very splashable, ranging from Stall to Hyper Offense where it can be used as a suicude lead.
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Pokemon: Aggron
Type: Steel
BST: 70 / 40 / 150 / 120 / 85 / 105 (BST: 570)
Abilities: Levitate | Flash Fire | Sheer Force (HA)
New Moves: King's Shield, Shore Up, Calm Mind
Justification/Niche: So I looked at Aggron's movepool and it surprisingly has some interesting special moves, so consider this as a what-if kind of role: a fairly fast Special-based Steel type. Sheer Force powers up his special moves which is useful since he lacks STAB for his coverage moves.

Pokemon: Barbaracle
Type: Steel/Rock
BST: 70 / 120 / 115 / 50 / 85 / 130 (BST: 570)
Abilities: Technician | Sturdy | Tough Claws (HA)
New Moves: Accelrock, Bullet Punch, Gear Grind
Justification/Niche: High power and high speed to make use of its STAB. Its main draw is using Tough Claws-boosted priority or using Technician Accelrock/Bullet Punch/Gear Grind. It can also make use of Sturdy + Shell Smash to be even more dangerous.

Pokemon: Seviper
Type: Steel/Poison
BST: 100 / 125 / 90 / 40 / 90 / 125 (BST: 570)
Abilities: Levitate | Flash Fire | Multiscale (HA)
New Moves: Fire Lash, Iron Head, Shore Up
Justification/Niche: Basilisk Seviper with iron scales. Use its resistances and Multiscale to help set up Coil. Flash Fire patches up a Fire weakness and can power up Fire Lash, which it can use against enemy levitating Steel types who would wall it. Flash Fire also means it would be immune to both burns and poison.

Submission close soon in a number of hours. :)
Pokemon: Togedemaru
Type: Steel
BST: 100/108/93/40/103/126 (570 BST)
Abilities: Iron Barbs / Oblivious (Serene Grace)
New Moves: Toxic Spikes, Iron Head, Earthquake
Removed Moves: N/A
Justification/Niche: It has an extremely unique niche of being a fast, bulky lead. 126 speed is really good, and it has overall decent bulk too. Oblivious helps it out a lot, allowing for a TSpikes/Spiky Shield/Encore/Earthquake set without fearing Taunt. Iron Barbs complements its great physical bulk, creating a pure defensive wall of Wish/Spiky Shield/Iron Head/Substitute. Finally, Serene Grace provides two potential sets- AOA and Haxmaster. Those being Iron Head/EQ/Zing Zap/U-Turn and Iron Head/Thunder Wave/Spiky Shield/Encore.

I would make sets but I need sleep

I hope you enjoy! Feedback appreciated
Voting is now! Also I totally forgot to change the title but the actual voting period is here

Please use this format and remember to have a vote for each category and remember, you can't vote for yourself. Anyone can vote though!

Steel: Member's Pokemon
Steel/Rock: Member's Pokemon
Steel/Poison: Member's Pokemon

Voting ends on the 30th of October
i got two votes for my bronzong, which took me the longest to work on! imsohappyfbysafsagufsag ;-;

Steel: S. Court's Registeel
Steel/Rock: Origin0's Armaldo (since none of the Aggrons appeal to me bar my own)
Steel/Poison: Samtendo's Seviper

EDIT: Gonna nominate Fairy-type for the next slate (probably already is a next slate set up), possibly with Fairy/Dark as one of the typings.
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