Tournament USUM Doubles OU Kickoff Tour (Round 4 Pairings Up)

calling activity, i've been online on smogtours waiting for my opp for 2 hours now and he hasn't showed up, i'm leaving to go to work in 10 minutes and then im going out after, so i can't play later today. my availability will also be pretty limited tomorrow


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kudasai no-showed, we rescheduled to 10 pm our time but didnt show up on ps. he even talked in the puzzle server while i was waiting
calling activity on checkmater, we agreed on playing today and he didnt show up. ig if he really wants i dont mind playing on an extension, but if he doesnt show up in next 20 minutes or so i wont be able to play today


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Just to reiterate this is a Single Elimination USUM Doubles OU Tournament. Rounds will be Best of Three, and you may switch teams between games. We'll operate under standard rules and clauses of the metagame.


Round 2 Pairings:
talkingtree vs AuraRayquaza
vs KyleCole
Level 51vs xXEricXx
The Idiot Ninja
vs Finchinator
Memoric vs qsns
nadando vs Paraplegic
vs GenOne
Mael vs lushen
miltankmilk vs deoxys speed
(Winner of Checkmater vs Frania) vs Elise
SMB vs Heliodor
Pigeons vs Yellow Paint

Deadline is Sunday December 10th 11:59pm EST (GMT -5)
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