Rooms on Pokémon Showdown

By Vacate and the other PS Room Owners.


Rooms are an integral part of the sim; whether you're interested in a certain tier, or if you're a budding artist, we have a room for it! If you'd like to appeal a ban from a room, rather than posting in the Discipline Appeals subforum, you should contact a Room Owner of the room you were banned from—check below for the room name, and you can find the appropriate ROs of the room. Also, if you're new to being a room staff member, check out this guide.

Anime and Manga

Room Owners: AceLe, Kostitsyn-kun, prem, Yuyuko

Anime and Manga is a discussion room dedicated to Japanese media including Anime, Light Novels, Manga, and Visual Novels.


Room Owners: Bummer, Jac, SolarisFox

Art is perfect for aspiring artists to get tips, with many of Smogon's best artists here to help. The Art room's contests have become a particular hit, with some fantastic art consistently produced.

Battle Dome

Room Owners: Aelita, Asthmere Sivolisk, Golem, SwampertSolly

Articles: Room Spotlight: Battle Dome

The Battle Dome is home to a text-based RPG with its own classes, weapons, monsters, and skills. May or may not involve mercilessly slaughtering pixels.

Battle Spot

Room Owners: CoolStoryBrobat, Feliburn, Montsegur

Discuss XY's built-in random-matchmaking metagames in this room, with tournaments hosted regularly!

Cafe Le Wow

Room Owners: BiGGiE, imagi, Osiris, raPtor

This café is the place to chat about food, swap recipes, exchange cooking advice, and deal with all things omnomnom. All are welcome, from the professional chef to the ramen enthusiast. Warning: Prolonged exposure will make you hungry.

CAP Project

Room Owners: Birkal, jas61292

The CAP Project room is devoted to discussion about Smogon's Create–A–Pokémon project. The PS room discusses recent CAPs, CAP battles, and has frequent discussion about activities in the CAP forum on Smogon.


Room Owners: AM, Bean, DMV, TONE114

Articles: Introducing the Challenges Room, How to be Successful at Challenges

Challenges is all about encouraging creativity on the ladder! Every week, 7-10 new challenges are released—completing them will award you points on the coveted Challenges room leaderboard!


Room Owners: Austin, , Reverb, Timbuktu

Articles: The Chess Room

Chess is great for competing against others in this highly competitive game, improving your own game and learning tips and tricks to beat your opponents with! If you're looking for a casual game or a discussion, this room is ideal!


Room Owners: qtrx, Starbloom, Yuyuko

Competitive Tutoring

Room Owners: AM, Eyan Royalty, Trinitrotoluene

Competitive Tutoring is the room to be if you're looking for a place to get team rates, help with the fundamentals of the game, and battle tutoring.


Room Owners: Albert, anto, Bulbasword

Articles: Much Ado About Free Time

Cosmopolitan mainly focuses on worldwide cultures and their fauna and flora.


Room Owners: asgdf, Fairy Fee, Marshmallon, Shame That

The Deutsche room is a place for the German users to relax and chat in their home language. Deutsche also has a popular forum and a league, making community a big aspect.


Room Owners: Arcticblast, Audiosurfer, Level 51, Stratos

Articles: The Doubles Room: Double the Babes

The Doubles room is home to Smogon's official double battle format. With powerful Pokémon such as Mega Kangaskhan, Shaymin-Sky, and even Deoxys-Attack present, the metagame might seem scary, but the Doubles community is anything but. Look for weekly tournaments and the occasional teambuilding exercise. And hey, it's Doubles—tell a friend!


Room Owners: Asty, Iyarito, Joim, Lost Seso

With one of the most popular languages on PS, comes one of the most popular rooms. The welcoming staff are eager to assist users with battling strategies, as well as linguistic help. The Español room also maintains a successful RPG league called Effyìs and is in the process of compiling a full Pokedex including competitive analyses!


Room Owners: Pam, qtrx, Reverb, Vinc2612

The Français room is a warm and inviting community of French users and eager linguists. Français has constant events (such as tournaments between other language rooms) running, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Game Corner

Room Owners: Astara, Saverdien, sirDonovan

Articles: Surviving the Gaming Life

Game Corner is home to a wide variety chat games, ranging from simple 'Would You Rather' questions to more complex games like Liar's Dice and Scattergories. New ideas are always welcomed; contact a Room Owner with a basic description of the rules and gameplay to start the submission process.

Health & Fitness

Room Owners: h_n_g_m_n, Rosie_The_Venusaur, Zodiax

Articles: A Healthy Obsession With Fitness

Health & Fitness is the place for both budding and experienced fitness enthusiasts to come and share advice, seek help or simply look for motivation from others. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere!


Articles: The Help Room and How to Use It

If you're looking for help with PS! related issues or just global staff assistance, you should join this room.


Room Owners: BiGGiE, Dell, HYDRO IMPACT, LordBlah, Skitty

In-Game is the place for mostly all things related to Pokémon! Feel free to discuss anything you like from generations 1 - 6, also drop bye from time to time to hear about the last updates and new releases! The room also hosts various in–game challenges!


Room Owners: Inflikted, Parnassius, Test2017, The Quasar

Keeping Smogon's international prestige, this channel is dedicated to Italian speakers. Here you'll find friendly people willing to help you develop with the language, with occasional Pokémon tournaments.

Little Cup

Room Owners: macle, QuoteCS, Rowan

The Little Cup room is a room to discuss the metagame Little Cup in full with topics such as strategies, teambuilding, under used Pokémon. We also frequently host tournaments for fun.


Room Owners: Aelita, ajhockeystar, Coronis, SkarmChikora, Snaquaza

Articles: A Guide to: PS! Mafia

Mafia is an exciting text–based party game in which you have to try to win depending on which side you're on (Town, Mafia or Third Party).


Room Owners: CrushinDefeat, Formerhope, Xylen

Articles: Beginner's Guide to the MMO Room

The MMORPG Room is the place to go to when discussing fan favorites such as World Of Warcraft, Runescape, and Maple Story! Chat with other fellow PS users about these games, or simply connect for one hell of a time.


Room Owners: Acedia, Crestfall, Hippopotas

The Massive Online Battle Arena room (or MOBA) is a room designed for open and non–hateful discussion of LoL, DotA, Smite, and more! Players of any skill level are welcome and advice is given often! The room often watches various tournaments and get hype discusses these in the chat.


Room Owners: Omega-Xis14, scpinion, Zinnia

A room devoted specifically to the Monotype metagame. We host regular Monotype tournaments, offer lots of helpful advice to help you get started, and you can even sign up to take on our Monotype league!


Room Owners: bumbadadabum, Snaquaza

The Nederlands room is a place where users can hang out and converse in Dutch. The community is very active, and tournaments are run often for those more into battling. In general, if you want some Dutch gezelligheid, this is the place.


Room Owners: Hollywood, Raseri, Zebraiken

NeverUsed is the hub for all discussion on the ever-expanding NeverUsed Smogon tier. Staff are ready to help any users with queries on NU battling, or the tier itself.

Old Gens

Room Owners: ashiemore, Bedschibaer, Jellicent

Articles: Introducing the Old Gens Room

From competitive to in–game, discuss generations 1-5 here. The Old Gens room is ideal if you're interested in talking about your games, discussing past metagames, or competing in occasional tournaments.

Other Metas

Room Owners: Eevee General, Hollywood, Joim, The Immortal

Articles: Other Metas Room

The Other Metas room offers a place to discuss and compete in some of the alternate battle options available, such as Inverse Battle, 1v1, and Tier Shift. Any and all metagames not already covered by a room are welcome, and help with formats like Balanced Hackmons make Other Metas a useful room for any OM enthusiast.


Room Owners: Albacore, Julian, Reverb

The OverUsed room is the place to be for talking about and learning the OU metagame, as well as viable Pokémon, movesets, and teamstyles. All are welcome to jump into the discussion of Smogon's most popular tier!


Room Owners: cbt_venusaur., darkintruder, Joim, LJDarkrai, woolf, zdrup

The Português room welcomes any users who want to interact with other players in their native language. It's a very active room where users are friendly and helpful. Tournaments and other activities are run regularly. You won't regret checking it out if you are interested in communicating in the language!


Room Owners: Dell, galbia, Magnemite

Articles: The Best of the Worst! An Overview of PU

The PU Room is the best place to discuss about the PU metagame. We regularly host PU tournaments and the staff is always friendly and eager to help unexperienced and experienced users alike.


Room Owners: atomicllamas, barton, Lyto, Molk, Shame That, The Leprechaun

The RarelyUsed room on PS is for any and all discussion of Smogon's RU tier. We have friendly and helpful staff, regular tournaments, and plenty of people with whom you can discuss all aspects of RU with, regardless of whether you're new to the tier or an experienced player.


Room Owners: Articuno, Crestfall, Formerhope, Jasmine, Skitty

Articles: A Guide to: Roleplaying on PS!

Roleplaying is a room for all ages to act as a Pokémon and roleplay with others through various scenarios and types of RPs. The general community of this room is younger than average, but nevertheless a fun and enjoyable room to participate in!


Room Owners: ashiemore, Queez, Shame That, Xylen

Articles: How to Make Scavenger Hunts, How to Win Scavenger Hunts

The Scavengers room has official scavenger hunts in which people answers interesting questions; this allows them to earn points on the leaderboard accessed on Smogon. The room also has fun yet challenging scavenger hunts in between the official hunts from both regular users and staff.


Room Owners: Coronis, DoYouLikeCriminals, Not Canadian, SteelEdges, The Raven, Timbuktu, verbatim

Casual, friendly discussion, game shows, and all things school.


Room Owners: Crestfall, prem, verbatim

SmashBros is the room for all Smash Bros. content, including tournaments and online matches.


Room Owners: BiGGiE, Imanalt

Any and all sports have a home here! Sports, teams, players and scores are all popular chat topics, as well as personal fitness. Sports also hosts enjoyable sports trivia games, which take place regularly. When there's a big match on, the Sports room is where to go.


Room Owners: Aknolan, Shame That, Swirlyder

Articles: Surviving the Gaming Life, The Survivor Room - Who Can You Trust?

Survivor is a game of trust, betrayal, lies and deceit. Choose your allies wisely and may the dice be in your favor...

Tech & Code

Room Owners: Scotteh

Tech & Code is just that; a room all about technology and programming. Anything from the latest technological innovations to the myriad of programming languages gets discussed in here. Don't ask for help with setting up a PS server though!

The Happy Place

Room Owners: BreadHeroDan, Saburo, Sigilyph

Articles: So what really makes The Happy Place, well, "Happy"?

The Happy Place, at its core, is a friendly environment for anyone just looking for a place to hang out and relax. The room also specializes in taking time to give advice on life problems for users. Need a place to feel at home and unwind? Look no further!

The Studio

Room Owners: Charles Carmichael, Jin Of The Gale, Kayo, Strength

Articles: Studio Artist Spotlight: Savant

The Studio is the perfect location for music lovers to unite! You'll never be bored with frequent activities such as "artist of the day" and music podcasts, hosted by room staff.


Room Owners: Blitzamirin, Jin of the Gale, sirDonovan

Articles: A Casual Guide to Tournaments

The Tournaments room on PS is dedicated to real–time tournaments. Users can enjoy scripted tournaments (an automated system which tracks wins/losses automatically), or user–created Challonge tournaments.

Traditional Games

Room Owners: bumbadadabum, Slarty

TCG is a room dedicated to all trading card game discussion, including Pokémon. If you're looking for a TCG match on one of the many simulators, this is the room to go to!


Room Owners: Coronis, Queez, SteelEdges, Timbuktu, Trickster

Trivia is a turn–based question–asking room where users stack up points by answering questions correctly and give their own questions as well.

TV & Books & Films

Room Owners: Aelita, Saburo

TV, Books and Films is a room designed for the discussion of your favorite shows, books and movies. The room staff have various activities including quote games and TVBF of the day.


Room Owners: Fireburn, shrang, Sweep

The Ubers tier room discusses the intricacies of the Ubers tier, with tournaments often hosted and lots of real–time guidance from some of the most recognized names in the tier. If you're looking into getting involved with the Ubers tier in any sense, the welcoming room staff will be ready to help.


Room Owners: CoolStoryBrobat, DMT, Hikari, Sam

The UnderUsed room is prepared for any questions you have on the Smogon UU tier, as well as UU tournaments. From simple teambuilding to general tier discussion, the UnderUsed room covers it.


Room Owners: Firestorm, makiri, Nostrom

Articles: To Be the Very Best: A VGC Room Intro

Nintendo's official Video Game Championships format has a home here, with strategy help, metagame discussion, a battling tips. Whether you're a veteran or an eager learner, the VGC room can help.

Video Games

Room Owners: CrushinDefeat, Halite, VexenIV

Video Games is a room dedicated to Video Games of all sorts. From indie to console, favorite genres to generations, the VG room invites talk of all sorts.


Room Owners: Cranham, Rosie_The_Venusaur, The Immortal

Articles: The Wi–Fi Economy

Wi–Fi is the place for all trades, in-game battles, and breeding discussion. The room has well–maintained scammers and cloners lists, and an easy way to communicate with other PS users with actual game cartridges.


Room Owners: BreadHeroDan, sirDonovan, XTheElegantShadowX

At its core, the Writing room facilitates creative thought and welcomes all writers, storytellers, and poets to share their works. If you like writing, wish to learn how to write more effectively, or wish to participate in writing contests, visit the Writing room.