OU Hall of Fame

OU Community Contributors

The Community Contributor badge is given to the top posters, discussion leaders, and project leaders in the Smogon forums. In the OverUsed forum, numerous users have been granted the honor of owning this badge, which grants a plethora of badgeholder-only privileges. These users are listed below with their most significant contributions.

UsernameMost Known For
alexwolfBeing an Active OverUsed C&C Quality Control Team Member, and leading The Defense of The Titans project.
birkalBeing the Create-A-Pokemon Second-In-Command.
DiceBeing lucky and running gimmicky sets.
dragonuserBeing a generally nice person and Rate My Team forum moderator.
ganj4lfBeing one of the first Potato award winners, an award once given to the best unbadged posters of the week, and leading the third edition of the Counter that Pokemon project.
ginganinjaTaking more realistic stances on suspects in the metagame and Susan Coffey avatars, as well as being an OverUsed forum moderator.
kd24Being the ADV OU revamp project leader.
Melee MewtwoBeing a leading contributor to the third edition of the Counter that Pokemon project.
NixHexBeing one of the Smogon Doubles leaders.
NovaLeads the Rate My Team Hub as well as various projects, such as The Next Big Thing and OU Mini Tournaments.
OjamaBeing a tutoring leader and leading a discussion about weatherless teams in OverUsed.
PK GamingLeading the OverUsed C&C Quality Control team.
PocketBeing one of the oldest contributing users, joining in the first month of the forum's existence, as well as helping lead Smogon Doubles.
The Great Mighty DoomLeading the Better Battlers project.
ThePillsburyDoughBoyLeading the Better Battlers project.
TobesBeing the VGC leader, as well as leading DW OU for most of the metagame's existence.

Community Contributor Alumnus

Community Contributor Alumnus is a very exclusive badge. Alumnus badges are typically given to users who have a certain badge and quit that section or Smogon as a whole. Requirements vary, but Community Contributor Alumnus is particularly difficult to get, as it requires one year or more of consistent and substantial contribution. This means no stopping for a month and a half because you're bored or something. So far, only one has been given out. The user's name is Harsha, who is best known for his insightful posts and running of the Outsiders challenge, a challenge that compelled players to ladder with low-usage Pokemon in order to get themselves a spot in the project's hall of fame. More may be given out in the future, but know that they will be very few in number.