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Introduction to the RarelyUsed Hub

Welcome to the RarelyUsed hub! Here you can find resources and information about the tier. To the left of the page, we have links to the main news (this page), the RU Pokemon and analyses, the RU Forum, projects and resources, and archives for old news articles. If you are looking to get into RU or learn more about the tier, join us on the forums and on IRC at #rarelyused! Find out more about IRC here.

Latest News

Goodbye, Hail!

Posted by Kenny on August 12, 2013

Snow Warning as a whole has been officially banned from the RU tier through a community suspect test, started by Molk as his first action as the new tier leader. You can find the vote results here and the discussion thread here.

New RU Tier Leader

Posted by Kenny on July 9th, 2013

Congratulations to Molk becoming the new RarelyUsed tiering leader! Taking the baton from the old tiering leader, Oglemi, Molk is a huge contributor to the tier, and no doubt will make a wonderful tiering leader. Thanks for your contributions as well, Oglemi, you've done a lot for the community!

New RU Moderator

Posted by DittoCrow on Mar 26, 2013

Congratulations to Molk for becoming the newest moderator of RarelyUsed! Molk has stuck with RU for a very long time and has been making some great contributions recently to keep the forum active, such as running the Viability Ranking Thread. I'm sure that the RU forum will be running very smoothly in the future. Once again, congrats! This promotion is very well-deserved.