Smogon Grand Slam

  1. Introduction
  2. Finalists


The Smogon Grand Slam is a new tournament designed to ensure every Smogon-supported tier is represented in an official tournament, and it focuses on allowing players of the UU, Ubers, RU, NU, and LC metagames to test their skills in a high-level tournament setting with a trophy on the line!

The Smogon Grand Slam will be comprised of five separate tournaments: The UU Open, The RU Open, The Uber Open, The NU Open, and The LC Open. Each Open will be a single elimination, best-of-three tournament; in other words, they will be the same format as the Official Smogon Tournament. There will be a point system identical to that of the Smogon Tour, meaning players will score points based on how many rounds they win in each tournament. The eight players with the most points after the five tournaments are completed will qualify for the playoffs where they will duke it out in a best-of-five series (UU, RU, Ubers, NU, and LC of course) to determine the champion of these five metagames.

Be sure to check out the Smogon Grand Slam schedule to see when the sign-ups for each Open will be posted. Each sign-up for each Open will be posted after the completion of Round 1 of the previous Open, which will likely be after about two weeks.


After the five tournaments of the Smogon Grand Slam have been completed, the top eight seeded players based on points will be invited to move on to the Smogon Grand Slam Finals. Each pairing in the Smogon Grand Slam Finals will partake of a best of five series across UU, Ubers, RU, NU, and LC in order to move on. The last man standing will be crowned the Smogon Grand Slam Champion for that season!

Rank Name UU RU Uber NU LC Total
5Bad Ass25131021
7aerialace TM400009918