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By martha. Released: 2019/09/21.
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Have you ever looked at the Smogon admins and wondered what they were like? Do you want to know about the experiences, opinions, and thoughts of the people who run the forums? A few weeks ago, you guys were given the chance to ask some of the admins their questions, and here are, over the span of three articles, the answers from tennisace, Hogg, and Sam!

tennisace Hogg Sam


Do you practice any sport? If yes, which one you like the most? — lyd

I play softball in a beer league now, but I may try and make a comeback at tennis soon. It's just really hard to find a place to play without having to pay membership fees + 30 bucks a match.

If you could immediately change one thing in the forums, what would it be? — lyd

MajorBowman's name to MåjørBjörkman.

Seeing as Game Freak is removing features from the games, which feature would you like them to remove? — vzxt

Remove themselves from the franchise and let a legit dev have a shot at making a Pokémon game. Like, raise your hand if you would kill for a Devolver Digital 8 or 16 bit Pokémon game. As for an actual feature, please take any iteration of the Rotom Dex and throw it in a landfill, and give me back DexNav.

How heavy is your workload as admin? What are some responsibilities as admin that you didn't have as a smod? — TJ

It's not particularly heavy because I'm more busy IRL than ever, but I'm working a lot behind the scenes on some stuff and trying to get it done before Sword & Shield. The biggest responsibility an admin has as opposed to a smod is that we're the final stop for user disputes.

Have you ever considered or have had strong feelings of leaving Smogon? — Havens

I've quit and come back twice. The first time I was heckin burnt out towards the end of high school, the second time I was going through a really bad time in college and made a dumb decision to leave. The "next time" I quit will probably be the last though, as it'll be when my real life responsibilities become too time consuming for Pokémon.

Favorite food? — Lux92

My grandma's meatballs were heavenly, and nobody's come close.

What was your first contact with the Pokémon series and when was it? — Mitsuki

When I was 6, my parents got me Pokémon Yellow + the special edition Game Boy Color. I couldn't figure out how to get downstairs because the graphics were... ambiguous, so I had to ask my parents for help.

If you had to delete every user that has a certain badge, which badge would it be and why? — Estronic

Admin badge because deep down, who doesn't love a bit of anarchy >:)

How do you like your steak? — Estronic

Best way is straight up pan fried imo. Salt and pepper all sides of the steak, cast iron pan with a bit of olive oil, butter, garlic, & rosemary. Sear it on both sides + render the fat on the edges. Rare to medium rare. Simple, classic, can't beat it. The only way to ruin a steak is to overcook it.

On a scale of 1-10, how responsible do you consider yourself? — Mimas

I have an apartment, I own my own car, I have a full time career, and I'm on the way to a PE license. I'd call that about an 8.

What is the best piece of advice you've received? — Mimas

2 pieces of advice. My fraternity had a semi formal dress code for most meetings & events because "when you look good, you feel good," and that's stuck with me, because if you put effort into your appearance even in casual settings, you feel confident and you gain respect quickly. The other is from my grandpa: "you gotta do what you gotta do." One of the best ways to make connections in life is to be reliable. If I need to do something, then I make sure it gets done if at all possible. If I make plans or volunteer myself, then I make sure I'm available and follow through with it. I've gotten jobs solely because my previous boss gave me a glowing recommendation on my reliability.

Does tennisace have admin privileges on the official "Prince of Tennis" fan site or subreddit or whatever or are we being led by a complete fraud? — Social Media

Sounds like someone wants to throw hands.

Interview HOGG

If you could steal someone's username who would it be? — Cheese5555


You're at a party and you want to entertain the group of people you're talking to. Do you tell them a joke or an obscure fact as a conversation starter? — Estronic

What? Is that how you communicate with people? You walk up to them with a canned line and hope they all laugh or nod appreciatively and ask you to join them?

What's your best childhood memory? What makes it so special? — Mimas

I don't know if it's my absolute best memory, but when I was growing up there was a weird building in the middle of the city that was surrounded by tall locked gates, and while you couldn't see into it at all, every now and then fancy cars would come in or out of the lot. We always used to say that it was the mafia or something. Anyhow, one time in early middle school, we had boxes of candy bars to sell, and me and a friend kind of dared each other to push the buzzer. It turns out this was the original Sugar Hill Studios where the Sugar Hill Gang recorded everything. It wasn't called Sugar Hill Studios anymore, but it was still a recording studio, and people took us in and showed us all the old records on the wall, including all the awards and gold records from Rapper's Delight.

When you're having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better? — Mimas

Either go for a bike ride or hang out with my son.

What do you like the most about Smogon as a community? — Ryota Mitarai

It's a bit trite to say "the people," but definitely the people.

What good song/album or music group have you been listening to lately? — Havens

I tend to get on kicks where I listen really heavily to one or two artists for a couple of months. Just coming out of a big Bruce Springsteen kick, for example. Recently I've been listening to a lot of American folk revival, especially Odetta and Lead Belly.

Favorite mons game? — Lux92


If you could time travel, when would you go? — Mimas

I'd like to be able to time travel 30 seconds into the past, like an edit button on posts.

What's the most beautiful place you've ever been to? — Mimas

Western Colorado near the great divide.

In your opinion, if we learn from our mistakes, why are we always afraid of making a mistake? — Mimas

Do we actually learn from our mistakes? That definitely has not been my experience.

If badges were edible, which one would taste the best and why? — Estronic

The Glacier Badge is probably minty and refreshing!

Why and how did Fly Dragonite suddenly become a thing? — Social Media

Last gen it got a bit of play on mono-attacking DD/Sub/Roost sets to try to exploit Multiscale for free setup. This gen it's all about that Supersonic Skystrike, though.

Interview SAM

Which badge is the best/worst looking out of them all? Similarly, is there any badge you would want but wouldn't realistically obtain? — Kalalokki

I honestly like the aesthetics and colors of the CAP badge, and I think the Sim Mod badge is the ugliest. Don't think I'll ever get the CAP one.

If you had to learn a new language, which one would you choose and why? — lyd

If time and investment isn't an issue, I'd like to learn Mandarin because a lot of my friends speak it natively.

How and when did you get into competitive Pokémon? — TJ

I first started playing with a few friends in like 2010 or so, right as DPP was ending. I had a friend who heard of Pokémon Online and wanted to play with the new BW mons.

pineapple pizza n/n — Scizorphobic


Does anyone in real life know you're a Smogon admin? If yes, how did they find out? — Mitsuki

Yeah, I have some friends who know. Most of my friends aren't really that into Pokémon, but it's just come up in conversation sometimes I guess.

What's your opinion on jorts? — Estronic

If you wear jorts you really need to reflect on how you got to that point in life.

How would you like to change the world? — Mimas

Well there's a lot of ways I could answer this on like, a big picture scale. I don't think I could pick one specific thing I'd like to do instead of just causing like, a change in the way of thinking or something.

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