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By Lionyx. Released: 2018/10/28.
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Article Art by LifeisDANK

Art by LifeisDANK.


If you are looking for a place to talk about the last foreign country you've been to, the interesting animals you've seen today, the kind of outfits you're into, or why your favorite celebrity is better than everyone else's, then look no further: the Cosmopolitan room on Pokémon Showdown is made for you! If you are interested in learning about other cultures and sharing yours, you will surely enjoy spending time in Cosmo. Let me show you what the room has to offer!

Room Activities

Even though the discussions are a big part of the room's life, there are a few activities that help make your experience in Cosmo even better, be it through entertaining games or simply sharing your knowledge. Let's discover them.

Cosmopolitan Room Website

The Cosmopolitan room has its own website where you will be able to find a selfie gallery of our users, as well as a pet gallery in which everyone may submit a picture of their best four-pawed friend. You will also be able to browse through the results of the previous contests, as well as more basic things such as the room auth list or the rules that should be followed.

Guessing Game

The Guessing Game is a themed game during which pictures are displayed by the host, related to the room's main topics (Celebrities, Destinations, Fashion, Wildlife...), and the players have to guess the origin of the picture by giving the name of the person or species or saying what country a flag or a map refers to! It is a very funny way of learning new things and expanding your general knowledge... or you may as well obliterate the others by winning it all!


One of the room's most ancient activities, lectures are given by a user (after having picked a day and a time and having gotten approval from the staff) who wishes to talk about a topic of their choice and teach the others about a topic they enjoy. Most lectures are about a country or wildlife, but as long as it relates to the themes of the room, any topic is worth suggesting.

Hosting a lecture could seem intimidating at first glance, but as long as you know what you're talking about, you should be fine. Lectures are generally scheduled one week at the very least before they take place, and there will be interested people asking questions about the topic when they want to know more. You won't be left alone! It is always better if you prepare your lecture, such as writing down the major points you want to talk about and adding a few images to your presentation so that it makes it more interactive? There will be a staff member to assist you in case of need, so do not hesitate to request their help.

You can see a list of the previous lectures here. Is your country missing from the list? Is there a topic you would like to make the others discover? What are you waiting for, give a lecture already!

Photography Contests

Another well-known event of the room is the photography contests that are hosted every so often. The objective is simple: following a given theme, you have to submit one (or multiple) photographs you have taken. Such contests are usually advertised to the whole simulator, meaning that the competition will be harder and there will be a lot of submissions!

Rewards are often given to the winner, such as gift cards. The winners shall receive eternal glory during the ceremony that gives the top pictures' scores! Your name will also be mentioned in the room intro, and all the submissions will appear on the Cosmopolitan website.

If you're interested, you might want to take a look at the Summer 2017 or the New Year's 2018 contest results.

Other Activities

While these are actually not exclusive to Cosmopolitan, they are surely used a lot and, once again, can be contributed by the users. Let's start with polls, probably one of the most used feature in every room; you will be more than welcome to suggest a poll related to the room's topics to one of the staff members. It helps create discussion around the topic of your choice and will be a useful way of getting people's opinion on a given field. Our event or tournament winners may also get the right to suggest a poll to replace the current one. Hangman is also played a lot, with lots of celebrities, countries, landmarks and species that only wait for you to guess their name. People can also submit images that they want to show to everyone, with the command .requestapproval [direct link].

Last but not least, every day we feature user-suggested things related to the room's topics that we call otds (while that could be an interesting name for a potential asgdf cousin, "otds" stands for "of the day's"). As of right now, anyone can suggest the celebrity, destination, fact, fashion, or wildlife of the day they would like to see featured in the room, and we will display it multiple times a day thanks to the bot Kid A. Making a suggestion is actually really simple, as you'll only need to send a picture alongside a short description to a staff member. If you can't wait to learn about otds, you can also PM Kid A with the command .daily Cosmopolitan, [Celebrity/Destination/Fact/Fashion/Wildlife] to find out about what's featured today!

Norefjorden Lake

Image by Ssu.

Meet the Room Owners

Now that you know more about the activities that are held in Cosmopolitan, why not learn a bit more about a few terrible dictators who run it or used to run it? I'm kidding, they are actually adorable, and if you have found no reason of staying in the room, they will probably become your reasons for staying.

Click on the avatars to view the interviews


On top of being a Global Administrator on the sim, which means she knows everything about you and even more than what you know about yourself, LifeisDANK aka Tiff was one of the Room Owners of Cosmopolitan. While it does not require as much energy as owning the Lobby, I bet she still enjoyed managing the Cosmopolitan room, and her bird lover reputation won't deny it. Actually, she might even be an actual bird. Let's find out about it with an interview!

To start off, who/what got you into the room?

→ After the room became private, I decided to watch the room a bit to see what it was about, I learned that it was a very great place to chill if you liked to talk about beauty products, food, and wildlife. So yes, I used the room to spam birds.

What do you like the most about the room?

→ I like the chill community the most!

If there's anything you would want to see different, what would it be?

→ I'd love to see more people join the room and join the community.

Why do you think users should join the room?

→ I think they should join because the room has many topics people should be able to relate to, and I think it would be pleasant for users who join to experience conversation on topics such as culture, fashion, wildlife etc.

Where do you see the room in two years?

→ I imagine it would have more events and games, and plenty more contests!

We talk a lot about celebrities, destinations, and wildlife in Cosmo. What is your favorite celebrity, destination, and wildlife?

→ Favorite celebrity is Guy Fieri, favorite destination the beach, wildlife..BIRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Do you have any passions in real life that you would like to share and think are related to Cosmopolitan?


And to close off this interview, what would you like to tell the people that read this?

→ I like birds, and please give the room a try!


While one may know Arrested for being the subject of puns about his username, fewer people know that he's recently been promoted to Room Owner in Cosmopolitan as a reward for his involvement and his excellent presence. Arrested also happens to be a Global Driver on PS. We will learn more about him with this interview. Let's keep it discrete, though, for I don't want to be arrested.

To start off, who/what got you into the room?

→ Partially the users, but also the photo contests! I'd never entered one of them prior to the New Year's one just because one thing or another, but I finally had the chance to enter this one, submitted my favorite picture and ended up winning, lol. Been around since.

What do you like the most about the room?

→ The room's topic, I like discussing fashion since I've become quite a hypebeast lately, and I love talking about cultures and destinations because I love travel.

If there's anything you would want to see different, what would it be?

→ Definitely more involvement! I love new users, I love people getting involved with us, and I love getting to know new people.

Why do you think users should join the room?

→ It's such a diverse room topic, I think people would come to like the room a lot if they gave it a chance, since it has so much room for discussion and engagement. The room is filled with great people, we don't bite!

Where do you see the room in two years?

→ Hopefully still doing what it's doing and thriving with some fun people. The room is tons of fun, it has some great discussions and fun contests all the time, so I'm hoping it's both the same but filled with new people and new events to get involved with.

We talk a lot about celebrities, destinations, and wildlife in Cosmo. What is your favorite celebrity, destination, and wildlife?

→ My favorite celebrity has to be Seth Rogen, he's such a cool guy, had the chance to meet him and he's awesome. Destination that I've been to will have to be the black sand beaches in Costa Rica, those are superrr cool, destination that I want to visit would be Italy, always wanted to visit. Favorite wildlife is pandas <3

Do you have any passions in real life that you would like to share and think are related to Cosmopolitan?

→ I love travelling in general, which is right on the dot in relation to Cosmo, since it deals with cultures and fun aspects of the world. I'm kind of a hypebeast, so the fashion aspect is a big part of the room for me too.

And to close off this interview, what would you like to tell the people that read this?

→ Come hang out in Cosmo for some good times!

Closing Thoughts

Now that you've been told a bit about the Cosmopolitan chatroom, its activities, and some of its staff members, why not give it a try? I am pretty sure you will enjoy it if you aren't already one of its regular members. The room has clearly increased its userbase and its activity with time, and that is only due to the amazing ambience that is constantly there thanks to the users. We are looking forward to you joining the room!

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