LC Spotlight: Magnemite

By Holiday. Art by Tikitik.
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LC Spotlight: Magnemite

Magnemite's History

In Generation IV, Magnemite's insane Special Attack, solid defensive typing, and ability in Magnet Pull gave it a solid niche to trap Steel-types, while a Choice Scarf allowed it to be a powerful revenge killer and late-game sweeper. Despite competition from Elekid and Chinchou as the premier Electric-type in Little Cup at the time, Magnemite managed to maintain its footing as a powerful presence in the metagame. The creation of Eviolite in Generation V allowed Magnemite to better trap pesky Steel-types such as Bronzor and Ferroseed, and the skyrocket in usage of Magnet Rise let it avoid the crippling Ground-type attacks aimed at it. Volt Switch also made Magnemite a decent pivot. The prominence of Flying-type attacks in Generation VI, as well as the unbanning of Berry Juice, gives Magnemite a powerful Sturdy + Recycle set that allows it to routinely check the likes of Fletchling and Drifloon. The inception of Fairy-types also gives Magnemite more usage, as it can threaten them with a powerful STAB Flash Cannon. Analytic also activates on Pokémon that switch in, which makes Choice Scarf Magnemite a powerful pivot and even more threatening late-game threat. Overall, Magnemite has always been a solid Pokémon and has gone nowhere but up throughout the generations.

Magnemite's Qualities

Magnemite's excellent offensive and defensive typing helps it stand out among its fellow Electric-types, and the power that its STAB moves bring to a team makes it an excellent pivot. With three great abilities, Magnemite is incredibly flexible to a team's needs. It also has access to the coveted Volt Switch and is the best user of the move in the tier. Because of its ability to grab momentum, Magnemite has become a staple on VoltTurn teams in Little Cup, and Sturdy + Endure + Recycle allows Magnemite to stall out and check various sweepers such as mixed Fletchling and Shell Smashers.

Playing with Magnemite

Sturdy + Berry Juice


With the unbanning of Berry Juice from Little Cup, Magnemite became one of the best checks to Shell Smash sweepers due to the combination of Sturdy and Berry Juice. Volt Switch serves as a strong STAB move that allows Magnemite to take advantage of the momentum it generates, while Flash Cannon allows it to maim Fairy-types and is better if you do not want to switch. Recycle lets Magnemite continually reuse Berry Juice, allowing it to return to full health and survive any one hit due to Sturdy. Endure allows Magnemite to survive a hit from any amount of health and is the preferred fourth move on the set, while Hidden Power Ground allows Magnemite to hit opposing Magnemite and Chinchou, and Thunderbolt serves as a powerful Electric-type STAB move that doesn't require it to switch. The EVs maximize power and speed, and while a Timid nature could be used if you want the extra Speed point, Modest is preferred for the added power. Sturdy, of course, is the only ability for this set, as it allows Magnemite to continually check its targets.

Choice Scarf


With a Choice Scarf equipped, Magnemite outspeeds all unboosted Little Cup Pokémon. Magnemite's natural tendency to cause switches works well in tandem with its ability Analytic, which boosts its attacks by 1.3x. This allows it to become an absolutely devastating attacker that still maintains a great Speed tier. Volt Switch is Magnemite's primary attack, and you'll find yourself using it in the early stages of the match to gain momentum. Flash Cannon is Magnemite's Steel-type STAB move and allows it to punish Ground-types that attempt to block a Volt Switch, as well as Fairy-types such as Spritzee and Cottonee. Thunderbolt is the strongest attack on the set and gives Magnemite an Electric-type attack that doesn't cause it to switch out, and it is primarily used when attempting to sweep late-game. Hidden Power Ground hits Chinchou and opposing Magnemite on the switch, but it requires a decent amount of prediction. The EVs once again maximize Speed and power, and a Timid nature is used to outspeed 14 Speed Pokémon at +1, but a Modest nature could be used if you want the extra power.

Magnet Pull


While the other two Magnemite sets focus on generating momentum and hitting hard, this set allows Magnemite to trap and eliminate Steel-types that can pester teams. Volt Switch still provides momentum, but with Magnemite's ability to tank attacks due to Eviolite, it can safely Volt Switch out after being attacked. Hidden Power Fighting obliterates Pawniard and does considerable damage to Ferroseed and opposing Magnemite. Flash Cannon and Thunderbolt serve as strong STAB options when you're not attempting to trap a Steel-type. The EV spread maximizes bulk, allowing Magnemite to survive a Knock Off followed by a Sucker Punch from Eviolite Pawniard after Stealth Rock, a Brick Break from Life Orb Adamant Pawniard after Stealth Rock, or a Hidden Power Fighting from Life Orb Abra. Magnet Pull is mandatory to allow Magnemite to trap Steel-types and is what makes this set possible.

Playing against Magnemite

Due to Volt Absorb, Chinchou gains health when switching into Magnemite's Electric-type attacks, and it is 4x resistant to Steel. However, Hidden Power Ground can do some significant damage should you predict the switch. Ground-types are immune to Magnemite's Electric-type attacks and threaten it with their powerful STAB attacks. Diglett is especially dangerous, as it can trap a Choice-locked Magnemite if it is using Volt Switch or Thunderbolt. Magnemite heavily relies on its item, so using Knock Off on it can greatly remove the threat that it presents. Special walls such as Munchlax and Porygon take very little from Magnemite's attacks provided they have their Eviolite and aren't switching into Analytic-boosted moves. Overall, Magnemite is best dealt with by being able to stomach its attacks or by outspeeding it and using a super effective attack.

Fitting Magnemite onto a team

The Sturdy + Berry Juice set works best with teams that are hard pressed to defeat setup sweepers, namely Shell Smash users. Hazard control is appreciated to give Magnemite more breathing room when needing to predict with Endure, since Sturdy will be intact more often. Pokémon with U-turn or Volt Switch, such as Mienfoo, Chinchou, Larvesta, Fletchling, and Archen, can maintain momentum and form a VoltTurn core with Magnemite. Likewise, the Choice Scarf set appreciates the momentum provided by the aforementioned Pokémon, but it also pairs well with Fighting-types that appreciate the removal of Fairy-types. For the Magnet Pull set, Fletchling and Vullaby are good teammates because they can use U-turn to bring in Magnemite versus Pawniard, enabling it to trap it with Magnet Pull and KO it with Hidden Power Fighting, and appreciate the absence of Pawniard. All Magnemite sets appreciate the absence of Chinchou and Porygon, so Diglett naturally makes a great partner for it.

Get out there!

Magnemite is the undisputed best user of Volt Switch in the tier, and the momentum that it can create has cemented it as one of the top Pokémon in the tier. With the prevalence of Flying-types in Little Cup, Magnemite will remain as one of the most threatening Pokémon for generations to come. Prediction is key when using Magnemite, but when it is used properly, you'll find it to be one of the best Pokémon on any team you put it on.

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