Monotype Viability Rankings Revamp

By Anttya and iVid. Art by Bummer.
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Armaldo and Charizard


Monotype is a metagame that's very different from most tiers. Unlike in standard tiers, most types are forced to use Pokémon that are deemed bad compared to others. This includes Pokémon such as Volt Absorb Lanturn on Water and Armaldo as your spinner on Bug when Pokémon like Forretress and Mega Scizor exist. Since people are forced to run lesser used things, new threats are seen and found quite often, such as Perish Song + Sap Sipper Azumarill, which is now a staple on Water stall teams. Monotype's Viability Rankings are also different from those of other tiers. We have a separate ranking for each type, since each type has its own list of viable Pokémon, and it would be confusing and cluttered to rank everything together. It lacks the subranks that are often found in other VRs, because there aren't enough Pokémon in each type to create those, so we only use letters. Because the meta often changes, the VR council has decided to make some radical changes, such as moving multiple A-rank Pokémon down to B-rank, and even an S-rank down to A.

The Revamp

In Monotype, everything is important about a Pokémon. Since each type has a limited number of Pokémon and having a dedicated wall for everything may not be possible, Pokémon that are able to fill multiple roles at once are more valuable in a team. One example would be Mew, which is S rank; it has solid stats with access to Taunt, Will-O-Wisp, Defog, and Stealth Rock, which makes it very versatile as a support Pokémon. However, a Nasty Plot set with Vacuum Wave is just as good because of its ability to check Bisharp. Another example would be Volt Absorb Lanturn on Water. It acts as a special wall with an Electric immunity, as well as a Heal Beller and pivot. Thunder Wave and Toxic give it even more utility. Pokémon with good typing and coverage moves are valuable as well. For example, Gardevoir has an excellent typing, since Psychic / Fairy grants it a neutrality to Dark moves, and STAB Pixalate Hyper Voice allows it to tear through Dark teams. However, STAB moves aren't considered as much as everything else, since every Pokémon has the same STAB, and running too many moves of the same type can leave you unprepared against some matchups. This is how we generally rank Pokémon, so Pokémon in S rank are staples on that type with a huge influence on the metagame, while Pokémon in D Rank are niche and only have one or two certain roles on a team.

Rank Change Analysis


The Monotype metagame is constantly changing, but the VR has not had major changes in months. To compensate for the shifting meta, the VR council decided to do a huge rank shift to make the Monotype Viability Rankings an accurate resource for everyone. Thanks to everyone's contributions in the thread, the rank changes were able to be done much quicker. If you want to learn the Monotype metagame, the VR is a great place to start. You just might be surprised about the viability of some Pokémon that would normally be terrible in standard tiers as well as seeing Pokémon that look good on paper but not in practice. So what are you waiting for? Put on your official Pokémon Gym Trainer costume, and head on over here to start building your own Monotype team!

Recent Rank Changes

  • Accelgor unranked -> D
  • Crustle unranked -> D
  • Vivillon C -> B
  • Honchkrow B -> C
  • Sableye A -> B
  • Houndoom-Mega unranked -> B
  • Latias S -> A
  • Magnezone S -> A
  • Heliolisk unranked -> D
  • Thundurus-Therian B -> C
  • Sylveon A -> B
  • Slurpuff A -> B
  • Aromatisse unranked -> D
  • Carbink unranked -> D
  • Lucario C -> B
  • Virizion C -> D
  • Pangoro D -> C
  • Arcanine B -> C
  • Charizard-Mega-Y S -> A
  • Aerodactyl C -> B
  • Staraptor B -> C
  • Honchkrow B -> C
  • hoopa C -> B
  • Doublade C -> B
  • Rotom unranked -> C
  • Celebi C -> B
  • Shaymin D -> C
  • Nidoking B -> C
  • Garchomp-Mega S -> A
  • Camerupt-Mega B -> A
  • Abomasnow-Mega C -> B
  • Regice unranked -> D
  • no changes recently
  • Nidoqueen S -> A
  • Beedrill-Mega C -> B
  • Medicham-Mega S -> A
  • Deoxys-Speed A -> B
  • Gothitelle C -> B
  • Deoxys-Defense B -> C
  • Delphox unranked -> D
  • Diance C -> B
  • Tyrantrum C -> B
  • Aurorus C -> D
  • Durant C -> B
  • Scizor B -> C
  • Cobalion B -> C
  • Bronzong D -> C
  • Magneton C -> D
  • Volcanion B -> A
  • Feraligatr A -> B
  • Slowbro A -> B
  • Kabutops C -> B
  • Mantine unranked -> D
  • Seismitoad unranked -> D
  • Gastrodon unranked -> D
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