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By deetah, inactive and Mitsuki. Released: 2019/11/30.
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Art by Kaiju Bunny

Art by Kaiju Bunny.

Introduction & History

Survivor is a gaming room on Pokémon Showdown! with the main topic of luck-based games. Survivor uses the roll & dice feature, which makes it much easier to learn compared to other game rooms, as skill isn't a big factor. This means that the goal of Survivor is essentially just what it sounds like: being the last one standing! There are a variety of different themes that involve a lot of different, strategic, enjoyable twists. If you want to participate, all you have to type is /me in when signups for a game are happening.

Survivor was formed by former room owners Ninety Nine and Quarkz in April 2014 and then later became public in late 2014. Their goal was to create a chill atmosphere for users to come relax and play some luck-based games. Today, Survivor has still kept its signature chill environment and offers a variety of fun games throughout the day for all users.

Things To Do

The Survivor room is full of exciting things to do! There are almost 50 unique themes with more being added constantly, with tons of modifications for each. Playing the games is lots of fun, they don't take much energy at all, and they're still satisfying to win. Each theme is different from the others, and the games always end up different when you play thanks to the aspect of luck.

On top of regular games giving out points towards the room's leaderboard, there are special events that also reward points and take place during the weekend, more specifically from Friday to Sunday. During the first three weeks of each cycle, special events will be held that may include activities such as completing a series of objectives throughout the weekend and roll battling the friendly Survivor room auth in order to get as many wins as possible, among many others. That's not all, as special twists may also take effect for that period; an example of a twist that has already been done is receiving double points for every game. Just like they say: "double the points, double the fun!"

Survivor also has its own share of official games! These are special games hosted by any auth member at scheduled times that give out more points than regular games. You can prepare for battle ahead of time by typing /events in the room to see when these official games are happening!

Moreover, on the final weekend of a cycle, a game where you can use the points you've gathered throughout the cycle to get an advantage will be hosted, so be there or be square. Lastly, weekend events are scheduled in advance so everyone can get a chance to hop in and can be easily viewed through the /events command. You have no excuse for not partaking in them!

How To Contribute

Wondering how you can contribute? There are a few ways, two being hosting and our bi-annual Next Big Theme competition. Hosting lets you have fun while letting others play the game. With hosting, you can try out different themes and modifications to see how the game plays out. In order to host a game, you must first ask for permission from any online roomauth (+ or above) so they can host you. Link the theme of your choice in chat and follow the guide for hosting that particular theme. You will need to create a list of the players as well as give actions for the players to send attacks at the proper time.

Next Big Theme is a biannual competition where contestants can submit their own theme for other users to vote on. The winning theme is made the "Next Big Theme" and added to Survivor's list of themes as well as the official NBT hall of fame. You can find all the past winning themes on our site as well as more information about Survivor, staff interviews, guides for making themes, and more!

Room Owner Interviews


Cut back to 2016, I hung out in Wi-Fi all the time and won a bunch of giveaways. Skip to July 27th, when I decided I wanted a new room to join. I liked the idea of joining a more quaint room where almost everyone knew each other, so I went down into the rooms with lower usercounts and joined Survivor, which, as time went along, revealed that it fit exactly the conditions I wanted, somehow coincidentally just in time for a Daily Deathmatch to start. That's right, my first ever game was an official, and during NBT VII no less. It's probably part of the reason I even stuck around. We went on with the game, and I placed second, with esteemed user Baloor carrying me through the game, so blame him for me being relevant on PS!. As said before, this was partly why I stayed, but also due to the community being great, notably the staff team, especially now that it has me. The best thing about the Survivor games themselves is that anyone can win them; it doesn't matter if you're a new user or an old one because they're all luck based. In the future, I expect the room to keep its wonderful atmosphere of quaintness that attracted me in the first place, because that's one of the best things about it.


I joined Survivor because my best friend Plasmaan told me to. I stayed for that exact same reason, along with enjoying beating other people up by rolling dice, but it's mainly about the community. Survivor has a fantastic, close-knit community, and we're all here to support each other through thick, thin, and the occasional skim. I love these people and would stay with them forever if I could. In the future, I just want Survivor to be a bigger version of what it is now: games going on, people talking and having fun, and more people to just enjoy it all.

Come Check Us Out!

Survivor is a chill environment to kick back, relax, and play some games in. Who says luck isn't a skill? With lots of friendly staff and users, we're always welcoming new players. The staff always enjoy hanging out and chatting with the userbase, so no need to be shy. You might just meet some of the greatest friends you've ever had on PS. Be sure to stop by and roll some dice with us soon!

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