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By Prank. Released: 2020/01/22.
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Welcome to Youtube art

Art by tiki.


The YouTube room on Pokémon Showdown! allows creators and viewers of content to discuss a variety of topics involving the incredibly popular social media websites: YouTube & Twitch! Discussion on video content, channels, and trending topics within the websites are all encouraged to be discussed and advertised; I will go more into the advertising part below. Additionally, streaming is another aspect that the room encourages users to discuss and utilize as it grows bigger and bigger within the internet. Throughout this article, I'll be talking briefly about the YouTube room itself, advertising your videos or streams, special events that occur within our room, and some basic rules, as well as featuring a minor interview with both of the Room Owners themselves.

The Room

As stated briefly in the introduction, we're a room that promotes the discussion of YouTube and Twitch topics. We mainly talk about how channels are doing, certain YouTubers and their achievements, subscribers, and sometimes relatable stuff situating our own YouTube channels. It's sort of like a hub for all content creators to come together to share their thoughts about a certain topic most can relate to, or just talk about the topic itself. We also promote the discussion of Twitch, as it ties in with our room's streaming topic, and we enjoy talking about it. Many streamers visit our room to either advertise their own streams or contribute to a conversation about streaming itself. You're probably wondering right now, "can't we talk about some other streaming or video sharing websites?" Well, the answer to that is: absolutely! Other websites such as Mixer are allowed to be discussed due to them sharing the same characteristics as YouTube and Twitch, and this particular example has been pretty popular recently due to a number of streamers migrating over to that website, so discussion on this would be admirable. The YouTube Wall page used to be a display of all the community channels in one place to be broadcasted to all. It included the auth and some familiar regulars in the room and their appropriate YouTube channels. With a tremendous amount of support, the YouTube Wall was able to thrive for a good year! We have an updated version of the wall that is happening through the bot, Kid A, and can be seen functioning in the room while displaying some of these channels simultaneously in chat. The more updated list of all the creative content creators we have visiting our room as well as our channels can be seen on here.

Advertising Your Content in Our Room

Before I get into how to advertise your content within our room, you're probably wondering "why would I?" Well, with advertising in our room, you can broadcast and share your content with friends and other content creators that are in the room and maybe ask them for feedback and start a relatable discussion about how great the video is or how great it can be, and maybe you both can offer each other's help this way in a friendly matter. Of course, being the YouTube room, we allow users to advertise and broadcast their channels and videos for all to see and explore; this allows YouTubers to feel great about sharing their content with the rest of the community, and it can perhaps begin discussion and spur feedback on their video too. Though, to advertise your YouTube video or channel in the room, you'll have to send the bot, Kid A, a private message including the following command ".requestapproval youtube, [Your Link Here], [Your Description Here],"without the brackets. The description for your video is optional, and it will be broadcast to the others in the chat. This does not have to be your video description. When advertising a channel using this method, be sure you have a channel trailer active first or else the request will automatically fail. It will then be up to the staff of the room (users with the %/@/# rank) to decide if the content is appropriate enough to view, watch, or discuss. Use the same command for advertising another video; just replace the link. However, if you're just trying to broadcast another video that isn't yours to show the rest of the room—this may be a meme or something you want others to watch—then you don't need to do any of the above. All you'll need to do in this case is post it the link of the video in the chat and that's it! Easy I know. Although, if this video is deemed inappropriate or includes excessive swearing, then the staff of the room will take action and punish you if necessary, so be cautious of this. If you want more information on how to do this effectively, then come visit our room and ask us for help, we'll be more than happy to assist you!

YouTube Room's Events!

We always try to have fun activities going on in the room everyone can participate in and just have fun in that still incorporate the theme of our room, YouTube. Before I explain these events, if you've got an idea for an event, then feel free to private message a member of roomauth (#, @, % or +) to talk about a fun idea you have for the room! These are a few examples of events that are happening around the room. I'll be explaining some of them here:

YouTube Room's Workshops!

The YouTube room staff pride themselves on delivering effective hints and tips for starting and upcoming YouTubers as they visit our room and maybe ask questions about this. Well, this is where the idea of workshops comes into play. Workshops are compacted and compressed pieces of information that will help various YouTubers of different types, from gamers to vloggers, that need help with getting the correct information. Many of the friendly auth we have in our room have helped out with different topics regarding this. Here's one of the workshops I did alongside deetah and Celine about YouTube FAQ here.

Channel Of The Day

Isn't it cool to put your favorite channel in the spotlight? Well, you can do just that with Channel Of The Day! This is pretty self-explanatory itself through its name: you nominate a YouTube channel of your own choosing, and perhaps your channel will come out as the winner! The winner of this little raffle of channels will then be broadcast throughout the day along with the channel for all to see, representing the channel and showing pride in yourself that you won too! Like a little fun competition every day.

The YouTube Room's Official Draft League!

The YouTube League is a Summer Draft League that happens once a year in the YouTube room. Users can apply for a role as a participant in this fun league, acting as the coach of their very own team. They'll select a team of Pokémon that'll be by there side for the rest of the season. The goal is to come out on top by counterteaming the opponent. Every week the participants have to look at what their opponent might bring to the match. 'What can I do to counter their threats?' 'What is my win condition?' As you can see, teambuilding takes up a lot of this league. At the end of the regular season (which is about 7 or 8 weeks) the best teams can go to playoffs. The winner of the finale wins the entire league! The prize? Knowing that you've bested the rest, as well as a custom avatar, color change, or something else that we decide too! Fun right? Currently there isn't one going, as there have already been 2 seasons, but stay tuned in the future for another great season of this 7/8-week competition.

YouTube Cup

The YouTube Cup is a competition in which everyone who enjoys a bit of battling and fun can participate! We've had two seasons of the YouTube Cup thus far, and we're hoping to host more of them in the future. Every week there is a different challenge, so if you like teambuilding and battling, this is your type of competition! As I'm writing, the 3rd YouTube Cup season is running right now; you can check a glimpse of the document here to get a taste of what some of the challenges can be. A season of the YouTube Cup will go on for about 10 weeks. After those 10 weeks, you'll have to wait until a new season starts. Previous seasons were in spring-summer 2017 and winter-spring 2018. Season 2 was won by BigBoy038, Doctorplague69, and Morppstream.

This was all our events! If you've got an awesome idea for an event, then please don't hesitate to contact one of us through the room.

YouTube Room's Channel

Being the YouTube room, of course we have a channel of our own. What type of videos do we post? Well, it can be anything, really. Our community is all about sharing content, improving our own content, and sharing the love for the format. If you want to make a cool video for our channel, go ahead! You can watch this video to learn more about what to do to get your video featured on the channel! There can be a ton of things going on in the room at times. This is why we also use the channel for news and updates. If something really important happened, you can bet it'll be published on here! So check out our channel if you want to, stay subscribed to stay notified, and enjoy our content.


Like every room on Pokémon Showdown!, we have a specific set of rules you'll have to follow to maintain the best experience within our room. You can find all the rules on here.

Testimonies From Our Room Owners:

This is what Kie had to say about his time in the room:

"I have been in the room since late 2012. I have also been a Room Owner since 2014. I have seen the room transform in multiple different ways, and it has only been improving. The community the room provides is welcoming and full of great faces. I have always been proud of my staff and how they represent the room. With all of this in mind, I'm always enjoying my time contributing in the room in the multiple ways that I can, and it can only improve further as time goes on."

Come Along!

Overall, I've explained what we do at the YouTube room. If you've got a channel or you want to start a channel, or if you just enjoy watching YouTube or Twitch content, then come along and discuss with us. Our friendly team will assist you to broadcast your own masterpiece!

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