gr8astard "Wins" OST 9

By Tobes.
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So, normally this would be the part where I congratulate a winner of an official Smogon Tournament. Not gonna happen today, because frankly the finals of this tournament became a disgusting farce. Game one was a pretty good and clean affair (you can read the log and some players' comments here). gr8astard won, and they moved to game two. This is when everything turned sour. DestinyUnknown accidentally loaded a wrong team (clearly an NU team). gr8astard refused to grant the rematch and took the win, getting a trophy and a Nintendo 3DS in perhaps the most pathetic display of bad sportsmanship I have ever seen on this site. Earthworm upheld the ruling; it's something I vehemently disagree with, but unfortunately I can also see where Earthworm is coming from on this and how he has to keep a different perspective on these events due to his role as a Tournament Director.

Still, it's not like DestinyUnknown intentionally loaded a bad team to try and scout, because that's simply not the kind of risk/reward assessment that someone who's made it to the finals of an OST makes. gr8astard was already this far into the tournament under very unsavory circumstances (he lost to Double01 in round two before the general clearance had been given for battles to begin, and used that to force a rematch which he won). Would any sane person willingly take a risk like this against someone who had already abused loopholes for his own victory? Would they really think gr8astard would give a rematch, and that they could risk losing R2 immediately for the chance to scout a team? Of course not. DestinyUnknown got fucked over; that's really all there is to this.

So, to sum up, today, a person who lost his second round of the OST took the title, trophy, and first-ever cash prize because he didn't give a shit about sportsmanship or ethics. OST9 is going to go down as the biggest joke in OST history to date (I really shudder at the thought of there being a future OST even worse than this one), and for good reason. I hope you're happy gr8astard, because aside from your braindead flunkies, no one else is.