RoA Round-Up 2

By Jellicent.
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The second RoA Mini-Tournament, which featured ADV Ubers, has just come to a close. Out of 24 participants, the number of players was quickly whittled down to just 3: undisputed, JabbaTheGriffin, and M Dragon. Unfortunately, M Dragon had to drop out due to a vacation, leaving just undisputed and JabbaTheGriffin. The hax-riddled final bout can be found here. Upon receiving congratulations for his win, user undisputed had this to say:

<undisputed> thanks jelli
<undisputed> although ive had a complete reawakening
<undisputed> i had no idea paralysis only parad 25%

Even veterans learn something new everyday :P

With just one week remaining for Victory RoAd, now's the best time to try your luck against some of the greatest players at their favorite past gens. Currently, Hipmonlee is 8-4 at RBY OU, gene is 10-2 at GSC OU, Loki is 7-8 at ADV OU, and Earthworm is 36-11 at DPP OU. M Dragon remains the only user to defeat all 4, but there's still time to throw your hat in the ring. Floppy managed to clear through the first 3, but Earthworm continues to shut him down. Will he be able to defeat the mighty Earthworm in the upcoming week, or will his 0-7 loss record continue to grow? Keep an eye on The Competitor to find out!

Have you been in the mood for some good old fashioned RBY OU, but just can't seem to track down and defeat Hipmonlee? Well, you're in luck! The end of RoA Mini-Tournament 2 marks the beginning of the third. Sign-ups for this mini-tourney have just opened up! With a player cap of 32, mini-tourneys can fill up quickly and are very fast-paced. If you're interested, don't delay on posting "In". As always, The Competitor will be closely following this mini-tourney, so if you've ever wanted to see your name in this illustrious journal, now's the time to compete!