The RoA Roundup 3

By Jellicent.
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The RoA Mini-Tournament 3, featuring RBY OU, brought out some of the best first gen battlers around; the entire tournament was riddled with high profile match-ups. As the semi-finals rolled to a close, two competitors, Dre89 and Kennen, found their time zones and schedules in complete conflict. Host Jellicent was forced to coin flip, and Kennen moved on to join Triangles and Jorgen in the finals.

Kennen drew first blood in the finals against Triangles, proving he didn't need just the luck of the coins to make it this far. Jorgen, who had already defeated RoA favorites, Hipmonlee and gene, in previous rounds, knocked Triangles out in an impressive 5-0, leaving just two finalists standing. After an early freeze on Jorgen's Snorlax, Kennen was able to whittle away at Jorgen's team before making a clean sweep with Tauros. Logs of Kennen vs Jorgen and Jorgen vs Triangles can be found here.

When reached for comment, Kennen had this to say:

Well, I'm a new trainer and I just started to play on Smogon in 2011. My strategy to win is parafusion, and all of my Pokemon have Thunder Wave and/or Body Slam. I'm new to playing RBY OU and I think it's easily to learn; really, it's my first time playing this tier and I found easy.

Congratulations, Kennen! With the closing of one mini-tourney comes the opening for another. RoA Mini-Tournament 4 will feature DPP Ubers, so now's your chance to smash the opposition with Palkia, Darkrai, and Giratina-O. Arceus will not be allowed in this tournament. Sign-ups are currently open, so be sure to post "in" quickly!