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By Jellicent.
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The Rarelyused forum has had quite a lot of tournament action this past week. Taking a look at the older news first, Spooky ManoRU was a tournament hosted by user DittoCrow to get a head start on testing the potentially broken Gothitelle. The tournament was standard RU, but with Gothitelle's Dream World ability, Shadow Tag, allowed for testing purposes. To win, one had to defeat 6 of the best RU players around: ShakeItUp (who went 9-9), DittoCrow (9-4), august (7-4), complete legitimacy (4-1), SilentVerse (3-5), and Omicron (3-5). Anyone capable of clearing all of them would become the champion, and any subsequent person to beat them all would have to defeat the current champion as well to claim the throne. In the end, only one user was able to clear all 6 RU specialists: The Competitor's very own Eo Ut Mortus. Congrats, Eo!

When reached for comment, he had this to say:

<EO> well I didn't use gothitelle at all
<EO> and I think I saw it twice through all of my matches
<EO> definitely overhyped
<EO> whether or not it's broken only time will tell
<EO> as far as competition
<EO> august sucks, that is all

While Spooky ManoRU tested an upcoming and yet to be released threat, the RU Mini-Tournament 5 focused on an old threat that was banned from the metagame by an UU ruling. For this tournament, host Oglemi allowed Snover with Snow Warning back in the metagame. The finals boiled down to users Raseri and spuds4ever. With a team of Snover, Duosion, Solosis, Magneton, Piloswine, and Rotom-F, Raseri was able to Trick Room sweep his way to victory. The log for the final battle can be found here. Congratulations, Raseri!

<Raseri> Snover isn't a great Pokemon itself, but the support it provided was amazing. Most battles all it did was use Blizzard once then faint, though I was able to use protect when an opposing Medicham used HJK once. The tournament was a lot of fun, and showed how dominating hail really is. I used the Trick Room + Endeavor strategy Shakeitup popularized, even though its "cheap" its the best way for hail to function. I also used Magneton to support the little psychic types. Most of my battles were really close and it was a lot of fun :)

With those tournaments now over, where does that leave the Rarelyused forum? Well, I'm pleased to announce that the competition is now really heating up! The mod staff has just implemented a rewards system for good posters and competitors in the forum. Various projects can earn you points towards a seat on the RU Rotating Council, which will bring you one step closer to that oft sought after Tiering Contributor badge. Although that might not seem immediately relevant to the Competitor, the fact that Mini-Tournament victories can bring you closer to a badge is certainly great incentive to start participating there!

User Jellicent is now hosting a small tournament in the forum, Battle of the CCaTs. In it, users compete utilizing the results of the second and third Community-Create-a-Teams. The first round is now underway, and the victor of this tournament is slated to have 5 points towards a council spot. Oglemi, in addition to running the ongoing RU Open, has whipped up yet another RU Mini-Tourney. For this tournament, Cresselia is once again welcomed into RU. Certainly an interesting turn of events, this tournament will also boast 5 points to the winner. Competitor readers are in luck, as sign-ups for this mini-tourney are currently open! Be sure to post "in" ASAP!