The RoA Roundup

By Jellicent.
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In the past week alone, there's been a ton of tournament activity in Ruins of Alph. The big headline is the launch of Victory RoAd, an open-to-anyone tournament that gives you the chance to face some of the greatest players at their respective past gens. The featured lineup is Hipmonlee for RBY (currently unchallenged), gene for GSC (currently 4-0), Loki for ADV (currently 2-1), and Earthworm for DPP (currently 10-3). This is a perfect opportunity to square off with some of the best battlers out there, so be sure to try it out. The tournament is open to anyone for the next month. There's no need to sign up; just challenge the veteran you wish to battle. A tally of everyone's records will be kept, and anyone who can defeat all four without losing even once will be placed in the Hall of Fame and awarded AOPs in #RuinsOfAlph.

In other news, RoA Mini-Tournaments 2 has just begun, and sign-ups are currently open. This Mini-Tourney will feature ADV Ubers, so this is a great time to try out a whole new metagame or replay one of your old favorites. Mini-Tournaments can fill up quickly, so be sure to sign up sooner rather than later! Remember, these are very fast-paced tournaments, so only sign up if you can commit consistent battling.

Also, the launch of the second Mini-Tourney marks the end of the first. The first Mini-Tourney featured DPP UU, which attracted the attention of a quite a few experienced players and filled up in under two days. Despite winning the coin flip and automatically moving on to Round 2, SilentVerse completed his first round battle, proving he didn't need luck to be a contender in this event. After 3 intensely fought rounds, the semi-finals boiled down to Bad Ass vs SilentVerse and Ginku vs Heist.

The final round featured a close battle between SilentVerse and Ginku. Although he lost a Mismagius early in the fight, SilentVerse maintained an incredibly even match-up throughout. The result was an extremely long battle, with both sides utilizing Milotic, Venusaur, Donphan, and Registeel in a seemingly near mirror match. It wasn't until turn 107, when SilentVerse's Donphan nabbed a KO on Uxie, that Ginku's team began to unravel. SilentVerse ran with the sudden gain in momentum, and Ginku was forced to forfeit when the inevitable stallfest could not possibly go in his favor. Congratulations SilentVerse for winning the first RoA Mini-Tournament!